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    High-Sorcerer Omiz Banareks had preserved a fragment of his soul inside his golden pendant that he had from childhood. He was a friend, a brother and advisor to The Allies of The Kingdom. He was related to the Islanders. He had placed books in the great library inside Baron Valitir's house in the event the mortal world had a considerable need for him to to return. Deleb had found a way to restore the magic user to the world and had called upon his service.

    A ring of fire suddenly appeared on the floor boards of Lorad's cabin.

    The boy yelled in terror. Lorad began to pick up a blanket to cover the flames and shouted, "Fire!"

    The sound of feet running on wood echoed on the cabin's ceiling.

    Then from out of thin air, Omiz arrived and picked up a startled baron's son. The chain melted into nothingness.

    Omiz said one word,"Portalanus." and Lorad and Banareks teleported away as the flames began to lick at the bed sheets. The conflagration quickly enveloped the room. Panicked sailors begin to run about and scream in fear after watching smoke pour from below deck. They were unable to quench the bright orange fire.

    "Abandon ship!" Ordered Captain Jalen Beng. He signaled his war ship to pick up him and his crew.

    The cargo ship burnt down to the waterline. Irreplaceable goods were lost. Most of the men including the captain made it safely aboard the "Godseye." Jalen peronally executed Jahnel and Sessik for bringing a castastrophe down on his head.Captain Beng pierced their hearts with his poniard and left them on the burning ship.



    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock


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      Master Springcrest's shoulder is scraped by a lance as he ducked behind the old oak. He ran full out and leaped onto his horse. The chase had begun. Takatuj, Duskran and six knights riding in his wake. Deleb pushed the exhausted horse beyond it's limitations. He rode over busted walls and broken palisades. He went deeper into The Nires , where there were rumors of manlike beasts who roam the decomposed fields and groves.

      Deleb reached a swamp and dismounted. One of the knight's horses sank into a bog. The rider crawled off and waded in the muck. Springcrest pushed his way through the murky water. The stagnant pond rose up to chest level. The horses were reluctant to enter the marsh. Deleb submerged and resurfaced three minutes later near an island that is covered in rust coloured fungi.

      "No more tricks Springcrest. Come back and face your annihilation." Takatuj said from the shore.

      "Then swim over here Walagrim! Fight me one on one. You said that you honoured the rules of a duel. I challenge you now in front of your knights. They shall bear witness." said Deleb.

      "Very well. No more magik. Where did your wizard friend go?" asked the commander.

      "Agreed, no more magic.The magic user is a long departed relative. He is going to make the mess you made right. I want fair fight. It's time we embraced to settle old scores." said Deleb.

      "I do not know how you managed to survive this long. I'm not even going to speculate when sorcery is involved, I've seen enough witchcraft and magik during the war to last a lifetime." said Takatuj. "I can't cross the swamp water in my mail, come back over here."

      "You'd like that.You will all rush me." said Deleb.

      "No, I give you my word as a Knight of the Realm." said Takatuj. "Besides I can always send Vella back to gather crossbows and flaming pitch."

      "Agreed. I will swim back." said Springcrest. He entered the gloomy water and swam back to shore.

      The commander swung down from his horse and prepared himself for single combat. He examined his morning star to make certain there were no cracks. The wood was soild.

      Deleb shook some filth off his leather armour and clothes. He rested his feather cap on a twisted tree branch then walked over to an area that was clear of any debris. The two men faced each other while Major Duskran silently ordered her six knights to form a semi-cicle in order to watch the contest to the death.

      "Walagrim, either way, I will see you in the next world." declared Springrest. He slowly drew his short sword. Deleb saluted Commander Takatuj.

      "Deleb Springcrest,this battle is to the death and no mercy will be asked or allowed." said Takatuj. He saluted his opponent.

      "Begin!" shouted Vella Duskran.

      Walagrim was the first to move. He attacked with a reverse swing, moving his weapon from his left shoulder position to swing across at Deleb and stopping it,after he missed, at a high right angle to bring back down in an attempted head bash.

