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Anti-cancer virus

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  • Anti-cancer virus

    Here's one IndieGoGo project that I adopted recently:

    We are a team of guerrilla fundraisers who have launched a global campaign to fund research into a potential treatment for the cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

    The potential therapy, a cancer-busting virus, is currently sitting in a freezer in Sweden – but it can’t be tested for lack of just £2million.
    Big business won’t stump up the £2million needed to fund the first stage of clinical trials, because there is no money to be made.

    The Swedish research team, led by Prof Magnus Essand, were so keen to collaborate and share the findings they published the research.

    But now it is out in the public domain it can’t be protected by the patent that would have enabled buisness backers to make a profit.

    For full disclosure, I haven't checked all the research papers that they have in the Updates section and I've pretty much rewarded the campaign for a compelling sounding story. People who are really keen about these sorts of things will definitely want to have a peek at those.
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