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  • Two Books

    Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order
    by Mark Crispin Miller

    Editorial Reviews

    While numerous books have been written criticizing the policies and practices of the George W. Bush administration, few have been as foreboding about the meaning of those policies and practices as Mark Crispin Miller's Cruel and Unusual. In Bush and company, Miller sees a regime comparable to the most ruthless authoritarian dictatorships of the modern era and warns that Americans, skillfully duped by a corrupt government and a complicit mass media, are blithely accepting the curtailing of their liberties and the eradication of their democracy. The attacks of September 11, 2001 and the tremendous fear and insecurity they generated among the American people provided, in Miller's estimation, ample opportunity for Bush and company to move the country to a place where dissent is crushed by force, wars are started on lies, and democratic elections will soon be a thing of the past. Cruel and Unusual makes a compelling case by providing massive amounts of evidence, some concrete and some speculative, although at times the sprawling range of his subject matter harms Miller's attempts to form a cohesive argument. And for someone writing a book about George W. Bush, Miller is awfully preoccupied with the treatment President Bill Clinton received from the press and right-wing activists. Particularly strong, however, are passages related to the build-up to war in Iraq and the discrediting of weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who insisted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Miller provides transcripts from cable news talk shows where administration spokesman attack Ritter with the apparent assistance of like-minded hosts while Ritter himself doggedly defends himself and persistently rejects the main reason given for war. Cruel and Unusual is one of the most energetic and dire criticisms of the Bush administration but its urgency is matched by the crimes it sees being committed. --John Moe


    From Publishers Weekly

    In delivering this blunt jeremiad—Bush is "fascistic," "theocratic," a "crook," etc.—Miller (The Bush Dyslexicon) argues that the Bush-era press isn't simply biased, it has been lulled into an Orwellian false consciousness. One of the major examples Miller, a professor of media studies at NYU, offers is the case of Scott Ritter, the former U.N. weapons inspector who insisted before the war that Iraq probably had no unconventional weapons and was treated by TV interviewers like Paula... /exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/books/0393059170/reviews/103-1181893-5763018 - 03930591707299/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/books/0393059170/reviews/103-1181893-5763018 - 03930591707299read more

    Book Description

    A mordant and passionate exposأ© of the right-wing threat to American democracy and freedom.
    Read a newspaper or catch the news on television, and you might get the impression that America's current leadership is "mainstream": perhaps a bit more conservative and in its foreign policy more belligerent than its predecessors, but still a federal authority that functions within America's political traditions.

    But as Mark Crispin Miller argues here with great clarity and effect, we are in fact living in a state that would appall the Founding Fathers: a state that is neither democratic nor republican, and no more "conservative" than it is liberal. He exposes the Bush Republicans' contempt for democratic practice, their bullying religiosity, their reckless militarism, their apocalyptic views of the economy and the planet, and—above all—their emotional dependence on sheer hatefulness.
    Abraham Lincoln once observed that, if the United States should ever be subverted, "it will be conquered from within." And that is exactly what has happened.

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Fraud: The Strategy Behind the Bush Lies and Why the Media Didn't Tell You
    by Paul Waldman

    Editorial Reviews

    From Publishers Weekly

    Building on tenets laid out in The Press Effect, which he coauthored with Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Waldman deconstructs Bush's image as plainspoken, compassionate Dubya and accuses the media of failing to properly scrutinize the values of his presidency. Bush's inarticulateness misleads a gullible public into perceiving the president as a "real," ordinary American, Waldman argues, contending that Bush's administration actually serves a business elite rather than the average American. Meticulously combing through footnoted sources, Waldman carves an alternative portrait of a privileged and ruthless Bush who was gleeful over executions as Texas's governor, guilty of Enron-style business practices and contemptuous of the protective role of government. American journalists, in Waldman's view, are either muzzled or lack the policy expertise and research strengths to expose Bush effectively; as a result, the public is woefully confused. Waldman goes on to demythologize the so-called liberal bias of the media, comparing journalists' past persecution of Clinton with the relative mildness of present-day critiques of Bush. In his breakdown of Bush's tax policies and of the Republican Party's dominance by ultraconservative Southerners, Waldman is particularly strident. An assembly of sources and facts and a useful guide to right-wing rhetoric makes this handbook of anti-Bush ammunition-complete with an appendix that provides a "Guide to Key Lies and Misdirections-useful to partisans along with other Bush critiques by David Corn, Eric Alterman and Mark Green.
    Copyright آ© Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

