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Story Parlour (thread where the game is played)

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  • Story Parlour (thread where the game is played)

    Story Parlour (thread where the game is played)


    Cowboys & Goblins

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    Wild Times & Rune Portals:
    The Good, the Bad and the Kobold

    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock

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    The Good, the Bad and the Kobold

    You, the player characters, are all outside and walking the boardwalk that is connected to Martin's Saloon.

    (some of you know each other, some are strangers)

    November 1st, 1870

    It is a relatively quiet night in the town of Carrollsberg.

    Men and women stroll along the boardwalks, dine and drink at the various eateries and local hot spots. Piano music is being played in the saloon and different kinds of music is performed in the other establishments.

    The populace are having a good time and some travellers are having some very wild times while tourists try their luck and skill at gambling with the residents.

    Without any type of warning whatsoever, there is a tremendous sound splitting the cold air as The Northern Star's front office explodes in a fiery red and yellow ball of flame!

    Smoke is pouring out onto the main boulevard.

    Debris and broken glass has flown in all directions.

    Gunshots ring out as the newspaper building begins to become engulfed in a large fire.

    People on both sides of the street start to panic as patrons of the steak house and New Town Restaurant run outdoors to investigate the noise. The townsfolk are screaming and the fire brigade's bell is ringing.

    Everyone has cringed near walls, or they have ducked down low to avoid being hit by bullets or shrapnel. they stare, wild-eyed, into the flames.

    A series of multiple gunfire attacks are heard next, then some additional shouting.

    Boom! Another loud explosion rocks the nearby structures. This time the damage has been delt to the rear entrance of the bank. The northwest corner of the bank has erupted in flames. The fire has burst forth onto the roof and is spreading fast on the timbers.

    The sound of galloping horses is coming from the north and also from the east.

    Eight riders emerge from the thick smoke near The Northern Star. They are heading west up the main avenue. They ride large white stallions. The men wear long beige coats with brown cowboy hats. A hint of black and dark blue clothing can be seen beneath the outer garments. Although the men are wearing red neckerchiefs for masks, their faces can be seen, but their features are covered in heavy red and white war paint. Each of them have gun-belts strapped to their waist and two of them have double holsters. If they were off their mounts, it would be estimated that these are big, muscular tall men, that stand at about six-foot-five in full height.

    One hand on the reins, one hand holding a revolver and shooting into the air.

    As they continue on their way, they slow the beasts down to a canter and turn their heads left to right to survey the crowd.

    In the alley beside the shop called The Jewels of Solange, a two-wheeled cart being pulled by two brown mares is being positioned to cross the northern boardwalk.

    Two teamsters ride the bench and there is one man sitting in the back, on top of rectangular wooden crates. This man is holding a long shotgun and facing the track that they have come from. These men, possible bandits, are dressed in similar attire as the eight riders who seem to be a pack of desperadoes that have come to bring chaos and theft to a peaceful region of the country.


    The game will be available for posting soon. This thread is only temporarily closed until all players are ready to play, then the game will begin when I re-open this thread.

    I need to customize some things when the character charts have been completed. And when I know who all wants to write up a role-playing character and take part of the gaming adventure, everything should fall into place nicely. We will be able to post back and forth, and if needed during game play, I will be allowed to edit into your 'game-only' posts to give you quicker answers and results, mostly though, I will just keep posting replies to your reply posts. We may have a solid day to actually play the game, or we might simply post when we happened to be logged in to read the forum. We might do both, but I can not reply in full to propel the main game story plot until every player has each had a chance to take character actions and post everything that they need to post, (talking, actions, planning etc.) inside the game.

    Each player will have their turn during the round to do something fun.

    Thank you,

    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock