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  • Part Two:

    A 1978 AMC Matador's engine roared as the firecracker red car accelerated, it's driver pressing firmly on the gas pedal while he clinged to the steering wheel. He is trying hard to hold to the curving freeway. He formed a wicked smile on his face,his big teeth lighting up from the dashboard bulbs. The car's headlights shined brightly, but are not on high beams. The man directed his vehicle into the left lane and passed several cars. When he glanced at the speedometer it indicated to him that he was traveling at ninety miles per hour.

    Three minutes later he located what he was attempting to catch, a white Chevette four-door that has five people cramped within it. He gradually reduced his velocity in order to merge with the right lane. He drove in the right lane two cars behind his intended target. He removed his foot from the gas pedal, flipped on his turn signal and allowed to car coast onto a side turning lane which lead to a shopping mall. He slowed down some more and turned a sharp right into the parking lot. At the same moment he saw the five young men get out of their car and close the doors. They all looked somewhat bewildered.

    Brian Eisen, the reckless operator who just almost side swiped several cars,was lucky he did not cause any accidents. He would do anything for a laugh or sometimes do things for the pure shock value. He pulled into the vacant space beside the '89 Chevrolet and stumbled out of the driver's side door. He doubled over, laughed boisterously and nearly shrieked. Brian wiped tears from his eyes with his left hand and steadied himself with his right hand by pressing his palm on his car's left fender. He is an average size man, but he was always full of energy. He continued his walk toward his friends and said," Hey! How's it going?"

    His five friends,still a little shocked and certainly not amused by Brian's actions, all thought he had finally gone insane.

    "Brian!" exclaimed Danny Plaener, a fit man with brown eyes and brown hair. "I wondered who the F*** wanted to get down the road that f***ing fast. I'm thinking, what is wrong with this guy?, then I recognized your car from my rear view mirror and it explained some of it at least."

    " You are a mad man Bri'," stated Robert.

    "Hahahaha," Brian laughed. "I know, I'm sorry guys, it's just that I was going down the off ramp and saw your car drive up the on ramp, so I gassed my car and followed, then when I did not get your attention and you got way ahead of me, something took over inside and my first reaction was to floor it!" explained Brian.

    "Not cool man," said Dave.

    "We all love ya, but sometimes you are way out there,dude." stated Randy.

    "Jesus!," exclaimed Brad. "Don't do that again, you could get us killed. I ought to punch you in the head!"

    Danny said" Ok, I admit it was a little funny." He stated to laugh and the others joined in at last. "Please think before you act next time though. Did you want anything special by the way?"

    "Nope." stated Brian flatly, then he chuckled. "I was just heading home from work, saw you and acted on impulse."

    "Well, lets take a walk in the mall before it closes, I want to check out the bookstore." said Danny.

    They all followed Danny to the mall doors and entered. The young men found the magazines and novels that they searched for and they purchased them.

    The companions walked back to the cars and returned home. Brian lived in Latrobe and all his friends lived in Greensburg.


    Monday morning came and went and now it was late in the afternoon. Linda and Rich are seated at a sizable window, they watched traffic go down the road. They are inside an Eat 'N Park restaurant, where Rich finished his hot turkey sandwich. Linda is eat the last bite of her baked Italian hoagie.

    A seven-year-old boy bounced by them holding a portable video game. Beeps and rings emanated from it's tiny speaker. The boy ran headlong into his brother who gave an energetic slap to his sibling's shoulder. Their father quickly scolded them then proceeded out the exit door.

    "Kids are so spoiled today," stated Richard.

    "Awwl," Linda laughed. "They are cute. They only want to have fun like everyone else, how can you say that?"

    "Well,I don't mean the very young ones. I see so many teenagers that have everything given to them and they still want more."

    "What?, and you are an old man already?," Linda teased.

    "No,but,I hate to say it,as every generation says it,but children that were born after 1990 are very disrespectful on average. As a whole they are the most selfish children to ever walk the planet. Parents are to blame naturally, they all practice child psychology and understanding instead of just whacking them once in a while with a leather strap when they misbehave. I fear what will become of this country when that generation is in the senate and the presidency," explained Rich.

