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Dear Spain: Please do what the U.S. won’t. Prosecute Torture.

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  • Dear Spain: Please do what the U.S. won’t. Prosecute Torture.

    I received this email that raised hopes that certain prominent individuals will face criminal charges for torture. To wit:

    A Spanish judge has just decided to proceed with a case against Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. The Spanish legislature can be expected to try to block the case, unless perhaps they hear our voices loudly and clearly enough.
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    I'm very sorry but justice in asS'Pain is managed by the two larger political parties. From Argentina they have tried to judge an inspector ("Billy el Niٌo") accused of tortures during Franco dictatorship... the "justice" said they were expired crimes that can't be judged nowadays.

    I think this is the only kingdom where two judges have been judged for doing their job: Baltasar Garzَn (who investigated corruption in the governing party) and Elipidio J. Silva, who had the balls to send a banker to jail (a close friend of J.M. Aznar, they were elbow partners while studying). Now he is facing 40 years of disqualification.

    Even more, they have established justice fees so now is more difficult for lower-classes people to pay for justice to be done.
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      Garzَn was my hero when he issued an international arrest warrant against Pinochet in the late 90's that caused the UK authorities to put him under house arrest - much to the anguish of his friend Lady Thatcher. Only after many months and political interventions the butcher got back to Chile. At least once the bastard got an idea of what justice could mean.
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