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To Love Between Two Worlds I

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  • To Love Between Two Worlds I

    To Love Between Two Worlds I

    Krell felt claustrophobic as he slipped into the shadow, slating its appetite, then felt very much dead.

    Nestled in the confines of the ships hold, slept a sorceress of beauty and distress, her cascading raven black locks cast a shadow across the candle lit wooden hearth like many tentacles from the deep ocean of eternity. A sound woke the damsel as she stirred and felt her bosoms bare, the wisping winds whispering a sweet melody of night to her cooled contour. Her privates began to embarrass and hastily the damsel searched for an escape from her naked form. A slight of her footing brought a dress into her reach, a beautiful silk garment of similar blackness, the damsel ran her fingers across the fabric as soft hair fell across slim shoulders, the design was glove like as she slipped into the perfection of the curiously provided clothes.


    Exclamation less than barbaric as her hoarse voice sickened cries of duress, attempting to clear her throat, the damsel reminded herself of these alien surroundings, deciding on the latter choice of digression as she made her way across the bowels of the boat. For it rocked omnisciently under her, all felt silent as the dead, reaching the wooden staircase, rickety and unfamiliar feeling to bare feet. The nights atmosphere danced in the sky, the damsels gaze enthralled by the grooving lights high above, playing and seemingly random in their display of magnificence, like what god would look like, she thought.

    Startled, the damsels heart skipped inside her chest and onto the ground as a voice boomed from the pretty lights, demoniacally sweet,

    "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha," now solely sweet like splendid wind chimes, "Flatter me some more, mortal, I rather enjoy your prayers of affection,"


    The damsel, horrified by the omnipresence turned to run and a cloud of smoldering ash materialized before her eyes, for a moment smelling the briefest of rose scent, then it was gone, replaced by nothing, like the still night, the presence surrounding her, she replied in kind cautious tones,

    "I do not remember anything-who am I, what I'm doing here, what are you!" desperation paramount, she felt waiting for answers seemed folly as she grew more afraid, an instinctual survival talent reared its head and the damsel jumped overboard, welcoming the frigid waters below. The ocean was solid as she hit the water, the waters impishly looked choppy as she glanced over the ship moments before, her bruised bottom told a different tale of realization, the entire surrounding waves stood frozen like inanimate objects in a painting.

    The voice answered again, "Yes, Mortal, now you understand all is not what seems to be normal..."

    Astonished and too flabbergasted to speak, the damsel stared up at the ship's edge, half expecting to be submerged in the still glass like water. The figure above returned thoughtful intelligent recognition, he stood a handsome young cook, absurd in his tall white hat and ridiculous looking mustache goatee, egg white strapped coat, he wisped into a cloud of smoke and was as soon at her side, offering a well mannered hand for her inventive efforts of escaping the scene.

    "Sh-Sh-Shush my dear," Predicting her question as the damsel made to ask, lips parting slightly, the chef placed a finger over her lips and smiled a way which made her heart melt, something about the man made her evermore cautious as he continued,

    "You have arrived I am afraid, quite by accident to my home," his accent so thick and foreign she had trouble understanding him, but it was as if he spoke into her mind directly, he felt familiar even.

    "I welcome you to my humble realm of properness and order,"

    "Where are we," She repeated, "What is this place?"

    "Why my dear, you are in the most awesome of gods' palace, my home, this is the realm of Order you see, where no mortal has gone, in-well-ever."

    "But how did I get here," The damsel decided he was an insane mage, despite his theatrics and felt she needed more convincing.

    Predicting again the chef snapped his fingers and kissed his hand simultaneously, suddenly, the damsel was blinded, slowly at first and gradually altogether, blindfold covering her eyes with the comfortably laced fabric, dress gown and fine white gloves manifesting, her raven locks shadowed beautifully rosed countenance. She dared a peak from under the sash over her eyes, out to the glorious radiance of day, from anywhere her sight could see glimmering water rising and falling over again in stunning tropical vistas as far as her squinted gaze could see. Island paradise, her thoughts conjured.

    They still sat on the ship, she realized, the world seemed to birth anew after being held still, her hands caressed the side iron railing, she was convinced of his omnipotence, at least over her whits.

    "You are magical," The damsel complimented.

    "Too kind, Madame. ma belle dame mortelle, wont you join me for supper," A table appeared suddenly before them and she thought to fish for answers before her mortality and beauty was taken from this magician, he emanated an aura of trust which was hard to shake as she looked upon him.

    She sat as the Chef morphed into a handsomely clad nobleman, pushing her chair in respectively.

    Motioning with his hand to the succulent roast and delicate desserts before them, she had the impression he wanted nothing but to feast with another, maybe he wanted for her to say or do some action to complete this fantasy of his.

    "s'il vous plaît, manger un peu de cette délicieuse nourriture" He motioned to the finely crafted desserts, raspberry crapes, whipped cream topping, she looked about and wondered what succulent treat was missing, if any.

    She tasted the treat with her hand, instinctively picking it up and shoving it into her mouth, unwise to his game, why had she eaten?

    "So what is it you want of me, who am I even?" with a full mouth.