    "It's not all that brilliant right now," interjected Linda.

    "I know,but think of it as at least twenty times worse. They are already saying that the new adolescents expect everything to be handed to them, including hundred-thousand dollar a year jobs, with no work or effort on their behalf. Besides, if you ask me,it was much more fun not having certain things so I could look forward to getting what I wanted and sometimes you did not get them,but I did not care,my family knew that did not matter,as long as we were all healthy and happy. Now kids are born with all this technology around them,while it is good in some cases,it is bad in others. If it is too easy for them,they won't grow as individuals. It might be a tremendous advantage to have the internet;for example, but
    it also makes them unwilling to seek information elsewhere and thus experience life. If it's not online, I guess it does not exist," Richard said sarcastically.

    "You might have a valid point there," Linda replied.

    "Also,the youngsters have no respect for their elders, all the world is a big joke to them." said Rich.

    "Don't get too upset Rich, you'll get sick, finish your mashed potaters," pleaded Linda.

    "Ok,I'm not upset,I will calm down though,I'm only talking. Pardon my rant. Where was I?, oh! They have little or no adversities. You only have to go back to the nineteen-forties to observe a different world entirely. My mother did not even have running water growing up. Some people did not have electricity and they all enjoyed life, were happy and did not even think of themselves as poor when they were kids. Now, children want to grow up to become pop stars, rappers or actors. We'll have a shortage of doctors and trained proffessionals for one thing. The media pushes those desires on them, they say get famous and buy a mansion,fancy cars and absurd jewelry. The folk in the World War Two era were out to help people, help each other, now it is all selfishness. Do you think that today's citizens could handle the amount of manufacturing production this country needed for the war effort?" he said expecting no answer,nor waiting for one. "I think not! It will never happen again. There is no way the equipment, trucks,ships and tanks could be maufactured in the numbers that they churned out, not to mention how fast they accomplished it. I also don't see people being as social as they once were,like when I was in my early teens. Maybe,I am not getting the whole picture,but all of this makes me wonder where the world is going. Plus, instead of just being happy, like I was a few years ago, I start to wonder the age old questions of what this place is all about!"

    "This mornin's class got you thinking,eh?" asked Linda.

    "Yeah, I suppose so. It does seem that each generation,mine being no different, fails to live up to what came before. Take architecture for instance, no offense to those in the field, we know how to make modern buildings sure,but again have forgotten the old secrets on how to construct structures like the old cathedrals and such." stated Rich.

    "And the pyramids, I watch 'In Search Of'," added Linda.

    "Ha!, Aliens are responsible for those didn't you know that?" asked Rich.

    They both laughed, and it made the mood brighter.

    "Well, let's ge out of here, we are getting stares, strange stares." said Linda as she winked.

    "Sounds like a good plan Lind' " said Richard.

    "Don't forget my 'smiley' cookies," Linda reminded.

    Richard and Linda walked over to the cash register and Rich payed for the meal. They also purchased a box of iced cookies that have an immense smile and two little eyes drawn on each one.

    They exited through the doorway, which caused a small brass bell to ring on their way out. Rich climbed into the driver' seat of his car and started the Jeep. Linda hopped in beside him and they are soon were on their way home, by way of Route 30.

    After they drove down the road for about five miles, a radiant Ford Thunderbird passed by them at a high rate of speed, and traveled in the opposite direction. Andrew made note of their license plate number.

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    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock


    • I've not read the whole piece yet, but so far at least - this is looking to be one of the best efforts yet!
      Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.

      Robin: Gosh, drink is sure a filthy thing, isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes!


      • Originally posted by devilchicken
        I've not read the whole piece yet, but so far at least - this is looking to be one of the best efforts yet!

        Thanks, devilchicken!

        I am editing the other parts on my computer notepad. I will post each one
        as I revise it.

        I am happy that you like it so far. :)

        (and seems to be technically ok.)


