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Krunky's Desktop Images

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  • Krunky's Desktop Images

    The image is 750 pixels, so it will probably fit on most screens with a "centered" setting, if you allow it to stretch it will look funny.

    Today's image is at:

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    Terrific and hard-hitting!
    Tell me, did you create this - or are you just pointing to it?

    Sorry, if I've missed some information on what you do.
    Google ergo sum


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      It has a link to the original at the bottom. It was originally posted on this website in one of the "Q&A: Current Affairs" threads.


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        The Oak and the Ram, just like my current avatar.

        See it here for a very short time:


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          Jeez - not one comment about The Oak and the Ram? Niet...nada...non...

          I admit that I think it's dated somewhat poorly, esp. the man in the middle of the face and the mouth at the forehead. Still, I thought the piece was interesting. But yeah, big 70s feeling to it for sure...


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            That pic is great! I hadn't seen it before. Who is the artist and where can I get a poster or something?


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              The artist is Patrick Woodroffe, who we were talking about earlier in the week in relation to his album cover for Greenslade plus misc. I have no idea if the piece is available as a print, I am pretty sure it was the cover a U.K. edition of the Corum Novel.

              Tomorrow, or thereabouts, his Elric coat of arms - for today...

              This would be Woodroffe's cover for "The English Assassin." See it here:


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                Originally posted by krunky
                This would be Woodroffe's cover for "The English Assassin."
                8O Wow... that's fantastic!
                "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                  I used to be a large fan of PW. He did some really detailed oils ... lots of shiny jewels. Kanga.



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                    Are we tired of McMad Cow and Bukkake and ready for the PW Elric "Coat of Arms" yet?

                    Bump this thread and let me know!


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                      No one loves Krunky...

                      Anyway, here's PW's "Elric of Melnibone." Gonna leave it up over the weekend unless I get bored. See it here:


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                        I love you krunky...

                        Not in a homosexual way,

                        Not that there's anything wrong with that :lol: (obscure Sienfeld reference)

                        The coat of arms looks kool. I was wondering why there's no weapon though. Each name listed has a sword (the EC's weapon). Anyway, not to take anything away from the work - it looks real nice and would make a great desktop. I have saved it on my machine. w00t!
                        When they had advanced together to meet on common
                        ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
                        and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
                        each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
                        mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
                        killing, and the ground ran with blood.

                        Homer, The Illiad


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                          Well, since I am awake at this unholy hour because one of my cats is literally INSANE. Actually, I normally keep the weirdest hours anyway - but I also have a perpetual jones to blame this particular cat for practically anything. She *IS* insane. Tonight she was making the loudest racket by playing with something behind a piece of marble in the foyer.

                          {edit: okay, two hours later it turns out it was the biggest damn mouse I've ever seen. I guess she had it cornered and it just sat there in the intervening hours trying to figure out what to do. I finally noticed it, put some gloves on, and showed it outside. Now, of course, the damn cat won't leave the area. Much kitty, now I'm the asshole - because all she did was the precise thing for which domestic cats were bred in the first place: to catch rodents. ::sigh:: Now my problem is trying to figure out how this giant rodent got in the house. This was no cute little field mouse.}

                          Yesterday I entered my room to find her perched atop my very ornate jewelry box. It looks like this:

                          Now, I ask you - why would some freaky little Manx cat need to climb onto my furniture and onto my jewelry box? When I told her to get down, all I got was kitty backtalk. That resulted in her forced capture (some frantic moments there) and being tossed outside. The routine is so common that we have begun to worry that she does REALLY annoying things just to get tossed outside - as if it were her way of saying "Let me out." Like a good Skinnerian I'd like to now break up my possible responses to this bullshit, but what if she needs to go pee or something? My SO refuses to get a cat flap door for fear of letting strange cats from the neighborhood into the house. We've been having troubles with this one cat that is almost a dead ringer for one of our own animals - except that we refer to this cat as "the clown kitty" or "a.k.a. Mr. Big Balls." That's right, unfixed and on the prowl!


                          I think it's interesting that Woodroffe didn't go the representational route with the sword - I like leaving the appearance of the sword up to the imagination. That's one of the risks in making the movie too - that the movie versions of different ideas, people, things become essentially what people see in their mind's eye when they get around to reading the source material. You don't really even have Elric in this piece except for the eye. The rest just evokes a strangely chaotic medieval feeling. The surreal coat of arms.

                          I hate to be so picky, but Woodroffe messed up the eye - the brow comes near to touching one corner of the eyelid!


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                            A Cure for Cancer

                            See it here:


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                              Who created that, Krunky?