    From Booklist

    The word liar has been used so many times in recent book titles about George Bush that Waldman, a political analyst and media critic, needed to come up with something different, although he manages to get lies into the subtitle. And, in fact, this book covers very much the same territory as the offerings of David Corn, Joe Conason, and others. As in those books, there is much here on Bush's image versus the reality of his history; the disconnect between his rhetoric and his actions; the events... read more

    Book Description
    "Waldman gets right to the heart of the con." -Greg Palast, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
    How to Build a Fraud --Portray son of one of America's most influential families as down-home Texan --Berate media as "liberal" until they stop asking tough questions --Take advantage of reporters' tendency to not check the facts --Mask reactionary policies in compassionate words and pictures --Push false stories from right-wing media into mainstream media --Extol the virtues of workers while systematically pushing an anti-labor agenda --Propose a series of tax cuts aimed at the wealthy, but sell them as a boon to ordinary Americans --Disguise destructive initiatives with friendly sounding names --Befriend media with "genuine guy" routine --Keep the public from accessing information --Maintain message discipline at all times --Question patriotism of anyone who disagrees --Repeat above until it all seems true

    In Fraud, leading political and media analyst Paul Waldman exposes the truth behind the rise of George W. Bush. What is revealed is more shocking than just a pattern of lies and incompetence. It is the story of how a clever political machine built a high-stakes game of deception, a policy of lies to capture the highest office in the free world, a fraud that continues to this day.

    The power of the fraud lies in the ability of the Bush machine to manipulate the press, and thereby avoid having the truth exposed. Waldman's findings reveal an astonishing record of how the nation's media has not only given Bush a pass again and again, but have failed to follow up on even the most openly dishonest parts of the Bush agenda.

    For all Americans who have been uneasy about the honesty of the Bush administration, but unsure what it means or how far it goes, Fraud is a shocking wake-up call.

    A Must-Read for Informed Voters!, January 22, 2004
    Reviewer: "skantibooks" (Upper Marlboro, MD United States) - See all my reviews

    Paul Waldman takes the media to task in this book about George W. Bush's carefully-crafted public persona and the not-so-pretty truths behind it. If you want to know what is REALLY going on in the White House, read this book. It isn't about a bunch of "gaffes" and "misstatements" on the part of the President; his deceptions are far more serious than that. The media doesn't even call him on any of his lies, because they buy his down-home unsophisticated good-ol-boy act.

    Do you know what the "Healthy Forests Initiative" is really all about? How about the "Clear Skies" initiative? Sounds pretty environment-friendly, right? Those are just some of the pretty names Dubya tacks onto policies that DO THE OPPOSITE! Yes, folks, we are living in Bizarro-world led by a 1st class manipulator. The average voter would never even know how they are being deceived. Read this book; you won't see the President in the same light again.

    Explains a lot, April 16, 2004
    Reviewer: L. L Teuling "meloroze" (McAllen, TX) - See all my reviews

    This book "jarred loose" some questions that had been disturbing me for a while -- all the way from the disputed election to the actions after September 11 and beyond. Something wasn't right. While I never read a lot of the matters in detail while they were going on, this book confirmed a lot of unease I was feeling.

    I won't reiterate the issues raised by Paul Waldman - he writes them clearly and understandably. But basically, the book deals with Bush's manipulation of the media, his building up of a "down home" type of persona, his "turn around of the meaning" explanations concerning tax cuts (Waldman makes use of Orwell's "doublespeak) as well as his "war on terrorism." Most thinking people, whether conservative or liberal will find a lot of food for thought.

    Also fascinating was the insight that the Republican Party - a party begun under Abraham Lincoln Of The Emancipation Proclamation - has become more and more reactionary and "conservative" in the most negative sense - especially on social issues. In other words, the Republican party of today has turned into something I don't know any more.

    This has all troubled me a lot. For my entire adult voting life, I would probably be called an economic "conservative" - if, by that term, we refer to being pro private enterprise, opposing excessive government handouts, and taking the idea that it is business in general and people in particular who produce the wealth from which our taxes come. From a social viewpoint, I may be more of a centrist, as I am also very concerned about the problems of the poor and the targets of racial and gender discrimination. (Yes, I value "property rights," which the conservatives favor greatly - but then, I also want my civil rights.)