        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


        • Part Three:

          Two men stood outside of Wholey's Fish Market in the coal black of night. Cars passed by on Penn Avenue and a few trucks moved up the other roads.

          A short man with blonde hair punched the other man,hard, in his stomach. The blow brought him down to his knees.

          The diminutive figure punched him in the face and withdrew a revolver from his vest. He pressed the cold muzzle,of his Model 65 Taurus Magnum,

          up against the man's skull, just behind the left ear. Their silhouettes were barely seen from the street.

          "Where are the blueprints?" asked the man with the medium-framed firearm.

          "They, they're in a safe at a house in Penn Hills," stammered the injured man. Blood caked to his brown hair.

          "What road?"asked the short man, impatiently.

          "Near Rodi, Garland Drive." answered the man.

          "Who lives there?"

          "Only me."

          "Not for much longer, my beady-eyed chum!"

          "Please,wait,I can help you." Greg urged calmly.

          "I don't need anyone, I can crack the safe." he arrogantly replied. A tick wrinkled on his cheek.

          "It's trapped."

          "We both know that is not true."

          "I have gold."

          "What?" inquired the little man, somewhat interested.

          "Bullion, ingots and a coin collection."

          "Where?" he incredulously asked.

          "In a barn, I can take you to it."

          "Fine, if it's not there, you are going head-first into the Allegheny."

          The killer smiled, "Now, get up slowly and lead me to your car.

          I will ride with you and you can show me everyth.........." his speech was interrupted.

          Andrew's left uppercut slammed into the stunned assassin's jaw. Andrew immediately struck again using his right fist.

          He pummeled the armed man until he dropped the Taurus. He stuck again at the spot directly above the nose.

          The would-be killer crumpled to the pavement. Blood poured from his broken nose and mouth.

          Andrew placed all of his 264 pounds into his last attack, which was a vicious stomp to the man's rib cage.

          Mr. Walder swiftly grabbed the revolver, unloaded it and chucked it in the river. He placed the six cartridges inside his pant's pocket.

          "Andrew!" shouted Greg. "Thank you so much my friend!" Greg Nephele knew Andrew for a long time, they used to go to the farm auctions together.

          Greg stood upright and dusted off his brown suit pants. "I think he is unconscious."

          Andrew kicked the prone man in the side of the head. "Now he is." He bent low to search the man's pockets. He unceremoniously emptied the contents onto the ground.

          He found a switchblade,two speed loaders with .357 shells, car keys and three-hundred dollars in twenties.

          "Keep the cabbage,Greg." Andrew said. The men smiled.

          Greg squated down and picked up the money, then tossed the car keys back to andrew,the remainder he pitched in the dark river.

          "Let's search his car," Greg said. "It's the Mitsubishi." They both walked over to the white sports car. Andrew unlocked the door and opened it.

          They searched the vehicle. Andrew did not find anything. Greg found a bag of shirts,candy bars and some loose change.

          "No registration,Greg, most likely stolen or carjacked." Andrew stated.

          "That does seem like a valid notion." said Greg.

          "You don't seem to shaken up?" observed Andrew.

          "Well, I lived a good while. Not much that I could do at that point. I did not know if you would meet me in time or not."

          "I am happy that I did. I promise never to tarry again! I'm terribly embarrassed and sorry."

          "That's alright,Andy!"

          "I stopped in Jeanette on the way down. I brought an old flame some flowers. You could have died!"

          "You, dumb ass." Greg laughed. "I just told you that it does not matter. Thanks,by the way."

          "So, what were you saying?"

          Greg wiped a dampened cloth over his wound. Walder handed him a plastic bottle that contained distilled water.

          "I was going to live or I was going to die. I wanted to remain calm in case I could talk or fight my way out of it."

          "I don't know who he was working for, but he somehow knew about the blueprints and he knew them in detail." Greg stated.

          "That's a bit troubling." said Andrew. "Nothing for it,now, though. We will proceed as planned. Have you spoken to Teresina?"

          "Yes." replied Greg.

