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Equipment\Hit Points\How Many d6 Needed

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  • lemec
    1870 Money}

    (in Lyon County)
    Sixty hours of work per week.

    .................weekly wage
    army scout $14
    bank teller $11
    bartender $9
    blacksmith $19
    boatman $7
    butcher $13
    carpenter $25
    dentist $18
    doctor $39
    gem cutter $32
    gunsmith $50
    laborers $10
    law enforcer $15
    locksmith $17
    miner $14
    piano player $12
    preacher $6
    silver smith $35
    sawbones $60
    scribe/government employee $13
    skinner $11
    soldier $8
    stone carver $45
    stonemason $70
    tanner $12
    teamster $13
    treasurer $14
    vaquero $20
    wagon builder $30

    A glass of beer $.25

    A shot of whiskey $.50

    Brandy $12 per case.

    Cigars $.05 to $ .20 each.

    Cook stove $20

    Gold is $30 per troy ounce.

    Home cooked cheapest meals $5
    a week.

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  • lemec
    Characters may become Multi-Class after achieving the 9th Level.

    Skill Bonus and Skill Rewards are created by the GM, at the discretion of the Game Master.

    Profession Points are created from the Stats and forged from a combination of the Stats by decision of the Game Master.

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  • lemec

    Profession/Player Character Class, Situation/Level/Stats and Equipment are Factors.

    Base Damage

    .22 or .25
    1d6 +3

    .22 Short.

    cap & ball .36-caliber

    cap & ball .44-caliber

    .577 caliber

    .30 caliber/30-30 Rifle.
    (modern cartridge)

    .45 caliber
    (modern cartridge)

    .42 caliber


    .31 caliber

    .52 caliber Sharps.

    .44 Russian

    .44 S&W American

    .38 S&W

    .58 Minié ball.

    .41 Short caliber


    .40 derringer.
    3d6+2 at point blank range.

    French naval pistol.
    .60 caliber


    .54 caliber Flintlock.

    20 Gauge Percussion.
    Scatter Damage.
    Bird Shot

    12 Gauge Percussion.
    Scatter Damage.
    Bird Shot

    Buck Shot
    * * * * *

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  • lemec

    Profession/Player Character Class, Situation/Level/Stats and Equipment are Factors.

    Base Damage

    <these numbers represent a solid hit without armor, protection, the dodge, the parry, the duck, the deflect or combined Level/Stats/Skills>

    Short Sword

    Light Cavalry Sabre

    If hit properly.


    Throwing Knife

    Bowie Knife

    Arkansas Toothpick

    Skinning Knife
    2 points of damage.

    Fishing Knife
    1 point of damage.

    Pocket Knife
    1 point of damage.

    Trade Knife
    1 point of damage.

    Long Axe
    7 points of damage.

    Trade Axe
    4 points of damage.

    3 points of damage.

    1 point of damage.

    2 points of damage.

    (small, woodworking)
    1 point of damage.

    2 points of fire damage.

    Oil Lamp
    Roll 3d6, need 10 or higher to hit properly.
    3 points of glass and
    fire damage, if target is unprotected.

    Grappling Hook
    1 on 1d6 to hit properly.
    2 points if target is unprotected.
    * * * * *

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  • lemec
    Normal To Hit}

    To Hit}
    Depends on what you are attempted to hit.

    Profession/Player Character Class and
    Situation/Level/Stats are all factors.

    Plus weather and wind conditions.

    Keep your powder dry!

    Plus- what your target is, what you are hitting with and the equipment that is used are all factors.

    6d6 Need to roll-

    (6 'Ones' = Total Miss!, with a possible wound to a Player Character or NPC)
    (also with a possible break to equipment)

    6 'Sixes' = Certain Direct Hit!

    Addition of rolling 7 (2,1,1,1,1,1) to all other number combinations = Varied Result! (based on GM calculations)

    Higher Total Number the better Hit Factor Probability.

    You may perform one action per turn, possibly more depending on Profession/Player Character Class, Situation/Level/Stats and equipment.

    Character Thinking is a Factor.

    Character Timing is a Factor.
    * * * * *

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  • lemec
    Hit Points}


    Plus Profession/Player Character Class
    which is an extra 1d6 to 5d6, to Special 12d6, depending on Class.

    Plus 1d6 to 5d6 every Five Levels.

    Plus Game Awards
    1d6 to 5d6

    A Called Shot}
    Need to roll-
    4d6 and roll 4 'Fives' to Hit

    A Called Wing Shot}
    Need to roll-
    4d6 and roll 3 'Fives' to Hit

    Situation/Level/Stats can sometimes give you a free 'Five' with your roll.
    * * * * *

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  • lemec
    Additional Equipment}

    Colt Army Model 1860 Revolver $50
    (with detatchable stock)

    French Naval Pistol $5
    (bargain basemet)
    (percussion, single shot)

    Philadelphia Deringer $10
    (pocket pistol, percussion, single shot)

    Remington derringer 1866 $25
    (.41 Short caliber, often used at the card table)

    'General Arms' derringer $15 (generic)
    (.22 caliber)

    Lefaucheux Revolver $125
    (7.65mm cartridges firing from a double-barrel)

