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re: The Hooded Prince

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  • re: The Hooded Prince

    Nice one, Forever the Stranger. It must have been pretty daunting to be the first to take the plunge, and I think you're set a pretty high standard for anyone else who joins in on this. I particularly liked the "living, magnificent, glorious tumour."

    Keep it coming, Stranger.

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    Hey, thankyou, I'm very glad you liked it!

    *hugs titmouser*

    I was quite nervous as to the response I would get, especially since this is on a forum dedicated to an all time favourite writer of mine...


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      Thanks for being the first to take the plunge Forever. I enjoyed reading your story, and in true tale-tellers fashion you have left me wanting more, so I'm looking forward to finding out what Eirun and Amara are going to be getting up to. :)

      My favourite phrase from your tale was 'a serpent neath a flower that one' because it reminds me of Shakespeare and E R Eddison, and because it's also true of so much in our lives these days from polititians to policies and certain institutions.


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        Hoh yus...

        That was the first virtual hug I've had in a month of being what you funky kids probably call online... and if I hadn't had such a big fat hooer of a Friday, and if I hadn't got out of the pub in time to have had enough beers but not too many, then I might not be as touched, Stranger... but being a bit how's-yer-father after a couple of shandies...

        Anyway, no bloody wonder you being nervous! I would have been - and more power to you for taking the plunge and biting the bullet and all that hoo-hah, by gum! What's more - I wouldn't have said anything if I'd thought it was arse; I was genuinely pleasantly surprised - in fact, I daresay (and this is pure toad-eating now and I hope you'll forgive me and chalk it up to the claret) that your story, if it had been presented to me as MM's own, probably would have had me fooled. But it was the glorious tumour that would have clinched it, mind. More of that, Stranger, and I'll be reading on as eager as you please...


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          That's cute... but probably the claret! Thank you both for your supportive comments. I'm glad the first bit at least went down well. :mrgreen:

          *Hugs Greymouser too*

          Anyway, I posted up the second part. Sorry it was so late, but some people were chasing me for stuff this week. I might edit at some point.

          *holds breath waiting for people to read it*

          I sure hope it isn't like this every time...


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            Bloody claret... :oops:... oh well, didn't do as badly as the guy I was out with... he took the train back to his home town and fell asleep in the pub...

            Anyway, part two pretty good, but if you don't mind me sticking my oar in here I think you could turn up the weirdness a little - although I know that's a matter of personal taste. It would be a bit more fun if the emperor were more palpably off his tree in some way (I'd have him licking his servant girls' elbows, but maybe that's just me).

            By the way, I had a stab at writing an Elric pastiche myself, and I couldn't put anything down on paper that didn't read like a paraphrase of an old Moorcock story, so more power to you, Stranger, and, as before, keep it coming.


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              Okay... Wierdness factor ... I edited the scene with Dallaire and Iraz (twice), but I think more is pending.

              As for part II- I posted it, but I'm not quite happy yet.


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                I just wanted to say that the scene with the White eyed Goddess, and the sword and the wife, is absolutely brilliant. I have enjoyed all of your work, though must admit am losing track of names, but that one scxene, the one in italics, I though was just magnificent. Especially the sword and the rain, Moorcockian, if I might make the comparison.