          "Then, there are no worries." Andrew said.

          "Who do you have so far?" inquired Greg.

          "I will have twelve, but at this moment, I think I'll end up with the 'dubious dozen'." Andrew commented slyly.

          Greg laughed. "Well let's chain 'Mr. Cheery', there to the pole."

          Andrew and Greg removed a bicycle security chain from the trunk of the Thunderbird.

          They wrapped the links around the man.Walder attached him to the nearby light pole and made the chain taut.

          Andrew made certain that the rings were looped around the man multiple times. Greg slid on the padlock and locked it.

          "That should do it. I will call the police and send for an ambulance, from my car phone." stated Walder.

          "Yes, it's only the morally proper thing to do." Greg offered.

          "Have you been having the dreams again?" asked Andrew.

          "Yes." answered Greg.

          "I have similar ones too." stated Andrew.

          "Remember Andy, The mind is a maze, you must find the correct path to walk!" Greg said with a wink.

          "Oh! Get out of town, you comedian." said Andrew. He shook his head from left to right and sighed.

          "I plan to leave the city! After stopping by the old house." said Greg. He mocked Andrew's affable expression.

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          "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
          - Michael Moorcock


          • Part Four:

            Paul awoke from another one of his hazy dreams. Dim sunlight shined through dilapidated venetian blinds. He striked a wooden match and ignited the tip of his Marlboro cigarette.

            He took a drag on the cig., then flipped on the cable box and tuned in for the local news. An ill-looking newsman read from a telepromter on the small television screen.

            The news anchor stated,"...another accident ocurred this afternoon, when a forty-three year-old woman ran a red light in her black SUV, killing the owner of a silver Toyota."

            Metro Police are expected to file charges when the woman is released from from Sunrise Hospital. The name of the man who was in the crash will not be released at this time."

            Paul is tall man,about six-foot-two.He adjusted the volume so that the set was almost on mute. He has wiry arms and long fingers.

            He ran his hand through his raven hair as he does so often, as a nervous habit. In present day he has a deep brown tan,which is a contrast to the pale complexion his friends were acustomed to viewing.

            His friends also grew up in Columbus. That is where he obtained his business degree. Paul Thomas Garand recently moved to an apartment, which was the first available in the area.

            Paul jumped in and out of the cheap shower, pulled on a pair of black Dockers,leather dress shoes and a blue cotton shirt with a black tie. Despite being very hot outside, he placed a black suit jacket over his shoulders.

            He wore a small metallic lapel pin of an American Flag. He had always been patriotic. There is alot of confusion in the world. Paul still supported the war, because his father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army.

            Even though the man had died for his country, he still tried to feel that The United States was doing the right thing. He privately criticized those who are against the war. He felt people are quick to forget their history.

            Paul would often mutter,"There are too many distractions in today's society for most people to pay attention to what is important. People just do not really care. Alot of folk on either side of the issue get too easily placated."

            "A gripe here and there mentioned in living rooms and bars does not do anyone a whole lot of good! Real change,real help is needed! Political groups abusing the issue for their own agendas is the American way,now!"

            "I don't see anybody really doing anything about our dependance on oil. The populace is self absorbed. As as long as they can buy their new expensive cars every five years and have a little money for their vices, they

            go about their lives, oblivious to the troubles of the world." When Paul talked about these things to himself, he often found that it led to a mild depression. He cried alone. The tears ran down his face. He remembered old

            times that were long forgotten by most of his friends. He wished he could go back and live again, while his father still lived and there were never any problems that his dad could not solve.


            The sun was setting in earnest when he pulled into the employee parking lot of the twenty-four hour cafe where he worked as assistant manager. It was a slow night so he decided to have his meal out in the main dining room.

            He sat at a circular booth instead of eating back in his office, with stacks of papers piled on the floor and on his desk. The chef made him a nice porterhouse steak,as was the weekly special,cooked rare and with a garden salad.

