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For those who died...

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  • Jerico

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  • M-A_19
    Mr Osbourne

    Yes, but you only have to read the lyrics to "Suicide Solution" and "The Demon Alcohol" to see how much attention Ozzy pays to the lyrics he's singing. How much booze was he putting away when he did those songs?!

    Ozzy and Bush are very similar anyway;

    Ozzy: "Sharon, where's me fucking shoes? what fucking band was I in again?"

    Bush: "[Ariel] Sharon, Where's me fucking Roadmap? Wheres that fucking middle-east policy you gave me?"

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  • Jerico
    started a topic For those who died...

    For those who died...

    America is now voting.
    This is one of the main reasons I've been speaking against Bush...

    Ironic that Ozzy supports Bush, just cuz he met him once at some event that has long fallen out of my memory.
    He should go back an read his own lyrics...

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why don't they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun [(sic.) How about for oil? profit?]
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait til their Judgement Day comes

    Now in darkness world stops turning
    Ashes where the bodies burning
    No more War Pigs have the power
    Hand of God has struck the hour

    Day of Judgement, God is calling
    On their knees the War Pigs crawling
    Begging mercy for their sins
    Satan laughing spreads his wings

    Oh Lord yeah!

    -WAR PIGS - Black Sabbath