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Story I have been working on

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  • Story I have been working on

    So, this isn't the normal writing subject or fiction genre that we see here but it is the only real writing I have been working on bit-by-bit over the past few years.

    It started, as described in the Introduction, with the discovery of a NACA paper resulting from tests performed on the YP-38 airplane (the pre-production test variant of what would become the P-38 Lightning fighter of WWII) which discovered its propensity to enter trans-sonic compressibility effects at a relatively low Mach number (0.68). It was a problem that was never fully fixed, even though NACA proposed a few possible fixes for it. This story, then, takes off with the assumption that the study was completed six months earlier (when Lockheed originally requested it) and was complete early enough for design changes to be made to the P-38 before the U.S. entered WWII.

    I have written it with little more than rough idea of where it will go and without the aid of editors or proofreaders. If you choose to read it please bear this mind and don't judge me too harshly for it!

    Anyway, it certainly isn't for everyone and I change the style and content of the chapters dependent on what information I am sharing and who (if anyone) is providing the POV. Even if you don't have an interest or love of WWII aircraft there are still moments in the story so far which you may enjoy just for the slight bits of drama involved. Total length so far is somewhere in the 150,000 word range if memory serves.

    You can read it as provided in the link below to get just the story, or if you prefer to read the discussion as well you can switch the full view provided in the second link.

    NACA P-38 - "Reader" Version
    NACA P-38 - "Full" Version
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