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The Home Stretch

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  • The Home Stretch

    Well we're almost out of time, and it doesn't look like I'm going to get a story in this year. Got caught at the last minute doing edits on my second novel. I'll have some news about that soon.

    Anyway, thanks to WhiteWolf359 and Kirowan for taking up the challenge. This year I'll get things up and running on time. Promise.

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    I have about a page or two of the dullest story you ever saw done. We'll see if I can squeeze in some more tomorrow: giving swords a body-swerve is a nightmare!


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      Go Rothgo, Go!


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        2700 words in, one day to go, and nothing has happened yet!
        Well it will all be over tomorrow regardless!


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          Oh No! Lord Dandruff flakes out!...

          Sorry everyone, the ideas started flowing too late, and an untimely upper-respiratory virus administered the coup de grâce.

          Congrats to everyone who contributed something they were happy with, and appropriate condolences to those not so satisfied. (I see I'm not alone. I can't say that makes me feel any better, but I'm certainly in better company.)


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            Not to worry, Dandruff. Stuff happens.

            And grats to Rothgo and J-Sun for getting stories in at the last minute!


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              Sorry I didn't get mine completed by the deadline.

              I'm 700 words in to chapter seven, and will finish the tale off after the deadline if that's allowable.


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                That will be fine, Kirowan. The Challenge is closed to new entires but you can finish up. No worries.


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                  Thanks Thongor.

                  Will post the seventh chapter soon after a bit of editing.