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    Anyone hear anything about a detention camp in Alaska?
    \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
    Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview

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    Schwarzenegger Says Pro-Bush Speech Irked His Wife

    MONTEREY, Calif. (Oct. 19) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Monday that his speech backing President Bush at the Republican Convention in August resulted in a cold shoulder from his wife, Maria Shriver, a member of the famously Democratic Kennedy family.

    "Well, there was no sex for 14 days," Schwarzenegger told former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta in an on-stage conversation in front of 1,000 people.

    "Everything comes with side effects," he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

    Panetta, a Democrat, had asked how Shriver, whose uncle was President John F. Kennedy, had reacted to his praised but partisan convention speech.

    Schwarzenegger referred to Shriver several times in the 90-minute conversation.

    "I don't know why I watched the presidential debates," he said. "If I want to watch a smart liberal Democrat and a Republican leader argue, all we have to do is go out to dinner. They were lucky. They only had to do it three times."

    Asked about the difference between following Hollywood movie scripts and being on his own in politics, he quipped: "When you're married to my wife, you're never your own boss."

    California is expected to support Democratic challenger John Kerry in the election in two weeks, and Schwarzenegger, who faces re-election in 2006, has been careful not to offend the majority Democratic voters in his state.

    "I think both (candidates) are doing a great job; it's very tedious to be out there campaigning a year and a half," he said at the Panetta Institute for Public Policy in Monterey. "You make one mistake and you lose the presidency."

    Schwarzenegger said the one state where he might campaign for Bush outside of California was Ohio, where he owns a gym and sponsors an annual body building competition.

    "I said to the president I'm perfectly willing to go to Ohio if he needs me there but I can't travel around from state to state because I'm working for the people of California," he said.
    \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
    Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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      "I will start with Afghanistan. Back a few years ago, a small energy company tried to work with the Taliban in Afghanistan to create a gas pipeline from Ubekistan through Afghanistan to the Caspien Sea. This company already had millions invested in this project, but the Taliban refused to allow the pipeline through Afghanistan. Not sure if many will remember this, but when Bush first took office in 2000, he sent millions to Afghanistan under the guise of "relief aid" to the Afghan people. This money was actually a bribe to the Taliban with the comment "either allow us to blanket you in gold, or blanket you in bombs." The Taliban still refused. There has been new evidence that has come to light in the last year or so that proves that the Bush administration had planned an attack on Afghanistan as early as October 2001. "Miraculously" 911 happened instead and Afghanistan was an easy target because of the connection with Al Queda and Bin Laden. Now the gas pipeline is being built in Afghanistan. Amazing, huh? No one stops to question though why most of the supposed hijackers were Saudis and NOT Afghanis, nor how the US government knew instinctively that it WAS Bin Laden and his terrorist group (except Cheney; he insisted from the beginning that it was Saddam, not Bin Laden). Nor does anyone stop to question why 5 of the 9 hijackers have been found ALIVE in their native countries and why the Bush administration still has those names on the DEAD hijacker list...."
      \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
      Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview