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  • Comments Thread For All Entries

    This is where comments go for all entries. Please do not comment in individual story threads.

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    I am sorry to ask and must appear Ignorant once again-where do I actually click to get a page to type my story?
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      It's easy once you know how wiredwullff
      Just click the "new thread" button when viewing the Enclave Story Challenge (2015) forum.


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        What Rothgo said. I usually write my stories in Word, then cut and paste them into the thread.


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          I'm done. I have already completed the sequel to this story, but will wait until October to post so the challenge will not be affected.
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            Grats Good work indeed!


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              Okay, it's finished. Done. bit of a marathon putting the final words down. I'm not sure that I like myself ... or my character, or the situation he winds up in. If I'd filled it out a bit more ... Dr Rosemary Luxemburg doesn't show half her ruthlessness in the only conversation I've given of hers. And Dr Lewis Robert Stephenson comes across as a bit of a wally ...
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                But you finished, and that's great. Congrats.