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  • LSD

    Where was LSD coming from in the 60s? 70s? 80s? in England, and in America (if you know)? Do you know anything about LSD use today?

    That stuff creates the illusion of cosmic connectivity and a universal mind, if you know what I mean, and one wonders about a terriestial bureaucratic underground (deeply tied to speculative fantasy publishing in the 60s, and perhaps the Atlantic Record Corporation in the late-60s/early-70's/Ahmet Ertegun...) connected to a Urantia-Book-kind-of-cosmic-personality-ministry that superintends the distribution of that curious stuff?


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    Dude, put the DMT pipe down.

    Terrence Mckenna did not die for your sins...

    The only thing that can help you now is copious quantities of one or more of the following: chinese food, sushi or whole loaves of bread. Oh yeah, and a big fucking Percodan!

    Orange sunshine streams through the windowpane as light...microdots are a figment of your imagination.


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      Someone grab a tongue depressor and hold that boy's tongue down while I shovel in the mashed potatos.

      And have plenty of cheese cloths ready. Moses is coming down the mountain and he's hopping mad!


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        Peace, Pot , Microdot.

        Oh yes krunky, the windowpane, oh yes, the windowpane...

        :lol: 8O :? :P :idea: 8)
        When they had advanced together to meet on common
        ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
        and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
        each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
        mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
        killing, and the ground ran with blood.

        Homer, The Illiad


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          In the sixties, it started out coming from the C.I.A., so you have to wonder if they were connected to the resurgences in later years. Sure was a lot of it around during the Reagan years compared to now. Helped Sonic Youth and the Butthole Surfers develop a fanbase and stuff, but didn't seem to threaten to change the world the way it did in the sixties. It became much more in vogue to hide that you're tripping rather than wearing all the rainbow tie-dye stuff. 'Least that's what I've heard...
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              Ain't had any of that sythectic stuff for like ten years since lawless cottage bust its become well scarce and there ain't much money in it.
              But over here in England head shops sell some nice Mexican mushrooms
              yummie yummie I have a evil love horrible monster in my tummie and its dancing like crazy to shadow of a doubt

              Met a mushroom in a plane
              he jumped right into me
              I swear I didn't mean it
              I swear it wasn't meant to be
              must a been a dream
              from a thousand years ago
              I swear I didn't mean it
              I swear it wasn't meant to be
              from the bottom of my heart
              he was looking all over me
              together everafter
              he said
              "You take me & I'll be you"
              "You kill him & I'll kill her"
              kiss me
              I swear it wasn't meant to be
              I swear I didn't mean it
              kiss me
              kiss me in the shadow of
              kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
              kiss me
              kiss me in the shadow
              kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
              it's just a dream
              it's just a dream i had
              swear it's just a dream
              just a dream
              dream i've had
              take me to it
              take me to her
              maybe it's just a dream
              it's a dream
              it's just a
              just a

              met a stranger on a train
              bumped right into me
              swear i didn't mean it
              swear it wasn't meant to be
              must've been a dream
              from a thousand years ago
              kiss me
              kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
              kiss me

              xap dna evol


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                LSD (or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) was first synthasized in 1948 by Swiss scientist Dr Albert Hoffmann, while working for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. The first use of "acid" in America was in consciousness research conducted by people such as Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, at Harvard, UCLA and Stanford in the late 1950s nd 1960s. In the 1960s, the US government also conducted experiments on mental patients and volunteers in veterans' hospitals. Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, was one of these early "guinea pigs".

                Source: The Hippie Dictionary, edited by John Bassett McCleary [2002, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley]


                "I'm tripping with the Bradys!"
                "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                  I don't really trust chemicals that much ... as we're on the MM site, I can only recommend the natural way through MMs. And since we're quoting:

                  [i]DeForrest Kelly of Arden

                  It's raining cobwebs, stretching hours
                  into refracted gossamer showers.
                  Space invaders struggle onwards
                  Record winding ever downwards.

                  Poolballs melting, moving slowly
                  Join together - snooker holy.
                  All the drinkers talking Slovak
                  Head translating all the small-talk.

                  Lights are pulsing, time is bending
                  Silent faces - message sending.
                  It's raining cobwebs, stretching hours
                  into refracted gossamer showers.


                  \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"


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                    BTW - Hi, Dobbier!
                    \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"


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                      Who/what's lawless cottage?



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                          .....just had to add something to the worst posts ever


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                            Locke421 neck some mannn yeah the stuff rots yer brian and you start to gibber nonsense, although in my case I think it might just be more.
                            only someone else with mushroom fried brians would get stuff like this so
                            Hi Zakt yeah MMs are best, had a look at your bands site looks interesting

                            Lawless cottage was a LSD factory don't really remember much about it except they got busted and the supply dried up.

                            Lots fo Love and Fungal visions


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                              This thread is trivia. Tim Leary. All you need to know.
                              What was his quote? "Tune in, Drop out." ?? I don't remember well. And why not?
                              It has never been in Jeopardy!, has it?
                              There is the possibility of having a permanently altered state of
                              consciousness from a drug "induced" brain lesion. Maybe some you know some people that fall under that category ?? Not to mention other dangers...
                              The Effects of LSD on Chromosomes, Genetic Mutation, Fetal Development and Malignancy



                              While we're considering a certain type of consciouness,
                              let's not forget an incedent that occured in my town...

                              Heaven's Gate.

                              Heaven's Gate mass suicide

                              I wonder what kind of conversation Tim Leary and Marshall Applewhite would have had?
                              Then throw Salvador Dali into the mix!

                              :) --J

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                              Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview