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New 'Bushism' Born at Bill Signing

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    Kerry certainly had the same information, but needed to use it for different purposes. No one in Congress voted to go to war. They all voted to give Bush the right to send troops if he thought it was necessary and appropriate. As I see it, a vote authorizing the ability to go to war and actually making that call have different thresholds of responsibility. Comparing Kerry and Bush on that information is a little unfair, because they had different responsibilities with the information. At the end of the day, you can criticize Kerry for many things, but the actual decision for war on that information was technically Bush's to make, so he should be held differently accountable for it. It's unfair to criticize Kerry for making or not making a decision that was never his to make. Criticize him for thinking Bush could make a responsible decision.


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      Doc, I actually agree with you - to a degree - but that isn't the argument that was being made. It was that constant whine "Bush Lied" as if he used smoke and mirrors to hyponotize Kerry into doing something against his will. Please.

      Now, as to the degree, you are right in that there are differing standards here, no argument, but they aren't as different as someone might infer from your post. The Senator or Representative that votes has to take some responsibility in that there were a limited number of potential outcomes. Basically, Hussein either responded or he didn't. As history will show, he didn't respond.