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Boycott Sinclair!

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  • Jerico
    Bush's Missile Defense plan

    The Bush administration is continuing with its plans to deploy its national missile defense system. However, the system still has not been tested in realistic conditions and would not provide protection from a real attack. Moreover, deploying this system can increase instability by pushing Russia and China to maintain large nuclear arsenals on high alert. As one of the final steps before deployment, the Missile Defense Agency is conducting a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) to assess the broad impacts of the system. As part of the PEIS process, the public is invited to comment on the administration's missile defense plans. Now is your opportunity to express your opposition to this unproven, ineffective, and dangerous system.

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  • Jerico
    Rob R.
    more links 8:21 AM
    More listings of Sinclair's Adverstisers, with websites and email addresses:

    Online petition:

    11:57 AM
    Looks like the boycott is having some effect (and I'm not just talking about the company's continuing drop in stock value)...
    Sylvan Learning Centers have dropped advertising on Sinclair channels.

    Now on to the others.

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  • Mikey_C

    Thought you meant Iain Sinclair for a moment.... 8O

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  • Jerico
    started a topic Boycott Sinclair!

    Boycott Sinclair!

    Trenton S. wrote:

    Boycott Sinclair!!! Saturday, 9:55 PM


    The conservative leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, which reaches millions of homes and has fourteen stations in the swing states alone, is ordering its affiliates to preempt prime-time programming in the days right before the election to air an anti-Kerry film.

    Read here:

    Everyone write TV stations, newspapers, websites, message boards, etc. and get people moving against this outrage. If they can air this film on TV, they should allow "Fahrenheit 9/11" or "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry." This is an outrage!!!

    J.R. wrote:

    Sunday, 6:20 PM

    I just saw a clip on tv about this.

    Sinclair / CEO Smith would like to air the anti-Kerry documentary the third week of this month, just before the elections.

    Let's get the message out, just doing that might be good enough to debunk this latest ploy by the Republican Propoganda Machine.

    The news said Smith made the biggest personal donation legally possible to Bush. Bias anyone?

    Sinclair is also the conglomerate that blocked the 20/20 program that named our fallen soldiers in Bush's Iraq war.

    We must protest this biased corporate power.

    Sam H. wrote:
    Being this close to the election, they maybe in violation... Sunday, 6:24 PM
    ...of some election laws. Are you aware of any legal callenges?
    Rob R. wrote:

    Sinclair is evil... 7:44 AM
    These are the same people who told all their ABC news affiliates that they couldn't air the ABC news special that showed the faces and names of soldiers killed in Iraq because it was "politically motivated"! Yet they go and do this!

    For more information on boycotting Sinclair tv channels see this site: