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A Pome.

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  • A Pome.


    When life seems oh so dreary and each day seems a fight

    Spark up a little doobie and you know you’ll feel alright.

    If the housework weighs upon you and your temper’s running hot,

    Chill out and put your feet up, watch telly, smoke some pot.

    Your worries fall about you, like teardrops lost in rain.

    Let your hassles float away – you’re off your head again!

    But when you wake next morning, ranged around your bed

    Are all the problems you’ve ignored, raising their ugly heads.

    The Ostrich, I have heard it said, when danger looms is a stupid bird.

    Instead of flight, it hides it’s head – is this behaviour not absurd?

    Your walls of smoke may seem like stone but they’re really very thin.

    No matter how strong you think they are, reality will get in.

    The reason for this lengthy rhyme, the message I’m trying to give,

    Is stop drugs now, while you still have time, and re-learn how to live.

    With apologies for the sheer cheesiness of it all

    I'll add that the thread title says 'pome' because I'm not a poet, if I was it'd say 'poem'!
    I suppose you could say that I see myself as a 'pote'.
    Let me know what you think about it anyway?
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    Here's another ditty that came to me tonight, enjoy it - or not, but let me know what you think!

    The Farty Pome.

    Breathing from your bottom is like a sort of death
    One big rush, a rasping gasp, and you’re totally out of breath.
    The stench that permeates the room is a sign that you’re unwell
    ‘cos everything that passes on, eventually starts to smell

    Your best friends now ignore you, they just don’t want to know!
    Flies will gather round you, attracted by the haze, so
    you find yourself unwelcome, no place for you to go.
    Except into your coffin , then, eventually below…..

    har har!
    And with that little gem/ball of spit.....
    He's well smoked


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      I like Ostrich

      After 20 years I'm just starting to learn that lesson (still haven't given up though )


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        Originally posted by Phil Neville
        I like Ostrich

        After 20 years I'm just starting to learn that lesson (still haven't given up though )
        Thanks for the nod Phil! I know what you mean. I think I thought it up as a sort of goad for myself, to try and quit. Wish I could say that it worked, hey ho.
        It's how I saw myself, head in the sand, trying to escape life by sending my head somewhere else. As it says in the pome, it doesn't work 'cos reality keeps on interfering.
        He's well smoked