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  • Staying Informed

    I'm curious to know what periodicals, newspapers & magazines my fellow companions here in the Multiverse of Mike's Miscellany read to stay informed. True enough, I may be talking about dying forms of media here, so my question extends to online versions of these publications.

    Here's where I am coming from: It's hard to say that any mainstream publication can succeed at providing enough legitimate news that will help a citizen to make an informed decision. I've read Chomsky, and the older I get, the more correct he appears. Here in Massachusetts, I read The Boston Globe each morning, but remian highly skeptical about the way in which that paper shapes its various and ongoing narratives about the region and our country. And while I live on the left of the political spectrum, more often than not, I've found publications like The Financial Times and The Economist helpful.

    But I'm open for new perspecitves and publications to check out! So, I'd love to know: what do you read in order to stay informed?

    Thanks for your time,

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    That's a good question, Mark. Judging from the history kept on this Mac, I read Al Jazeera English a hell of a lot more often than I thought! Distant seconds, thirds, etc., are the NYT, France 24, Free Speech TV and the English version of Corriere della Sera.


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      In internet format it's the BBC, the Guardian and the Daily Mail (for comic effect).

      In newpaper format it's the Guardian or the Mirror midweek and the Sunday Times, Observer and Sunday Mirror with the occasional foray into The Irish Independent on Sundays.


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        I read mostly the online version of a Brazilian newspaper called Folha de SP. In fact it is not a good newspaper in terms of opinions, but they cover news more rapidly and deeply than most of their concurrent newspapers. Some of their best columnists have blogs and online versions of their printed columns so I hardly touch an actual newspaper or magazine. Truth to be told, I generally abhor most of the Brazilian press when it comes to opinions, and I tend to follow only what is factual. When I need to know further than the news, I make use of the Google.

        Veja magazine is one that aims to be "Brazilian time magazine", but after all, they simply vomit right-wing propaganda, and worst than all, they're fallacious and have this annoying, "this text is the truth" attitude.
        "From time to time I demonstrate the inconceivable, or mock the innocent, or give truth to liars, or shred the poses of virtue.(...) Now I am silent; this is my mood." From Sundrun's Garden, Jack Vance.
        "As the Greeks have created the Olympus based upon their own image and resemblance, we have created Gotham City and Metropolis and all these galaxies so similar to the corporate world, manipulative, ruthless and well paid, that conceived them." Braulio Tavares.