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Tea with two English Gentlemen

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  • Tea with two English Gentlemen

    TEA WITH TWO ENGLISH GENTLEMEN,(a conversation),and THE MADNESS OF THE CROWDS>Featuring the Meaning of Qouz."As I was saying Eggbert"."Lord Eggbert the third" interjected Eggbert comfortably, "Yes..well sir the popular follies of great cities is immutable and of no concern." Speaking thus he fell silent and seemingly deep in thought. "Quoz" said Eggbert the third sipping his tea having spoken volumes. Then of a sudden Lord Cambury the third,(the other gentleman conversing with"Lionheart" Lord Eggbert the third),pointing with his previously projected pointed teacup pinky extended and pointing even further indicating a older woman with a hat exclaimed "what a shocking bad hat" rather calmly. "Hooky walker" said Eggbert in reply with equal restraint. There he goes with his eye out!"said Cabury with a polite wink and pointing his pinky. "No really" said Eggbert having to turn and look his eyebrows slightly raised in interest. "Has her mother sold her mangle?" inquired Cadbury with Interest. "Well I say just flare up!" said Eggbert angrily half rising in menace as if the mention of her mothers mangle in question was taboo. "Does your mother know your out?" said Cadbury curtly with a note of pity in his voice causing Eggbert to freeze in his angry verbal advance and half out of the chair he then smiled in astonishment and simultaneously exclaim "Well who are you?". ""Cherry ripe" said Eggbert with much self regard tucking his thumbs into his vest and and fanning his fingers outwardly with a very large,corpulent,overly friendly and greasy smile. Lord Eggbert pointed his thumb upon the tip of his nose, twirled his fingers in the air saying "Tom and Jerry". Abruptly just then both stopped speaking and taking courtesy sips (pinkies aloft) with a comfortable pause remained silent until Lord Eggbert turned and pointed "The Sea the Sea!" with great deep meaning and a wistful look whereupon Cadbury sang softly, sadly. thus: "Turn about and wheel about and do just so-Turn about and wheel about and jump Jim Crow!" rising he punctuated it all with a matching time Hop Hop mad happy dance with a whimsical air to which Lord Eggbert kneading his brow and with a haughty look expressed "The million with fierce song and maniacal dance did rage around" . To which with no hesitation other than draining the last shard of tea in his cup Cadbury followed up with "Such is the whimsies of the mass-the harmless follies by which they unconsciously endeavor to lighten the load of care which presses upon their existence. The wise man, even though he will smile at them ,will not altogether withold his sympathy and say "Let them enjoy their slang phrases and their choruses if they will, and if they cannot be happy at least let them be merry and to make at least a polite effort to appear happy and content and make a "Good Show" of it. After this was said both men rose , threw their teacups into the fire a volume of sparks and made it roar,then arisen they spun about three times throwing pinches of salt. Then both men removed their bibs and lap napkins and pushing thier seats together at the same time under the table each with a slight but curt and polished heel clicking bow moved off in jolly good opposite directions. "Quoz" no tea remained until next tea time, the next day. "Cherry Ripe" The End
    "? ",qouz"! ' c. mackay from extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of the crowds.