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Medicinal herbs? Corporate Shams?

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  • Medicinal herbs? Corporate Shams?

    Sorry if i get into a 'weed' debate here!

    I saw a documentary on "The War On Drugs" and it's primary focus on 'marihuana' as a misinterpreted drug. I was baffled to read on about the subject of weed and the hate it recieves from most government officials in american history.

    I've read about the 'WAR' being promoted by alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies. And i've heard many other uses for it other than smoking or for medicinal purposes. Like it has more proteins than soya beans. And that it can be used for fabric (that i already knew).
    That crops grow at a fast enough rate to be competitive against other types of herbal plants. And it is interesting why the US spends so many 'BILLIONS' of dollars fighting the weedy plant..

    I don't smoke weed and nor do i have intentions to use other drugs either.
    Well... Maybe tobacco.. I use swedish snuff, which has become somewhat of a social stigma in this country.

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    Originally posted by TheAdlerian
    Ok! I always wanted to know how snuff works! Yes, I know that you sniff it up your nose, but why? What happens? Also, what level of nastiness comes out of the nose over time?

    I could be wrong about what you're talking about though as snuff in the US is another name for fine cut stuff that is held in the mouth.
    I stuff it under the upper lip! It's supposed to give a masculine outlook.
    Which it really doesn't btw..

    Kinda works like chewing tobacco when they stop chewing.
    I hate that stuff! I can't see why baseball players got involved in it either?

    The sniffed version is not good really.. Just makes you sneeze all the time like an old lady.. I tried it once when i was about 10 years.. I never tried it after, i think? So i never got a look at what comes out.. *Youck!*
    *Black spots all over my white t-shirt!*


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      I remember seeing a documentary on Marijuana years ago, which pointed out that while hemp was used widely from clothing to shipping ropes (before WWII?) later on the Cotton industry took over, and industry that requires more pesticides and other chemicals, funnily enough.

      Why people should now need a permit to grow THC free hemp is beyond me. :roll:


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        I've got some hemp clothes. It's a highly endurable, comfortable material. The label reads 'do not smoke these jeans'! Apparently cotton is pretty destructive on the soil. Hemp is the way forward!
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