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60 years ago a few brave men and women ...

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  • 60 years ago a few brave men and women ...

    Let me for once remind of the courage and desperation of a handful of Germans who dared resist Hitler's near-to perfect tyrannical system and placed a bomb in his HQs on July 20th 1944.
    A late and futile attempt that cost most of the conspirers' lives and many more. There were earlier attempts against Hitler's lives and several courageous attempts ("White Rose" in Munich) of people from all walks of life to stop the murderous war and end the Nazi regime. But it wasn't just all about simply placing a bomb at Hitler's feet or in his airplane, there were complex schemes to try and get Allied support, clandestine meetings in Scandinavia or Switzerland with British and American agents took place leading to nothing, drafts were made for an entire new government etc. Let us for a moment remember these officers, intellectuals, aristocrats, students, working-class people, priests and others who under extremely adverse conditions risked their lives and disgrace of their families for something they thought was just and that could restore dignity of a nation that had lost all credit by allowing the world's most heinous and most bloody political regime to go beserk.

    Here a few links that might be interesting, even if they are incomplete:

    On the Stauffenberg Coup and the Kreisau Circle[/color]


    About the German Resistance, the official Memorial and Documentation Centre
    And some information on German Intellectuals in Exile
    Google ergo sum

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    In the US, sometimes it seems like our history classes try to teach us that nothing noble happened in WWII that didn't involve American action.

    Great perspective for us in the US, LE.


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      Today on BBC's pages:

      "Resistance against the dictatorship began already in 1933, when the Nazis had seized power,'' in New York Times:

      For once, on this day, I wish to honour a handful of Germans who stood up against injustice in face of impossible odds.
      Thanks for your kind attention.
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        Thanks LEtranger,
        that's a story I'd never heard before, both sad and compelling. I think we should remember that the second world war was fought against the facists, not the Italians or the Germans.

        Maybe we should also remember that not all heros fire weapons.

        I knew that there were voices against the nazis in '33. The BBC have been running programs recently on how the war started, when we all said "never again", Even Guernica as the centerpiece of the '37 World's Fair (the "New World's Fair" perhaps?) failed to concentrate European minds on the threat of the facist war machine.

        It disturbs me, because I see parallels with today in the intentional ignorance of governments when faced with obvious truths. At least Europe will never see "total war" again
        \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"