            A stranger to Paul walked in and sat down in the seat. He sank in deep. It was Mr.Walder He sat opposite of Paul and he wore a Hawaiian style shirt complete with red flower designs. He had journeyed for two days and just arrived.

            "Hello,may I help you sir?"Paul said somewhat suprised. "The hostess should be around..."

            "No need for that, my name is Andrew Walder and I am here to see you Mr. Garand." He replied as he smiled through his thick brown beard.

            "Me? I don't know a whole lot of people around here, why?"

            "You had a science minor and I enjoyed your thesis about moralities in a future society and how it impacts on the usage of technology."

            Paul chuckles and says,"So,you must teach on campus in Ohio?"

            "No, I work in the administration building, a friend, a professor came upon your writings."

            Paul extends his hand and Mr. Walder shakes it, a firm grip.

            "Pleased to meet you, Andrew."

            "Likewise, I am happy to have found you." stated Walder.

            "Thank You, are you on vacation?"inquired Paul.

            "In a manner of speaking, yes. I admit, though, that I do have some business as well."

            "That is good, otherwise, you could've sent me a letter or e-mail. I don't fully believe what I wrote back at college, it was only a few ideas."

            "I wanted to devote my time into something that will pay the rent, if you will excuse the cliche. I did what was required of me to graduate and nothing more."

            "There were many other people who are more intelligent than me, there. That is just at one University. I don't understand why you would seek me out, I'm no one special."

            "I am certainly not a great academic." Paul explained.

            "You underestimate your gifts. To settle your suspicions, I will tell you now, that I am here to gather a group of fresh minds for a new subjective 'think tank'." Andrew countered.

            "What purpose do you have for something like that? Money runs the country, not thoughts." muttered Mr. Garand.

            "The purpose is to help solve the world's problems, or at least a few of them." Andrew added.

            Paul smiled and laughed, "I've heard wild claims before, there are no remedies. I see my life from a practical viewpoint now. I gave up awhile ago on thinking about outer space and beyond."

            "I know there are some new scientific discoveries; however, it seems like more endless speculation to me, instead of an inspiration to make some new theory's of my own." Paul said, deprecatingly.

            "Being pragmatic is only the beginning. You will come to see the truth of that one day soon." Walder scolded.

            "Aside from your philosophical posture, what possible purpose could you have for me?" said a slightly irritated Paul.

            "You have other talents. I am not saying that you are the only person that I considered for the position, it's just that you seem to have a bit of ambition and I would like to have you with us."

            "Please, come to my office and finish this conversation in a place more private." proffered Garand.

            Andrew nodded his approval. He then followed Paul through the kitchen and back into a bright office. He took a seat in front of a small wooden desk.

            Paul sat down into his chair, with the soft cushions. He then withdrew a pen and a business card from the drawer. He wrote something on the back, and tossed it to Walder.

            "Here is my home phone number if you need to reach me. At the moment I am in no way interested in your invitation, I hope you will understand."

            Andrew frowned and leaned back in the ridged chair. He tossed a card to Paul, which had his contact information printed on the back.

            "At a later convenience perhaps?" asked Walder.

            Paul let out a long sigh. "I doubt it, but you never can tell how things work out. This day and age, communication is reasonably easy. It might be I'll get world-weary and send you an instant message."

            It is nice to talk to someone, from back East, and I appreciate you stopping in to see me."

            "Very well Paul, but please think on it, we might have a senatorial ear on this project. I feel certain we can actually make an improvement to our country."

            "With your specialty skills in finance, we could work together to help the economy. We could also accomplish a fe of my other goals along the way."

            "Well, take care, Mr. Walder. Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Nevada."

            "Next time that I get back this way, I'll give you a call." said Andrew.

            "Goodbye and good luck with your advancement." offered Paul.

            "Good night!" replied Walder.

            "Thank you. Goodbye." Paul said as he turned back to his work. He read some information in a thin notebook while Andrew waved.

            Mr. Walder turned and walked out a side door. After leaving the office, he rounded a corner and ran through the employee corridor.

            The hallway soon led him to the parking lot, where he had parked the Thunderbird.


