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  • About Chomsky

    First I would like to apologize for my english (french people -like me- are not so good at learning languages ... maybe an old imparialist reminiscence).

    About Noam Chomsky, I was a fan of his books and theories ... but I have some doubts about him :
    - first I find his analysis without any nuance (it is certainly subversive, and it gives an intersting viewpoint on hte political history of america, but it is not always as serous as it seems).
    - second, Chomsky made a preface of Faurisson's book "Mأ©moire en dأ©fense contre ceux qui m'accusent de falsifier l'histoire. La question des chambres أ  gaz, La Vieille Taupe, 1980" which is a real antisemite publication. This preface is an excellent example of the "double language" that Chomsky used to denounce ...

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    Hmm, interesting. I remember hearing about the Faurisson affair - now you've reminded me. I've done a very quick bit of googling and found this statement about it on Chomsky's own website:

    denial of the Holocaust would not prove that a person is an anti-Semite 8O

    The "Cohn pamphlet" he refers to is to be found here:

    Unfortunately the Left is riddled with anti-semitism. I was shocked when I discovered that Proudhon was an anti-semitic exterminationist. None of my early porings over classic anarchist "readers" prepared me for that. I also understand that Nestor Makhno was an anti-semite (although this is slightly more disputed). Youthful dreams shattered! :(
    \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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      Lets not forget that Chompsky himself is a Jew


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        Originally posted by Anonymous
        Lets not forget that Chomsky himself is a Jew

        Chomsky that is