      Deleb stepped forward and deftly blocked the overhead strike, then maneuvered low. He threw a feint to Takatuj's leg, then spun around once with a backhand strike connecting with his morning star. Walagrim twisted his weapon to try to dislodge the sword, but it failed. The commander then spun away from a high thrust and he crushed the spiked club up against Deleb's sword arm. Springcrest almost lost his grasp. Fortune was with Deleb though as the spikes did not dig too deeply into his forearm after passing through the leather plate. Takatuj yanked his weapon free and blood squirted onto the assembled knights.Deleb showed no pain. He tossed his short sword into his left hand,caught it and swung vivaciously at the commander's right side, but Walagrim blocked the blow, a chip flew off the wood.



      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock


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        Omiz and Lorad appeared in a fire ring on the lands of Bogontos. Omiz gave Lorad a gentle shove towards the baron's garden.

        "Thank you kind sir!" exclaimed Lorad.

        "You are most welcome. You must live a good and decent life now. Many have died over you and your family. Try to bring peace to this world, it is the order of things in the cosmos. Love not hate. Treat all of mankind as equals. Share you wealth with the less fortunate. Make me proud to have saved you child. Awards and Punishments await you in the afterlife. What a gift it is to be alive, treasure it for as long as you can. You will know nothing like it again in the next world. Good Bye and Fare Well Lorad." stated the sorcerer.

        "I will. Goodbye!" shouted the boy. He began to cry as the wizard vanished. The flames extinguished themselves this time.

        An astonished Baron ran from his great house and welcomed the boy back home, a thousand questions in his mind.



        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


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          Three rapid thrusts pushed Takatuj back on his heels, they were too fast to block, he could only retreat. Deleb had already scored several hits on the man, but the chain mail absorbed the blows and did not crack. Deleb then aimed for the morning star and speared it's tip, driving the weapon away and out to his left. Springcrest took the opportunity to jump in and smash into the commander with his right shoulder. Walagrim stumbled backward,but did not fall. They untangled their weapons and swung at each other again. They traded blow after blow, parry after parry, then Deleb penetrated his adversary's armour directly below his right collarbone. Blood leaked out from beneath his tabard. In retaliation Takatuj swung upwards using both hands, the spikes burrowed long gouges from Deleb's navel to his breast. The wounds were superficial though because the leather and cloth saved him again. Springcrest moved fast to the left and smacked Walagrim in the head as hard as he could with the flat of his blade in the attempt to stun his foe. The commander shook it off and charged at Deleb with a ferocity not seen since the dawn of the universe when men were more akin to wolves. He pushed Deleb to the ground and stomped on his chest, cracking seven ribs. Springcrest screamed as he evaded a powerful chop to his head. As he sprang back to his feet, blood spurted from his mouth. Another swing from Takatuj cut lacerations into Deleb's right, cheek barely missing the eye.

          Deleb put his full weight behind the next thrust. It hit the mark, but still did not break the mail. The commander returned the stab with a solid punch to Sringcrest's forehead, the gauntlet impacted and slid low to scrape his nose. Now Deleb's face was one bloody mess and he felt dizzy.

          Walagrim pressed his advantage and struck Deleb once more, this time striking the Islander in his left shoulder. Springcrest backpedaled and when the commander launched another attack, Deleb was ready for him, he ducked then came up fast and sliced Takatuj across the neck, blood escaped from the tiny red line.

          At that moment Omiz Banareks walked into view. The combatants ignored him and the knights.

          "Lorad is safe, Deleb. No worries." stated Omiz. The sorcerer turned to the other soldiers and said,"do not interfere, I will strike you down if you do not cooperate, you will leave The Nires, for I have created and unleashed a horrible new disease here that will devour your innards and leave your body a dead husk in a matter of hours, slow painful hours. Folks will only be able to pass through this land, if you stop for more than a day, the disease will infect your bodies and minds. Your brigade is now forbidden to leave any of the Realm Lands. If any of you enter the Kingdom or the Allied Nations again, I will hunt you down and kill you. You may try if you do not believe what I command. Leave now and let these two conduct their business." stated Banareks.

          The six knights mount their horses and ride west without uttering a syllable.



          "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
          - Michael Moorcock


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            Deleb suddenly caught the morning star by it's long shaft using his right hand, then he hurried in to strike Takatuj in the temple using the sword's pommel. Walagrim almost had a blackout and the ground felt unsteady under his boots. He wrenched the weapon back out of Deleb's grasp. Springcrest gave a quick hack to the commander's right arm above the elbow. The short sword was made for a piercing attack, but Deleb had honed the edge on both sides of the fine blade. It still was not enough to force it's way past the steel rings of the armour.