            Greg Nephele steered his yellow dodge pickup truck into the parking lot of the Sky Motel.

            He unloaded three suitcases from the truck bed and carried them into a small room with a single lamp.

            He withdrew some clothes from one of the containers then removed his silk shirt. He looked into a wall mirror.

            He stared at a long scar that ran from his navel to his right armpit. It seemed to have healed properly. He had a recent rock climbing accident.

            The jagged crags cut him deep after missing a handhold. He fell ten feet then scraped on the sharp rock.

            He did not much care because the excursion had been a success. He had found a considerable amount of blue crystals that were akin to quartz.

            They have a higher density. Those same crystals are being examined in a laboratory that is approximately a hundred miles north of the motel.

            He went to the sink and washed his face. He then pulled on a new black t-shirt, that was set aside on the bed.

            Greg picked up an envelope that was under the lamp. He tore the top open with a slender knife and produced the paper that was inside.

            He read the letter. On it was printed the words,'Greg, I have finished the machine. I need to be advised on the next step.'

            'There is room for four people and five-hundred pounds of supplies. The blueprints that you delivered were precise.'

            'My colleagues have begun to build a second crawler. I need to know more about what you discovered in Brazil.'

            'Please act with haste.' - 'Dr. H.A. Laoch.'

            Greg activated his butene lighter and burnt the letter in an ashtray. He waved away the smoke and opened the window.

            He walked over to the Skyline casino and ordered a shot of peach schnappes,which he drank in one gulp.

            Mr.Nephele paid and walked over to stand in line to the restaurant. The hostess guided him to a silver stool. He sat down on the red cushion.

            He ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of vegetable soup. He then tipped the waitress and paid for the meal at the register.

            Greg walked back to his truck. He peered in the back to make sure the tarp was secured, then mounted the driver's seat.

            He started the vehicle, then drove out on Boulder Highway, traveling in the direction opposite from Hoover Dam.

            Next, he turned onto Nellis Boulevard and drove toward the north.

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            "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
            - Michael Moorcock


            • Lemec, I enjoyed reading Deleb's retribution. Structurally it's more straightforward and a little better balanced than your original version of Assembly. I can see it owes alot to the D+D tradition in that your world is very magic heavy and that the magics available seem to be of recognisable D+D types. I've not read any of the D+D spin off books so I can't relate your story to anything else in this field to be able to judge your approach here. I think Jack Vance probably pioneered this particular style of magic which Gary Gygax incorporated into D+D.

              All in all a very fine tale Sir Lemec.


              • Noble Grey Mouser!


                My story does need more work.

                I am so very happy that you enjoyed my story!!!!!

                A Thousand Thanks!

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                "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                - Michael Moorcock


                • The other parts, especially the ending, will be the most transformed.

                  I have alot in mind that I want to add to it, so it might be awhile before I post the next part.

                  I will correct it,save it, then post it when I finish it.



                  "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                  - Michael Moorcock


                  • Hi Lemec. I feel lazy with my writing compared with your industriousness. I'm planning to read through your new version of Assembly at the weekend.


                    • Thanks,Grey Mouser!

                      well, my additions ere nothing,really,just a few corrections and new wording.

                      I plan on writing entire new segments though for the remaining parts.

                      Maybe,I will have an extra part ready for you by this weekend.

                      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                      - Michael Moorcock


                      • Part Five:

                        A cool breeze wafted through the class room. Ben Yaveene sat on the professors' desk in front of Richard and Linda. Ben is a tall seventy-year-old man with blue-gray eyes.

                        They had talked for the better part of an hour. Yaveene had been an associate of Andrew Walder for twenty years. Ben said,"So, you see we are not looking for scholars with a ton of accolades and degrees."

                        "Some people are too set in their ways and unconsciously are not open to new theories. Life is what they are told it is. What is being taught in schools and colleges is one way of thinking and is not always correct."

                        "Many of our facts have been proven wrong or expanded upon to take on a new or different meaning. Science can change. I feel, in the near future, we will make wondrous discoveries."

