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Predictions for 2012

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  • Kymba334

    I find myself at at a loss just now. As Yoda once wisely said " Always in motion is the future"...()

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  • Tammywilding
    Easy one !

    UK Unemployment hits Three Million.

    More Busineses, large and small go bust.

    Inflation of Fuel and Luxury goods hits 20% (again).

    Yet more Murder Suicides (five in Uk over the last month).

    Depression bites.

    All over in August.

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  • Pebble
    started a topic Predictions for 2012

    Predictions for 2012

    As every one is making prediction or looking ahead, perhaps we should do the same and close the thread around 15th Jan? Then we could review it next year?

    Euro to limp on, but I suspect we will see at least one country leave.

    Sakorzy not to be re-elected, but Obama will be (maybe with the help of some hanging chads - )

    US Naval forces to clash with Iran.

    UK's coalition to continue and Ed Milliband to stay Labour leader. There will be trouble at the Olympics.