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    Forum clean-up job done Jason.

    Alas the job of writing my own entry is also following the pulling teeth route: I'll post whatever I've got come later on tonight regardless.


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      Hey I'm glad you and Rothgo came through at the end, J-Sun. I'll have to give both your stories a read this weekend. Anyone who finishes is a winner in my book. The writing gig ain't easy.


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        Great to see an entry in from Rothgo and J Sun.

        Like Thongor says, writing ain't easy. My own attempts at same have given me a renewed appreciation of the feats of writers like Mr Moorcock and Robert E Howard, who could routinely hit 10k + words a day at certain times in their careers.

        I guess it helps to write a lot and have a routine set up, but life often has other plans.

        I hope WhiteWolf359 is ok. He hasn't posted for over a month


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          I'm fine, Kirowan.

          Thank you for the concern.

 the challenge over? My story got the most views. Does that mean I won? If so, what's my prize? Hopefully, a steak and ale pie! Got a hunger for one (not easy to find in USA).

          Must dash. I am working on a sequel to this story, which I will post shortly.

          WhiteWolf359, Worrier At The Edge of Time
          Lord Warshaw the Unknown

          "Except in dreams, you're never really free." Warren Zevon, Desperados Under the Eaves.


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            Welcome back WW.

            AS far as the challenge is concerned I reckon we all 'won' who managed to get anything written. And echo what Thongor said that anyone who finishes is a winner as well. Finishing stuff helps to build a better internal sense of the shape and movement of stories, which is solid groundwork for any future attempt.

            I'm 800 words into my next chapter, and will be finishing my tale, which is plotted to its conclusion, but at approx 10k words and 9 chapters instead of the original 8 I had planned. But it's too far after the deadline for me to say I'm in the running.

            But in the sense of the original parameters of the challenge it probably has to be between J Sun and WW.


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              Spoke too soon. Recovering from a horrid cold I picked up last week that forced me to take three days off work. Now my fiance has it. Other than that and being diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in December, I'm fine, though. Taking meds to relieve both and have made major diet changes. No more junk, lots more fruit and veggies. I still hate salads, though. I'm more of a soup guy, I guess.

              As for the contest, I agree that anyone who managed to get a story done or even submitted is a winner.

              I can go to The White Horse Pub in Sarasota for a decent Steak and Ale pie. They have nice sausage rolls, too, and I can have an occasional (very) pint of Belhaven (yes, I know that's Scottish, not English ale, but I like the rich taste).

              Must dash. Stories to write, snow leopards to save.

              Flora, get off the Herman Miller furniture!
              Lord Warshaw the Unknown

              "Except in dreams, you're never really free." Warren Zevon, Desperados Under the Eaves.


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                Glad you're doing okay, Wolf. I have high blood pressure too. Take your meds and all should be cool.

                The challenge went a little wonky last year, so again, grats to all who finished. I'll see that things are started at the proper time this year. Traditionally that is the 1st of July, with the closing date being September 30th. That said, it's already approaching the end of April, so I'll open the floor for suggestions for this year's theme. I'll start a new thread so we can discuss it.