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Player Character Chart for 'Wild Times & Rune Portals'

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  • lemec
    Basic Stats to Skill

    Basic Stats to Skill

    PC Stat Sheet}

    STR (Strength)
    16 +1 to weapon skill/ +2 melee/spear or compound bow damage.
    17 +2/+3/+1 wrestling.
    18 +3/ +5/+2/+1 to break normal wooden door.

    DEX (Dexterity)
    15 +1 to finger/hand skills. +1 set/disarm bear trap/other trap.
    16 +2/+2/+1 cutting material.+1
    melee/firearm skill/+1 damage.
    17 +3/+3/+2/+2/+2/+3 pick lock/+3 Back/Flank Attack.
    18 +4/+4/+3/
    +3/+3/+5 pick lock/+5 Back/Flank Attack.

    CON (Constitution)
    15 +5 Hit Points/+5 Healing Points.
    16 +10/+20 /+ 3 of Resistance to Cold/Heat.
    17 +15/+25/ +4 / +5 Fight Fever + 2 Fight Poison.
    18 +20/+30/ +5 / +10/ +3
    Fight Poison.

    INT (Intelligence)
    15 +1Learning/+1Problem Solve/+1Creativity/55% Memory.
    16 +2
    /+2/+2/65% +1 Raw Imagination.
    17 +3/
    +3/+3/75% +2 Raw Imagination.
    18 +4/+4/+4/85% +3 Raw Imagination.

    WIS (Wisdom)
    15 +1 Character Class Skill Knowledge/+1World Knowledge.
    16 +2/+2
    17 +3/+3 +1 Outside
    Skill Knowledge.
    +4/+4/+2/+1 Rare Knowledge.

    CHA (Charisma)
    15 +1 to buy item/+2 to sell item.
    16 +2/+3/+1 to be charming.
    17 +3/+4/+2/+1 follower/admirer.
    18 +4/+5/+3/+2/+3 at talking in/out of something.

    AGL (Agility) List 1-
    15 +2 to Dodge/+3 to Parry/+4 to Jump/+4 to Light Fall.
    16 +3/+4/+5/+6/+1 to Acrobatics.
    17 +4/+5/+6/+7/+2/+1 for Incredible Feat.
    18 +5/+6/+7/+8/+3/+2

    AGL (Agility) List 2-
    15 +1 to Shadow Walk/+2 Night Action/+4 Wall Climb/+5 to Hide.
    16 +2/+3/+5/+6
    17 +3/+4/+6/+7/Attack Roll +4/+ 7 Two-Leg Drop Kick.
    18 +4/+5/+7/+8/+5/+8

    GLE (Guile)
    15 +1 Sneak/+2 Underhanded Schemes/+3 Deceit-Lie-Bluff Success.
    16 +2/+3/+4/
    +2 Concentrate/+5 Clever Fist Fighter.
    +3/+4/+5/+3/+10/+1 Creating Stratagem,Sly-Trick on a Group.
    18 +4/+5/+6/+4/+15/+2/+$5.00 Extra from Every Won Poker Pot.

    CFT (Craft) *Magic, ESP Rating, Supernatural. List 1-
    15 +1 Oracle-Insight/+2 to Hypnotize/+3 Con Game/+4 Shady Card.
    16 +2/+3/+4/+5/+1 to on Stage Magic Acts.
    17 +3/+4/+5/+6/+2

    CFT (Craft) List 2-
    12 Hidden by Game Master.
    Hidden by Game Master.
    Hidden by Game Master.
    Hidden by Game Master.
    Hidden by Game Master.
    17 Hidden by Game Master.
    18 Hidden by Game Master.

    LUK (Luck)
    15 + 1 Find Valuable, Love/+ 3 Job/+5 Win Gambling/+7 Save a Life.
    16 +2/+4/+6/+8/+5 Find Important Element-Key/+1
    Find Talisman.
    17 +3/+5/+7/+9/+6/+2/50% get a low artifact.

    18 +5/+7/+20/+20/+7/+3/75%la/+1 Discover Totem.

    WLP (Will Power)
    15 Roll 25 on 5d6 to Will Something Minor to Happen.
    Roll 20 on 5d6. +1 for Gain Achievement.
    Roll 15 on 5d6. +2 for Gain Achievement.
    Roll 10 on 5d6. +3 for Gain Achievement.

    Special/Other- GM Choice.

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  • lemec
    Advanced Stats to Skill

    Advanced Stats to Skill Translation of Which Stats Help the Character and Which Stats Can Become a Bonus to Character Class}

    WLP is good for revenge seekers, megalomaniacs, crime bosses, fanatics, cult leaders, peace makers, diplomats, justice makers, rail barons, entrepreneurs, the insane, maritally ambitious, composers, aristocrats, despots, fascists, masterminds,
    claim jumpers, claim hunters and mad scientists

    CHA for dance girls, performers, preachers, medicine shaman, snake oil sellers and charlatans.

    DEX plus
    'LUK, GLE, INT bonus' for card sharps and card cheats.

    WIS for business people and politicians.

    AGL for acrobats and tumblers.

    CON and 'STR bonus' for bounty hunters and law officers.

    CFT for advantage takers/confidence tricksters, seer (past, present,
    future, spirits, ghosts, artifacts) gypsies, fortune (future, lucky numbers) tellers, magicians, three-card-pick/shell game dealers, hypnotists, and those who cheat destiny by reading a person.

    'GLE bonus' for gangsters, highwaymen and to those in beggar/thief guilds.

    CHA, CFT and GLE combo for gigolos.

    bonus' and 'STR bonus' plus WIS for miners, bridge engineers, railworkers, herders, ranchers, farmers and builders. (brick, stone, log, other wood)

    STR, CON, DEX, AGL, INT, WIS and LUK combo for soldiers and scouts.

    DEX, AGL, GLE and INT combo for pickpockets, safecrackers and locksmiths.

    DEX, AGL and WIS combo for hunters.

    WIS and DEX for fisherman.

    CON, DEX, AGL and WIS combo for animal/human trackers.

    STR, CON, GLE and LUK combo for trail blazers and thrill seekers.

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  • lemec
    started a topic Player Character Chart for 'Wild Times & Rune Portals'

    Player Character Chart for 'Wild Times & Rune Portals'

    Just in case we do have enough players to play, this is the Player Character chart.

    PC Sheet}

    STR (Strength)
    DEX (Dexterity)
    CON (Constitution)
    INT (Intelligence)
    WIS (Wisdom)
    CHA (Charisma)
    AGL (Agilty)
    GLE (Guile)
    CFT (Craft) *Magic, ESP
    Rating, Supernatural.
    LUK (Luck)
    WLP (Will Power)

    (Will Power is a combined Skill-GM will consider various stats involved-that will
    also add to the money generated. LUK and GLE may help certain character classes add to their treasury, as well as perform many other actions.)

    Character History-
    18 Max. points in each one.

    Player Characters can use 154 points to fill in the stats.

    Player Characters can adjust points or place 14 in each.

    STR 14
    DEX 14
    CON 14
    INT 14
    WIS 14
    CHA 14
    AGL 14
    GLE 14
    CFT 14
    LUK 14
    WLP 14