            Takatuj stabbed out low, trying to impale Deleb in the groin with the single spike on the weapon's tip. Springcrest deflected the attack and made his riposte. He scored a torso hit, the blade's point sunk four inches into flesh so Deleb gave the sword a twist to increase the damage. He was forced to retract his steel an instant later when a weak retaliation penetrated his left thigh. Takatuj was still alive, but bleeding internally.

            They both staggered as the duel resumed. Walagrim glared defiantly at Springcrest and abruptly struck him in the belly with a haphazard swing. Deleb had missed the block. It tore his muscles, but did not go deep enough to do serious damage, it was not a mortal wound.

            Walagrim had a surge of energy. Deleb had to fend off several quick swings before he was able to counterstrike.

            Deleb tried a series of thrusts aimed at Takatuj's throat. The Knight-Commander blocked and dodged and swung back hard. Sprincrest had to make a very painful dive and roll at one point. When he was on his feet again there was not much blood remaining in his body. Walagrim had almost more blood on his tabard that in his veins.

            Omiz Banareks stood and watched the carnage. The blue fog appeared behind him. All was dark except a single torch that was left behind by Vella Duskran.



            "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
            - Michael Moorcock


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              Takatuj blocked the next few strikes on the middle of the weapon's handle while he held one hand near the head and one hand on the tail. He next attempted a one-handed diagonal swing. then another backhand attack. Deleb leaned out of the way and hacked again at his enemy's right arm. Walagrim returned to a two-handed hold on the morning star. He swung,blocked,stabbed,swung and blocked again. In the next second, he leaped forward going inside a swing from Deleb. He pushed the handle horizontally into Springcrest's neck in an attempt to crush the man's windpipe. It caused Deleb to choke, but he pushed the shaft away with his right hand. It did not cause any further injury.

              Walagrim made a mistake, he fell into a pattern and gave over his motions to his subconscious. It was something that occured when he was in prolonged battles during the war. It was not good for a duel. He attacked,blocked,swung to gain distance,parried, moved, stabbed,swung,dodged, maneuvered and attacked again.

              Deleb was somehow able to hold on to his senses. The two men circled each other and fought harder than they ever had, even though they both were veterans.

              After Springcrest studied the same moves three times in a row, Deleb reversed his attack and struck out at Takatuj's right hand when he was holding the morning star with only one hand. The sword pierced the gauntlet. The commander dropped his weapon with a yelp. A split second later, Deleb drove the short sword halfway through Takatuj's neck. They both fell to the black soil. Walagrim is dead. Deleb crawled over and retrieved his blade. He then began stuffing white bandages in his many wounds. He unfastened his armour as quickly as he could and removed some extra cloths, a thread spool and needle to sew his wounds. He wiped his blade with the oiled fabric and returned the sword to his scabbard. Deleb passed out for a quarter-hour.

              When he awoke, he felt good enough to stand, so he got up and walked around the swamp's edge.

              Deleb muttered a few prayers,then looked up to see Omiz Banareks.

              "Lorad is safe." stated Omiz.

              "Thank you august one. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for all your help." said Deleb. "The Kingdom and Allies shall always honour your memory.

              "You are most welcome Master Deleb Springcrest.You have always done what is right and true in this world. You do your nation honour. Take my pendant and your trinket back to the island. You or your descendants will be able to contact me in a great time of need. May your journey be safe. Fare Well Friend." stated Omiz Banareks.

              "Goodbye." was all Deleb had the strength to say at that moment.

              Banareks walked away in the darkness and vanished when he entered the blue fog.

              Deleb Springcrest walked over and picked up the torch then began to walk back to the corral.

              ---------------------------------The End------------------------------------------

              "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
              - Michael Moorcock


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                Originally posted by lemec
                Deleb's Retribution
                'deleb' sounds 'blood' when reversed- nice !
                A story by Lemec

                The dagger protruded from the beast's left flank. The 'Brentee Fissle'
                ran into the woods. It is a vicious northland lynx, but it's prey fought back wildly. The cat knew it was overmatched and it's survival instincts took command of it's body.

                The man who threw the blade is Deleb Springcrest. He is a tall man with dark skin. He removed his conical feather cap to wipe his moist brow. He rubbed at his light blue eyes and scratched his long nose. His thin lips parted as he gasped. Deleb is clad in leather armour, green tunic and brown pantaloons which were stuffed into drab boots. He was now only armed with a damascus short sword held in a bear hide scabbard.

