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The 2014 Enclave Challenge Rules

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    The 2014 Enclave Challenge Rules

    The 2014 Enclave Challenge Rules

    1. Challenge Start Date = 1st July 2014 ; A special forum has been created for posting entries. (On same basis as previous years-i.e. no posting in other people's threads.)

    2. Challenge End Date = End of 30 Sept. 2014 (Your local Time)

    3. The theme this year is once again Chaos, which mean you can write on any subject and in any genre.

    4. Entries may be prose, verse, or pictorial; pictorial entries can be presented as thumbnail attachments with posts or uploaded to the Image Hive and then 'hot-linked'. (Please notify the Image Hive managers if uploading images to the Limbo gallery so a album can be created for you).
    Alternatively you may host images on a 3rd-party servers, i.e. Flickr, Photobucket, etc. but any bandwidth restrictions are at your own risk.

    5. Length of entries:
    - 1. Prose = 10,000 words
    - 2. Verse = 'start at the beginning and keep going until you reach the end, then stop'
    - 3. Pictorial = max. 24 pages (assume standard 'US comicbook' format)

    6. Frequency of entries: you may post weekly or fortnightly or as and when you have something to post. Alternatively you may wait until final week/day/hour to post your complete entry.

    7. You may enter one story into the Challenge at any time prior to the Challenge End Date. Prior notice of participation is not required but is appreciated. You may delete and re-start and/or edit/revise your entry at any time prior to the Challenge End Date. No changes or revisions will be permitted after the Challenge End Date (your local time).

    8. There is no guarantee of any prizes for entering the Challenge; after the End Date a poll may (or may not) be posted to allow people to choose their favourite; the organisers may (or may not) investigate the possibility of collecting all entries in a POD or e-book. Nothing is guaranteed.
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