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Man in rags and patches: Interesting and relevant feedback

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  • titmouser
    Good stuff, Red-Arrow; it's definitely a grower! Nice to read fantasy writing that can laugh at itself. Love the way you flip in and out of Peake-mode, with just enough of it for the weirdness-factor and not so much that the story gets bogged down.

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  • Grey Mouser
    I'm enjoying your story too Red-Arrow and I can see where Forever is coming from when she sees the influence of Peake.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Thanks very much, for both your interesting and informative feedback, I'll try and do something about any 'Gormenghast' influences, they are unconciously included, as you see I'm actually reading it at the same time. I have very much enjoyed your work and look forward to reading your latest instalment with great relish!

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  • Man in rags and patches: Interesting and relevant feedback

    I think that the Champion-Companion-Employer-Valet comparison was quite inspired, but I couldn't help thinking of Lord Groan and 'Flea' (heh-heh) when I was reading it.
    Your writing style is entertaining as are your characters, and as for your shameless promotion/subliminal influence of your work.... sheer genius!
    I like the valet best so far. "He asked for you by your full title."
    Made me grin.


    Keep writing, man, you're better than me but I'll race you!