                He walked uphill on rocky soil. There is an exuberant forest to the west and to the east there are farmland terraces. Deleb was heading north into the dreaded Nires, a wasteland of burnt trees and sunken castles. The land was cursed during the ten-year-war between Grechimdol Realm and the Kingdom of Frenaledoon. It began as a border dispute over who owned the freshwater lake of Ayaheeto.

                The people named the place The Nires after Mallachom Nires, a priest who went mad after losing his entire congregation in the Battle of Grovelndale. The region is dead now. Lord Minister Nires had abandoned his God and fell into service of an arch eidolon, a master of demon kind. Later in the war, Nires raised an army of 'Golotrones', which were summoned fiends made from the remains of deceased children. They were two-thousand strong and a dozen warriors died for each one.

                They attacked both Kingdom soldiers and Realm troops. Deleb's island nation, Bogontos, fought along side Frenaledoon. Springcrest remembered this very spot five years ago, when at the end of the war, three legions were devastated reclaiming the territory. Practitioners of sorcery and witchcraft were instumental in the victory, if one could claim the event as such.

                Seven-thousand Realm folk died that day in the chaos. A million men and women were killed in the overall conflict. A few hundred Kingdom Calvary are still frozen and preserved inside the great crater to this day.

                It came down to the efforts of Omiz Banareks and his kinsman Brim San Kurla. They channeled ancient energies to warp and break the earth so it swallowed up the fortifications. Dark magics were used by the 'Golotrones' to kill the humans and all plant life in the area.

                Eventually Omiz tracked down Minister Nires command post and sacrificed himself to crush the insane priest's skull. The combat lasted a full hour without either of them gaining the upper hand. Then, as blood streamed out of both combatants ears, their bodies were torn by conjured iron fragments. Fire,water and poison gas were tossed at each other. Nires formed a portal in the air behind Omiz and it almost drew him away,but he countered by covering the dimension door with several uprooted trees until it collapsed. Omiz drew his knife and fought against the steel of the priest's mace, but soon the two weapons fused together and dropped to the dirt floor. Omiz turned his hands into eight-inch claws, but his new attack did not penetrate the barrier Nires had constructed. The priest created skeletal hands that took hold of Omiz's legs. Banareks then kissed his golden pendant and threw it far away to land beside an oak. He shook free of the hands while Nires touched Omiz's face and began sucking energy from the wizard. That was when Omiz Banareks split his own body in twain and with his last thoughts turned both halves into solid stone. His remaining mental powers allowed him to launch his broken rock body at Nire's head and in a heartbeat, he brought them together so fast that it sounded like a thunderclap. The result was one dead priest and one sorcerer scattered in a few hundred rocky chunks.

                The war faded from Deleb's mind. He was not here for the past, he only had one goal now, to rescue his baron's son. The ten-year-old boy, Lorad,
                was abducted from the isle a fortnight ago. Baron Hargren Valitir and his wife Sadrale governed a modest homestead. It was inconsequential compared to the huge territories of the Great Kingdoms. Hagren was very important during the war and was bestowed the highest rank an islander could obtain, Sun-Marshall, Lord of Knights, Master Soldier of the Kingdom. He is now the Baron of Giff and the Lands of Natea.

                There was always sombody around who would bring about trouble in the attempt to gain a profit in the post-war state of poverty. Deleb already had to explain himself to four patrols and was forced to show his documents to an overzealous sergeant who almost took Deleb's head off at the neck by a nasty axe swing. Daleb was not trying to be silent, but the sergeant did not hear him foraging along a deer trail. Deleb barely ducked in time when the sergeant attacked, but the soldier stopped abruptly after noticing how well Springcrest was dressed. Deleb wore simple clothes, but the armour was expensive. The sergant later apologized to him, claiming that he thought Springcrest was a bandit leader.

                Master Springcrest soon found ten sets of footprints. One pair of boot marks were small. There could be no doubt, they were the tracks of Lorad. Deleb crouched and inspected the mud. The royal shoemaker's seal was visible.

                The kidnappers had set a ransom and Baron Valitir was going to empty the coffers to pay it, but Deleb cautioned him not to succumb to their demands. Deleb knew of this kind of illicit activity during the war. It commonly ended with the death of the victim becuase it often was personal and once the criminals had their treasure, they would kill any who stood in their way and vanish. There are many Grechimdoleans who would take the son to appease a blood debt. There are also a few Kingdom men who mean the baron and his family harm. It's not always good to be popular with the King.


