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January 20, 2005: Our Resistance Continues!
Protest the Inauguration of George W. Bush

On Thursday, January 20, 2005, George W. Bush will be inaugurated as president of the United States. For the millions of us who stand for the values of peace and justice, it is a moment to renew our commitment to resist the Bush Administration and its deadly policies of war and greed –and to show Bush, and the world, that our movement is energized, mobilized, and determined to keep fighting back.

United for Peace and Justice urges everyone who can to converge in Washington, DC on January 20. We encourage you to participate in the creative, powerful protest activities being organized by two groups: the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN - http://www.dawndc.net) and Turn Your Back on Bush (http://www.turnyourbackonbush.org). See below for more information.

We also urge groups around the country to organize local protest and/or
educational events on January 20, to provide opportunities for all those who can’t make it to Washington to take a public and visible stand for peace and justice and to invigorate our movement of resistance in every corner of the United States. Be sure to list your activities on the UFPJ website calendar at http://www.unitedforpeace.org/events

UFPJ also encourages everyone to wear a white ribbon on January 20, no matter where you are or what you are doing. In many cultures, white is the traditional color of mourning. We will wear white to honor the tens of thousands of civilians and more than 1200 U.S. servicepeople who have died in Iraq. We also honor all of the people in our own communities and around the world who have died as a result of the Bush administration's policies.

In their own words, here is what the organizers of the counter-inaugural
activities supported by UFPJ have to say:

From DC Anti-War Network:

“RISE Against Bush, SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow: Every morning, the sun rises up, penetrating and overcoming the darkness of night. What once was dark becomes bright, changed by the force of the sun’s rays. Our world is in darkness tonight, plagued with war, poverty, environmental destruction, and attacks on many of the liberties that so many of us hold dear. The darkness over our world has grown yet darker with the election of George W. Bush to another 4 years in office. In the dark of the night, we need only wait for the sun. However, in the dark of our world, we cannot wait. If we are to see a new dawn, we must take action now. The DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) calls on the people of the world to RISE Against Bush and SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow.

“DAWN calls for people all over the nation and world to converge on Washington, DC, on the day of George W. Bush’s Inauguration, January 20, 2005, for peaceful anti-war actions. While DAWN is coordinating with many groups for a day of actions, DAWN calls additionally for these specific actions:
(1) A permitted nonviolent anti-war rally followed by a march to Bush’s inaugural parade route;
(2) A nonviolent civil disobedience die-in, following the rally, in memorial to the dead at the hands of Bush and his Administration.�

For more information, visit http://www.dawndc.net

From Turn Your Back on Bush:

"Turn Your Back on Bush is a new kind of event in an old tradition: direct
nonviolent action. In the past four years, Bush has made it clear that dissent is unwelcome in his America, and his policies have created an atmosphere where demonstrators are corralled and their messages marginalized. Polls show that the majority of Americans disagree with Bush on numerous issues, but by refusing to talk to anyone but the most subservient press outlets and appearing only in highly staged events, he has cut himself off from all but his most ardent supporters. We want our audience with our President.

�On inauguration day, we will gather as citizens for the public events of the
day and join the rest of the crowd. At a given signal, we will turn our backs.
Until the moment we turn around, there will be nothing to distinguish us from the rest of the crowd. By leaving our signs and buttons at home, we will avoid all of the obstacles that Bush and his supporters have used to keep anyone who disagrees with him out of sight. For this one moment we will speak as one and show Bush that winning an election does not mean he has the support of all Americans."

For more information, visit http://www.turnyourbackonbush.org

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