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Predictions for 2012

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  • J-Sun
    Priest of Nadsokor
    • Dec 2007
    • 2171

    This is a given, I think, but I see....

    The world economy degrading further, and everyone will blame everyone.

    Most nations will blame Greece and the U.S.

    Within the U.S., the Republicans will continue to blame the Democrats for Obama care, while the Democrats will continue to blame the Republicans for not doing it right... somehow... They've got to be doing something wrong, since it's not fixing the system.

    Meanwhile, since Congress has it's own insurance, they will continue to pat themselves on the back for fixing the problem while the average American tightens their belts to afford how well the system was fixed.
    "Self-discipline and self-knowledge are the key. An individual becomes a unique universe, able to move at will through all the scales of the multiverse - potentially able to control the immediate reality of every scale, every encountered environment."
    --Contessa Rose von Bek, Blood part 4, chapter 12


    • ukusa
      You must love me exactly as I love you.
      • Jul 2012
      • 7

      It's late coming to me, but, I predict we'll meet the NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS whomever wins the elections. The US is wayyyyy too big for one president, and should be cut into many little countries imo!


      • Robin
        Citizen of Tanelorn
        • Apr 2011
        • 235

        I agree : small is beautiful. And welcome to the site!

        (I plan on leaving my predictions for 2012 until late December and I'll probably go for something like "Christmas will come and go yet again without me really noticing much beyond the fact that I have another duck to roast.")