    "Ah answers, well where to begin, tout semble si soudaine, I was sitting here as you see me, sailing in my sturdy ship, waiting for eternity to end when all of a sudden, out of nowhere in particular you fell from the sky and into the freezing ocean, I dove in and saved you, placing your clothes out before you,"

    Her eyes and nostrils flared momentarily before he comforted her suspicions,

    "Je suis un gentleman, you came as you are, of course you where thrashing and yelling about like some raving lunatic, but I calmed your mind with my talents and here you are, enjoying a fine dessert with a fabulous person who wants nothing more than good company, bonne compagnie est difficile à trouver."

    Her eyes filled with fierce fire of confusion, like a lost child in a mysterious maze, unable to escape and not quite wanting to.

    "I can see from your biding rage that this is not enough for you, well fine I will recite how you came to be in my realm, you are not a conjuration of my own imagination or a puppet of my will. You stood, fighting many barbaric men, ten of them to be exact and they drove you to the cliffs of a great forest. In the realm of balance and neutrality, where we all have agreed is best not to meddle, affairs of mortals unravel, -well you chose to jump from the cliff face instead of take their wrath, and I cried pity on you and transported you here, for as you hit the waters, would I not have saved you, you most assuredly would have died, the watery domain is my arms, ears and body, I am apart of it as you had once been apart of the earth."

    These facts rolled over the damsels mind like a storm trapping a seafarer on the vast expanse of space, grasping at not one single life raft to save her sanity and understanding, she shoved more cake into her mouth unwilling yet compelled.

    A skeleton appeared by the damsels side, petrified cake in hand, a sick grin plastered across this woman's decaying body, startling the damsel, a quick warning which vanished in a snap of the nobleman's finger. She forgot with a second snap.

    "Eat more, stay a while..." The flamboyant happiness gone from the noblemans tone, and her apatite as well, she was still compelled to consume more and more.

    Unexpectedly, a flying pig flew by the black ship and it smiled, winking at the two as it seemingly glided along its way, no apparent thing on its pig mind. Unabashed insult and embarrassment crossed the noblemans face as he stood and with a mouth agape banished the thing from his realm as it made a swift pass at them and knocked the damsel over, temporarily interrupting whatever tendril of control bound her will. As the nobleman made to help her up, an item lay in her palm, she was unable to take his outstretched hand with her back to him, holding the dear present.

    The emerald blade shimmered before her and an avalanche of revelation opened doors of enlightenment inside her mind.

    "Pay no attention to such briefest of interruptions my fare lady, please take my hand and I will show you more spoils of my realm, all beauty and no suffering, just proper isn't it..."

    A memory flickered in her head and the nobleman magician seemed to recognize her sweeping ride back to reality, a thought flashed across her mind as she held his hand with one of her own, the other occupied.

    A daydream unfolded before her,

    "Layla," a voice beckoned, hearty and manly as could be, his brash voice identical to the noblemans and he looked into her eyes, approaching with love, Layla recognized such longing at once in this crazy recreation, and soon the scene faded to black and was replaced with a noble group running for their lives, a force of unstoppable presence in toe. Krell, her princely love and dashing fiancée stopped, his mighty sword of hope thrust over his head like the end all be all testament to evil.

    The obsidian cloud of darkness recoiled as if stung by the sword of hope, which sung a song of wind chimes as Krell the fiancée struck at it repeatedly, unfortunately lost in its noncorporeal nothingness he dropped the weapon, unable to feel his limbs. He rose into the air and twisted between a grotesque tentacle, called out to his love and his life with an outstretched hand. One word crossed his lips and Layla knew thus to be a declaration of his undeviating love for her, the sword, green as the ferns of their glorious forest kingdom, the sorceress remembered this thing, this demi-god burned it asunder.

    The Sword landed with purpose at her feet just as the evil force pushed her over the edge, into the waters below, but she never recalled hitting the ocean bed.

    "Stop this now, you have nothing to live for out there, those men tried to kill you, rape you and use your skin as comfort, do not beleive their lies and deceit," the noblemans face grew more malicious and construed with every word, knowing even as he said them, this mortal broke free, out of his trickster fantasy.

    "You are the Illusion! Demi-Wizard, in this realm of disorder, you killed my father, you killed by brothers, you slew my love, my life!" Tears fell from her face as she whirled around with all her conjured haste.

    "And I am Sorceress Layla of Order, face my judgment and taste my wrath."

    The swift movement earned Layla a piercing blow as streams of unrecognizable shapes spewed forth from the noblemans mouth, half his head cleaved from her impeccable aim, Layla jerked the Sword of Hope further across the Demi Gods head and half decapitated the monster of mortals with eerie streaks of color. Such anti magic spewed forth, his power escaping into the cosmos, sky filling with disgusting objects of unrecognizable contours before his limp figure fell before the damsels feet.

    The illusion around her did not subside as day returned to still inanimate night, she instinctively braced herself against the main mast as an unknown Captain of ghostly presence guided the ship in a circle, moving between massive doors of different dimensions, like a marry go round of obtuse proportions. The sorceress felt tiny in comparison.

    As Layla returned to the shores of neutrality, half shocked by the undead captain, holding the emerald sword of hope which sung to her with delight and comfort, but at the same time with a longing for Krell, her hands dug into familiar sand of her kingdom of men. Letting loose her cold hard grasp on coarse earth in clenched fists, her tears flowed and she gazed across the horizon, remembering her brave Krell, her eternal love.

    She touched the sword, caressed it and whispered to it,

    "Here I come, Krell, to be with you," And plunged the emerald sword into her chest, just below her breast, between the ribs, and into her heart.

    The Ship turned upside down and disappeared out of eternity.
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