    Long Axe $10

    French Trade Axe $5

    Pitchfork $5

    Hook (work) $2

    Shovel $2

    Shovel (flat) $2

    Hammer (small, woodworking) $1

    Rope 50' $1

    Grappling Hook $10

    Oil Lamp $10

    Pre-made Torch $1

    Flint/Steel Kit $1

    Matches (box) $4

    Rain Coat (long) $15

    1 Blanket $3

    Suspenders $3

    Belt $3

    Stetson $5

    Boots $10

    Cowboy Style Boots $15

    Fancy Cowboy Style Boots $25

    Gunbelt with Holster $25

    Bandolier (single) $10

    Bandolier (double X) $15

    City Hat $3

    Wide Brim Hat $4

    Powder Flask (empty) $4

    Powder Horn (empty) $1

    Ammunition Pouch (empty) $3

    Ammunition Box (empty) $4


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  • lemec
    Part 2-

    (clothing and bags, pouches and backpacks you can have in your personal history and Equipment List, within reason of cost and availability, just make a list of what you have on your character or in your dwelling)


    Colt Army Model 1860 $30
    (revolver is a six-shot, single-action percussion weapon)
    (cap & ball .44-caliber)

    Colt Model 1861 Navy $30
    (revolver is a six-shot, single-action percussion weapon)
    (cap & ball .36-caliber)

    Extra Cylinder for .36-caliber Revolver $10
    Extra Cylinder for .44-caliber Revolver $15

    Colt Revolving Rifle $50

    Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket $35
    (.577 caliber)

    Henry Repeating Rifle $50
    (lever-action, breech-loading 16 round tube magazine)
    (.45 caliber or .30 caliber)

    LeMat Revolver $20
    (a .42 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver)

    M1870 Gasser $100
    (a revolver chambered for 11.2x29.5mm and was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian Cavalry in 1870)

    Remington-Beals Model Revolver 1862 $30
    (paper cartridge with conical bullet)
    (Caliber .31, .36, and .44 percussion)
    (Single and Double action prototype)

    Sharps Rifle 1848 $75
    (.52-caliber 475-grain projectile with 50-grain cartridge)
    (Effective firing range 500 yards)
    (8–10 shots per minute, single round, load one at a time)

    Smith & Wesson 1857 Model 1 $15
    (Caliber .22 Short, Black powder, 7-round cylinder)
    (Single Action)

    Smith & Wesson Model 3 $55
    (a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced by Smith & Wesson from circa 1870)
    (.44 Russian, .44 S&W American. .38 S&W)

    Springfield Model 1861 Rifle $40
    (Muzzle-loaded .58 Minié ball)

    Springfield Model 1868 Rifle $70
    (breech loading rifle)
    (Cartridge .50-70 450)

    Colt Walker $30
    (Caliber .44 ball, revolver)

    20 Guage Percussion Shotgun $45
    (28 inch double barrels)

    12 GA Percussion Shotgun $65
    (30 inch double barrels)

    Hawken Rifle $75
    (.54 caliber Flintlock)
    (400 yards)

    US Model 1832 Foot Artillery Short Sword $25

    Model 1860 Light Cavalry Sabre $60

    Gurkha Khukuri $20

    Scottish Dirk $20

    Throwing Knife $15

    Bowie Knife $10

    Arkansas Toothpick $10

    Skinning Knife $5

    Fishing Knife $5

    Folding Pocket Knife $2

    Trade Knife $1

    1 Riding Horse with saddle and tack $200.00
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  • lemec
    started a topic Equipment\Hit Points\How Many d6 Needed

    Equipment\Hit Points\How Many d6 Needed


    Part 1-

    You each have managed to accumulate 500 dollars in Confederate Money, you use it to start camp fires and stoves. (The North still won the war, even though it came at a higher cost. All Confederate paper currency is worthless)

    US dollars will be generated by a base
    of 50 dollars + your pay +
    Skill bonus, LUK, GLE, INT, and sometimes STR, for all characters.

    Once in a while a determined character can use WLP.

    WLP is also good for revenge seekers, megalomaniacs, crime bosses, fanatics, cult leaders, peace makers, diplomats, justice makers, rail barons, entrepreneurs, the insane, maritally ambitious, composers, aristocrats, despots, fascists, masterminds, claim jumpers, claim hunters and mad scientists)

    CHA for dance girls, performers, preachers, medicine shaman, snake oil sellers and charlatans.

    DEX plus
    'LUK, GLE, INT bonus' for card sharps and card cheats.

    WIS for business people and politicians.

    AGL for acrobats and tumblers.

    CON and 'STR bonus' for bounty hunters and law officers.

    CFT for advantage takers, seer gypsies, fortune tellers, magicians, three-card-pick dealers and those who cheat destiny by reading a person.

    'GLE bonus' for gangsters, highwaymen and to those in beggar/thief guilds.

    CHA, CFT and GLE combo for gigolos.

    bonus' and 'STR bonus' plus WIS for miners, bridge engineers, railworkers, farmers and builders. (brick, stone, log, other wood)

    STR, CON, DEX, AGL, INT, WIS and LUK combo for soldiers and scouts.

    DEX, AGL, GLE and INT combo for pickpockets, safecrackers and locksmiths.

    DEX, AGL and WIS combo for hunters.

    WIS for fisherman.

    CON, DEX, AGL and WIS combo for animal/human trackers.

    STR, CON, GLE and LUK combo for trail blazers and thrill seekers.

    You each have a $20 Double Eagle gold piece.

    You each have $5 in pennys, nickels and two-bit coins.

    Gamblers and Shills have one $1 'Lucky' silver coin.

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