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                  Thanks Guest! :lol: Thank You for taking the time to read the story. :D


                  "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                  - Michael Moorcock


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                    short fiction for Perdix

                    A Captain's Thoughts

                    by Lemec

                    The panel slid open and the man walked into the deckhouse. One look at the orange biodegradable

                    interior made his stomach lurch. The contents of the compartment, including the sofa, were edible

                    in case of emergency. It, unfortunately gave off a fruity aroma that was very annoying. The man,

                    Captain Brenton Sarmhark, removed a tube of grape juice and drank the ten ounces of liquid. He

                    then swallowed a food and vitamin capsule. It was going to be another tiresome day of piloting the

                    interstellar vessel. He left his home planet behind six months ago and had another two months to

                    travel alone to his destination. He was hauling rocket engines to the gelatinous inhabitants of the

                    fourth orb in the Mardiaste solar system.

                    He deeply regretted the quarrel with his friends about taking this job, for it would keep him in the

                    galaxy for three years after this first circuit. He did everything to appease his companions, but his

                    words always did more harm than good. Had his mind been scrambled at some point to cause him

                    to say things that did not come from his heart and true feelings? Brenton often thought that he has

                    been going slowly insane for the last ten years after becoming a certified space captain. Are there

                    active powers in the celestial environment that man is not supposed to experience? His insides

                    twisted in ways indescribable to other souls. He had great difficulty explaining himself to others

                    so, in a way, it was a blessing to have such solitude. He never felt this bad in the forty years of his

                    life. When he had Micro-Flu it was not as bad as what he is feeling today. There is nothing

                    physically effecting him, but he is pained even worse than when he fought with the horned beasts

                    of Tranikore. Why had his luck changed for the negative? Some would say he had been cursed. He

                    had great fortune and love a half a year ago , now his life is in shreds. Why?, he thought, because

                    he had to make a foolish stand on some political issues and he had to satisfy his own pride and

                    enlist in this vocation. He sat down on a monitoring chair and engaged the Tele-Screen. He could

                    see the trailing asteroid belt on the control unit. He tried to focus his mind on the current news that

                    flashed across his computer, or the many electronic books that he could choose from to alleviate

                    his boredom and stress. The emotional pain was incredible. When he was awaking from a slumber

                    mode, he often desired to forsake his duties and allow the ship to drift in space to wherever the

                    mysterious energies might take it. When he was cognizant, he never wanted to go to sleep. He

                    would stay awake for fifty hours at a time on the influence of powerful animal stimulants. He

                    feared and dreaded the nightmares brought about by the craft's motion generators.

                    He was told that he looked terrible by human standards when he had arrived at his goal and harbor.

                    The Mardiaste administrators unloaded the cargo and communicated by using a series of garbles

                    and whistles. The beings stood roughly eight feet tall and had a two foot diameter. The people

                    were multiple translucent colors, red,green,violet and burgandy. Their semisolid bodies were

                    covered in a hundred tiny eyes which hung on long gray vine branches. They are emphatically

                    intelligent and sophisticated. They immediately sensed the captain's troubles.

                    Five of the creatures surrounded him and embraced him. After a brief protest from Brenton, he

                    submitted to their will. They used their elongated membranes to elevate him and carry him to a

                    zero gravity zone comprised of various gases known to the sphere. Sarmhark floated in circles and

                    began to feel free. His body tingled as his mind started to expand to accept new ideas and

                    concepts. Brenton felt calm and relaxed as the five beings sung a melody to him. He was carried

                    on currents of oxygen. The gelatine folk spoke to him in unison. 'Bren. Ton. Sarm. Hark. we take

                    away your inner pain and longing. In your core you know what must be done. Your training and

                    bad experience and traumas have temporarily forced your brain to erect barriers around your heart.

                    You friends still love you even if you do not believe it to be true. We have eliminated these walls

                    so you can live once more as you should, as nature had programed you to exsist. You solid aliens

                    often make problems for yourselves that your minds can't find logical solutions. You must try to

                    become more fluid. The human made laws and morals can trap your soul if you are not alert. We

                    have evolved past such things, we know how we function in life. We cast aside restrictions and

                    have learned how to deal with one another with consideration to our fellows. We have achieved

                    total peace.'

