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Fix the Patriot Act

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  • Fix the Patriot Act

    Fix the Patriot Act but supporting the Justice Act

    There is a link to a petition at the end of this post

    The Judicious Use of Surveillance Tools In Counterterrorism Efforts (JUSTICE) Act would reform the USA PATRIOT Act, the FISA Amendments Act and other surveillance authorities to protect Americans’ constitutional rights, while preserving the powers of our government to fight terrorism.

    The JUSTICE Act reforms include more effective checks on government searches of Americans’ personal records, the “sneak and peek” search provision of the PATRIOT Act, “John Doe” roving wiretaps and other overbroad authorities. The bill will also reform the FISA Amendments Act, passed last year, by repealing the retroactive immunity provision, preventing “bulk collection” of the contents of Americans’ international communications, and prohibiting “reverse targeting” of innocent Americans.
    Fix the Patriot Act with the Justice Act and fight government encroachment of our individual liberties

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    Thanks for posting these links. Certainly looks like to me that if the JUSTICE Act modified the Patriot Act we'd all be in a much better place and law enforcement would be better legally equipped to prevent acts of terrorism.


    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
    - Mark Twain, notebook entry, 1898.


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      Do you think a frenchie can vote ?
      Sorry for my english and my president.


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        n the aftermath of 9/11, former President George W. Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act into law. The PATRIOT Act granted US intelligence agencies an unprecedented level of authority to monitor the communications, associations, and other private activities of the American public.
        The Bush administration’s calculated assault on our civil liberties and privacy rights did not stop there, however. In 2008, the FISA Amendments Act removed the warrant requirement for tapping phone conversations going into and out of the country. And, the new Attorney General Guidelines permit FBI agents to spy on innocent Americans without suspicion of lawbreaking.
        These expanded authorities interconnect to create a surveillance superstructure that Congress must investigate and reform holistically in order to craft meaningful protections for individual liberties. So far, only a few provisions, such as the National Security Letter and material support statutes, have been audited or challenged in court. In many of these cases, auditors have found government abuse and courts have ruled provisions unconstitutional.
        Please contact your Senators and Representative right now and tell them it is time to re-examine our security superstructure to restore our civil liberties.

        Senator Feingold (D-WI), Senator Durbin (D-IL) and nine of their colleagues introduced S. 1686, the JUSTICE Act, which reforms our surveillance laws, including the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. The bill would institute many reforms necessary to rein in the government’s spying powers by:
        • Protecting the privacy of records by reining in the government's use of National Security Letters to collect the records of innocent people having no direct connection to an actual terrorism suspect.
        • Protecting humanitarian activities by preventing prosecution of people who work with or for charities that give humanitarian aid in good faith to war-torn countries.
        • Protecting First Amendment rights by requiring the government to convince a court that a national security gag order is necessary.
        • Protecting the privacy of communications by amending last year's sweeping FISA Amendments Act to better protect Americans' phone calls and emails.
        The House has not yet introduced a comprehensive Patriot Act reform bill, and the Senate Judiciary Committee has neglected to use the JUSTICE Act as the starting point for Patriot Act reauthorization. In fact, the Senate Judiciary Committee recently approved a Patriot Act reauthorization bill that does little to reign in the current abuse of power. There is still a chance to improve the reauthorization bill both in the House by crafting a progressive bill similar to the JUSTICE Act - and on the Senate floor by offering amendments drawn from the JUSTICE Act.

        Please contact your Senators and Representative right now and urge them to include the JUSTICE Act provisions in any PATRIOT Act Reauthorization.


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          As many of you all know, I am NOT a Dem. However. I am not a NeoCon either.

          I fully support this thread and what it stands for. The "Patriot act" is an abomination of our rights and MUST be stopped.
          I would not say that we need to "fix" the Patriot Act" though, rather it should be done away with completely.

          BTW: I am most certain I am on "the list" already...
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            I agree, but I think getting rid of it at this point is not on the table - maybe in a couple of years


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              This is like saying 'fix COINTELPRO'
              It shouldn't exist in the first place.


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                It is 2014 and the Patriot Act is still in place and the U.S. Constitution is still in abeyance.