    My reason for not giving this book five stars is when it got into partisan politics and tried to show one party as being more interested in people than the other. For sure, conservatives need to treat their workers fairly as well as guard against racial and gender discrimination. Government regulations came about because many businesses treated their employees badly in the past; that's a matter of historical record. Working people, racial minorities and women have not always fared well from policies advocated by conservatives.

    Liberals, however, need to realize business and economic activity generate taxes. Businesspeople, for sure, are not angels and yes, we do need some government regulation. But Liberals must remember that government people are not angels, and we need accountability on both sides to restrain greed, which runs rampant in both business and government.

    I recommend the book highly.

    Bush, The Great Deceiver, August 22, 2004
    Reviewer: cameron-vale "cameron-vale" (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews

    For the last several agonizing years, the news media has been presenting an incredibly idealized image of President George W. Bush to the American public, as an endearingly simple minded but extraordinarily honest and decent "just plain folk" type of guy. We have only very recently been able to get glimpses of the real truth about the man, thanks to the eye opening works of great alarm ringers like Greg Palast, Richard Clarke, Joe Conason, John Dean, and Kevin Phillips. Paul Waldman's FRAUD is a very good companion piece to many of the revelatory Bush books that recently dominated the bestseller charts. This fine work stands out just a little from the crowded field because not only is it a horror-stricken critique of the great deceiver himself, it goes a step further and finds the media itself fully culpable in having allowed Bush's flagrant lies to be spread and accepted by the public with only the most minor hints of journalistic questioning. The Bush White House's continual distortions and half truths about virtually every aspect of the current Administration's ongoing assault on the well-being of America has been disturbing enough, but having the country's major newspapers, magazines and TV news channels cheerfully spew out the relentless deceptions has been infuriating in the extreme.

    Waldman is particularly insightful in his discussion of the ongoing insidious Republican Smear Machine that utilizes the media to bamboozle a gullible public into believing that anyone who dares question the current administration must either be a fool or a traitor. Waldman paints a portrait of Bush that is obviously all too real--a cold-blooded, mentally challenged and power hungry multi-millionaire who flagrantly serves the whims of Big Business while completely ignoring the needs of the people. Read FRAUD and find out the ugly truth about an ugly man.

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    Hang on. This looks a bit like advertising to me, pard. Nothing wrong with supporting your opinion with examples, but this goes a tad beyond that, doesn't it ?

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      Wow, talk about being bombarded by someones opinions... :lol:

      Did he just post those book reviews and leave, never to be seen again?


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        well, all that's missing is links to how they can be ordered.

        shame! shame!

        \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
        Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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          Guys check this one out! It totally blows the lid off the Lies your mom and dad have been feeding you for years now!


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            Well i'm long past puberty by now really... And our biology classes here in sweden shows the truth well enough.. No embarrassing situations at all.
            We are more free in our education than the US and some other countries i guess? Don't know much about that really.
            Our biology teacher even showed how Boys and girls use different masturbation technics. Some giggles that was all.. But enlightening and natural. Not "Abstinence is best" at all.. Keep the church and moral majority out of schools please. And put in some condome machines!
            Like it was in the past.


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              You guys realize i was kidding about the Puberty Book right?


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                I suggested these book on here before....

                HOT, man!!!... woooo!...


                It is why I want to be a writer!
                \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
                Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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                  I'd buy these books, but I find that Sharmin is both more comforatble and less expensive.. :D

                  Seriously though, all the character assasiantions books out there only make it harder to find the truth. Does anyone really expect us to beleive any of them. If you are anti-bush, you'll believe almost anything bad said about him, and if your for Bush, you'll believe anything against Kerry. People who haven't made a decision yet will probably decided that it's all BS and stay home.... In my oppinion low turn out is not something to strive for...


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                    Hey! Here's a great website for all of you that are sick and freaking fed up with all the lies the Bush camp has been feeding us about puberty. Hair on my balls. RIGHT!!!

                    If you, like me, are tired of this neo-con blithering and Corporate-sponsored claptrap about puberty, you need to get involved!



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                      Bill, I knew it was sarcasm and still I clicked... I'm off to get medical help, though I doubt it will do any good. :roll:

                      Puberty is just another way to screw the poor anyway. :lol:
                      "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                        Haha, I deserved that. At least we are still laughing...


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                          I clicked, just in case it was a double bluff... or would that be a single bluff? Now I'm all confused again. :?

                          "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild