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    And it's going to take a massive class action suit (or more) to get the NSA to disclose what info it's culling about the citizenry. Predictably, individual Freedom Of Information Act requests are going nowhere...


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      It's all above board, so any reform is going to come from Congress. I think there are quite a few who want reform - but don't want to waste time with something that won't pass.

      I'm not in favor of the program, but it's nothing new and it's trivial compared to what was going on with HUAC and J. Edgar, or what Bush II tried to inflict on us. Tried and failed.

      I am amazed by all the people who are beside themselves over this, then they go and fire up their Google accounts to complain about it. We give so much more information to companies who are in the information business than we give to government, at least with the government we have some recourse.

      We've been lied to and trained to think of democratic government as the ultimate evil, and while we were distracted, the liars stole everything out from under us.


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        Privacy is dead.

        The only thing we can do is limit the uses that information can be put to. And be ready to defy the powers when they abuse us.

        One plank in the terrorist platform is to bring about such repression that the standing regime is overthrown. Tempting, but unlikely, experience has shown us you get a worse repression.

        Terrorists puzzle me, they seek to liberate the downtrodden by blowing them to atoms? They expect to be hailed as heroes?

        Or maybe they want to live large-the Bader-Meinhoff Gang lived very well, the Japanese Red Army Faction denied themselves nothing(they also murdered each other over trifles).

        Terrorists can win, but then they have little idea of what to do next. An exception can be found with the Jews of Palestine, who had little choice left, and managed to cobble a functional state together.

        They followed the Golden Rule of such conflicts, first, win the damn war, then fight over the spoils.

        I oppose capital punishment, as a rule, but for terrorists, evisceration seems appropriate.


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          Originally posted by krakenten View Post
          In New Zealand, one official has suggested getting rid of all the cats, to protect birds.
          This sort of thing worries me. I do understand the concern, but how does one get rid of all cats without (possibly) introducing some sort of virus that may wind up killing all cats worldwide . I've often suspected that FIV was introduced into the feline population in an effort to control cat populations - that's probably my one and only venture into 'conspiracy theory' territory.

          There are other ways of controlling cat populations, the best of which is educating the public about spaying/neutering and keeping cats indoors instead of allowing them to roam.

          Also, with many natural predators being killed off due to the misadventures of men (war, habitat reduction, automobiles - squish! - pollution, etc), some bird species are actually flourishing and becoming a nuisance. Not necessarily in NZ, but here in the States since hunting has become less popular and large, natural predators such as cougars and coyotes are rare if non-existent in some areas, birds such as the Canadian goose have turned into a real problem in parts of the US where they once only 'visited' during migration, but have now decided to stay. Can you say 'great gobs of goose poop'?! Yeah...all over.

          When a politician comes up with any sort of 'ultimate' solution - be it for an animal, for the environment, or for the people - it's time to start to worry. Often such ideas are based, not on facts, but on personal opinion (for instance, someone who liked cats would certainly come up with a more reasonable solution than to deprive a country's populace of a universally cherished domestic animal). Such ultimate solutions are usually self-serving, and often betray a lack of empathy while at the same time suggesting there's an underlying bend towards cruelty in one's personality.

          I would never trust such a person.



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            There's a similar problem with birds in west London Das. Someone introduced ring necked parakeets into the wild near JG Ballard's old stomping grounds around Shepperton. The rumour is that they were brought in for the filming of The Africa Queen during which many of the river scenes were filmed on the Thames.

            The parakeets have now become a real nuisance as they are driving native birds from their habitats and make one hell of a din when they roost in the evenings.

            They were recently declared vermin which makes it legal for the general public to trap or shoot them. They are lovely looking creatures but some might say they don't belong in west London and that they are doing damage.

            And as for those bloody Canada geese (they're not called Canadian here).....

            It's all the government's fault!


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              Geese are supposed to be stupid.

              In Baltimore, a small shopping center has had their parking lot commandeered by a flock of geese. Year after year, these foul fowl arrive and assert ownership-they-will -not -MOVE!

              They also like to demonstrate from whence the term goosed comes, OUCH!!!

              A parakeet infestation? Sounds like fun, imagine them learning to talk?