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Wanted: Max Horkheimer

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  • Wanted: Max Horkheimer

    Wanted: For Corrupting the Mind of America

    Max Horkheimer

    Typical of a rash of German intellectuals that fled Nazi Europe and set up shop in America between the wars, Max should be considered insane and particularly influential with gullible idiots who got their PhD's in American graduate schools in the 60s and early 70s. His M.O> is comparable to that of other European conmen such as Humbert Humbert, neo-con guru Leo Strauss, and Professor Colonel Pyat, who were likewise known for spouting off all sorts of paranoid twattle in order to get what they wanted from complacent middle-class American "intellectuals" (in the case of Humbert, a 12 year old girl; in the case of Strauss, "Pax Americana," a global empire run by his students; in the case of Pyat--well, what was it Pyat wanted anyway?!!!!)

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    who are the mind police???

    ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhaaaahhaaa

    ::::Frank Zappa::::


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      I really hope your joking. Comparing Horkheimer and the rest of the Frankfort/Critical school to any neo-cons is a little ridiculous. Adorno may deserve a little more suspicion for his work on the authoritarian personality, but most were simply trying to make Marx's ideals and analysis work in a world without a revolution. Without them, contemporary philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, and psychology would have large theoretical gaps.

      Of course, I'm a gullible idiot who earned my Ph.D after 1970.