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The Once and Future Champion

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  • The Once and Future Champion

    Put all comments and reviews here. But most importantly, help give me suggestions for a better title....I suck at titles!


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    Your idea of a fusion of the EC mythos with the Arthurian in the discussion section is something I've been looking forward to Manmiles. Two of my fav milieu combined in one - and a great new entry for the Dead Gods Book begins...

    I liked the play on T H White in the title.


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      Thanks. It was either the current title or 'The Once and Eternal Champion', but that may have been a bit much. :lol:

      Obviously, I'm not going to keep rigidly to Arturian myth. While I have knowledge of the quintessential Morte De'Arthur, I plan to 'go my own way' as it were, but the basic elements of the Arthur legend will remain, but given a MM-esque spin and some of my own elements. If Bernard Cromwall and Marion Zimmer Bradley can get away with it.....I can.....I hope.

      I'm still debating whether or not to include Gaynor in the story.


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        Gaynor as Mordred, or maybe Breuse san Pite?


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          Or maybe Gaynor as Emperor Lucius.
          When they had advanced together to meet on common
          ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
          and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
          each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
          mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
          killing, and the ground ran with blood.

          Homer, The Illiad