                    Brenton was aboard the space vessel again after an hour of saying goodbye to the strange and

                    helpful beings. He had a clear picture of what he needed to do. He contacted his employer from

                    the ship and headed for home. He sent his regrets and apologies to the lady space merchant saying

                    that he needed to abandon the mission in favor of an occupation close to his domicile. He now felt

                    that he could be loved again so he made the long journey to his planet and visited his family to

                    tell of the news. After getting hired to transport clothing and supplies to nearby settlements, he

                    took a month to get comfortable in what he was doing. The next thing he did after the return trip

                    was to make a surprise visit to all his friends at the local aeronautics festival. They were pleased

                    and extremely happy to see him. They were dumbfounded as to the reason why Brenton thought

                    that they were all angry with him. The argument that they had was no more than a friendly

                    discussion and banter and they wondered all this time why Brenton had taken it the wrong way.

                    He explained what he had discovered in the Mardiaste and they just laughed and joked like in the

                    old days when they were young teenagers. One said that Sarmhark just needed a slap to the head,

                    but what the beings did for him was just as good. When a man starts to get older and is out of his

                    chosen surroundings, thought Brenton, he involuntarily changes inside, he will not make that

                    mistake again. He will not allow the harshness of the universe to bend him. The reunited

                    confederates found a new drinking establishment to meet at every two weeks. Their friendship

                    became stronger than it had ever been in the past. They often took jaunts to the Mardiaste system

                    when the technology increased so that the trip only now took a quarter of the time. All was right

                    once more in the life of Captain Brenton Sarmhark.

                    -----------The End-----------------------------------------------------------------

                    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                    - Michael Moorcock


                    • lemec, you might want to try looking at the submission protocol for PX in the Sticky. From what I've heard, Perdix doesn't usually look at fiction posted on the sight and is unlikely to consider it for publication unless it is sent to him by the proper methods. Good luck with submitting your work. :D

                      S. Ombre


                      • Originally posted by S_Ombre
                        lemec, you might want to try looking at the submission protocol for PX in the Sticky. From what I've heard, Perdix doesn't usually look at fiction posted on the sight and is unlikely to consider it for publication unless it is sent to him by the proper methods. Good luck with submitting your work. :D

                        S. Ombre
                        Ahh, ok, I'm sorry that I just posted it here by mistake.

                        Thanks S. Ombre :D

                        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                        - Michael Moorcock


                        • S_Ombre is right! I do read some pieces, if they're short, and we posted things on-forum in the early days (heh! All of nine months ago...) of PX...but to be honest, it's hard to read big chunks of on-screen fiction. I've printed off your pieces, Lemec, and will read them ASAP! Thanks for posting and your interest, and I'm sorry if I'm slow to respond - juggling a few jobs! But it looks interesting. Don't feel afraid to submit several things at once, either...the Editorial Board will get round to it! :P


                          • Originally posted by Perdix
                            S_Ombre is right! I do read some pieces, if they're short, and we posted things on-forum in the early days (heh! All of nine months ago...) of PX...but to be honest, it's hard to read big chunks of on-screen fiction. I've printed off your pieces, Lemec, and will read them ASAP! Thanks for posting and your interest, and I'm sorry if I'm slow to respond - juggling a few jobs! But it looks interesting. Don't feel afraid to submit several things at once, either...the Editorial Board will get round to it! :P
                            wow! Thanks Perdix! :clap: That is more than I hoped for, I am happy that you will read them. When I come up with something a little smoother, I will double space it and send it by e-mail. Those are my first solo experiments. :D You are most welcome, I find things like Prototype X very exciting. Please don't worry about the respond time. :oops: Thank you for the nice reply and information. I did not mean to take you away from your work and projects. When I get another idea sorted out I will send it along to the Board,hehe. ;)

                            I will keep an eye out to when and where I can obtain a copy of PX and I will be very happy and pleased when I get to pick one up.

                            Thanks, you are very kind,


                            "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                            - Michael Moorcock


                            • Edible furniture - but what about the lint and dust bunnies, and dare I say, ass groves?! :lol:


                              • Originally posted by Azariel
                                Edible furniture - but what about the lint and dust bunnies, and dare I say, ass groves?! :lol:
                                :lol: I need to expand on that idea more, I thought it might come in handy for space travel, better than eating leather or horse meat I suppose. :D

                                "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                                - Michael Moorcock