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Kevin Singer denied the chance to "evade", if only with his mind

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  • legionofmarduk
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    • Jan 2010
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    Kevin Singer denied the chance to "evade", if only with his mind

    Chances are that you are already familiar with the Kevin Singer case, a lifetime inmate of a Wisconsin correctional facility who has been prohibited to enjoy his D&D games with cellmates out of incredibly bigoted and unrealistic fears he was forming a "gang".

    An online petition has been started to have that absurd ruling reviewed and I think that, as fellow gamers, I thought you may have wanted to support the effort, showing that RPGs can be potent educational tools for the acquiring of social, cooperative and reading/writing skills from which the prison population could surely benefit.

    The more time passes the more I am convinced that the u.s. prison system is not a corrective tool with which to re-educate and win back to society inmates but a kind of medieval torture system with which to abuse and degrade those unlucky enough to enter it.

    We all know that D&D is kiddies' stuff compared to other RPGs (like the ones made by Chaosium set in a certain multiverse...), but I really ask you to take a minute of your time, click the link above and leave a signature,

    please, there is a person who is being denied the solace and comfort of letting his mind and his imagination soar while his body is restricted in a cell, and, if you can, circulate the petition's URL link among your fellow gamers and friends.