                        "My friend, Mr. Walder, wants to change the way we think of reality. He wants to learn and make sense of the unknown."

                        "It is very intriguing." said Rich.

                        "It's also pleasing to hear, that Mr. Walder wants to help the world and society." added Linda.

                        "Good, I am glad that you are interested," said Ben. "Many don't believe us. The organization will provide each of you with ten-thousand dollars."

                        "I know it is not much, but most of our capital is spent on equipment and research." stated Ben.

                        "We are now finished with our part in the fort restoration, so there is not much keeping us here." Linda mentioned encouragingly.

                        "That sounds as though you are willing to work for us." Yaveene said.

                        "We will have to postpone our courses,but this might be too great of an opportunity to miss out on." said Linda.

                        "I am also getting a little anxious to leave this area, I need something new." said Rich.

                        "Thank you both for you your honesty and patience." replied Mr.Yaveene.

                        "So, how and where do we get started?" asked Linda.

                        "We have a workshop and lab in Nevada." replied Ben.

                        "Who's gonna pay for that?' asked Richard.

                        "I already have two tickets for you. You will leave tomorrow from Latrobe airport on a flight to Pittsburgh."

                        "I thought they quit the commuter flights, how?....." Linda asked and shook her head.

                        "I have a special arrangement. Andy has alot of recourseful friends." Yaveene winked.

                        "That might be more interesting than anything else." Rich commented.

                        "You will depart Pitt' at 8:50 a.m. In less than four hours, you will land at McCarran International Airport." Ben added.

                        "We better get packed Lind' " said Rich. "I doubt I'll sleep much tonight."

                        "You will be picked up by a man named Greg Nephele when you get there." Ben said. "You won't mistake him."

                        "How will we know who he is?" asked Linda.

                        "He'll be the man handing you an envelope of cash and your security card keys." replied Ben who smiled.

                        "Oh,alright. We will ask to see his driver's license just to make sure." stated Linda.

                        Ben then packed some papers and maps into his silver briefcase and said, "Fine,fine, he's from Colorado. Good Day!"

                        "Good bye," said Rich as he made for the door.

                        "Take care," said Linda as she followed him.

                        "Bon Voyage," replied Ben.

                        Mr.Yaveene walked down the hall to a door marked 'science' and entered. There was a class in session. He took a seat on

                        a stool that was behind the teacher. He then wrote several pages of notes on his clipboard.

                        Richard and Linda rode together in the Jeep. They went through a fast food drive-thru on the way to Larry's house. Linda

                        quickly explained what their plans were and told him that they would see him again when they had time. Their friend and his

                        wife wished them well. Larry told Linda to call him if there was any problems or if they needed any help. The two waved

                        goodbye and Rich drove the Jeep out of town.


                        The four friends jaunted down to the edge of the lake. Catfish moved through the clear water. Brian and Danny met with Linda and Richard at dawn.

                        Richard had earlier explained on the telephone about the move to Nevada to work for Mr. Walder.

                        "How long will you two be gone?" asked Danny who was wearing his "Nine Inch Nails" t-shirt and blue jeans.

                        "At least six months. Could be two years." replied Linda. She wore a dark green dress and black shoes.

                        "Don't worry we will write to ya." said Rich as the wind blew his plaid long sleeve shirt and black jeans.

                        "Where can you be reached? What is your mailing address?" asked Brian. He wore a blue jean jacket, a "U2" t-shirt, black cotton trousers and black sneakers.

                        "We are told that we will have a place on Landra Lane, I think it's in Henderson." said Linda. "It sounds like we won't have to stay there very long though."

                        "Ya, we will share a house there." added Richard.

                        "Ok." said Brian.

                        "Have a safe trip." said Danny.

                        "Maybe I'll take a little cross country trip in a couple months." Brian laughed.

                        "Sure, that would be...very cool! I send you the address and phone number." stated Rich.

                        They continued to stroll around the large lake at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg. The fresh cut grass produced a very pleasing aroma to Rich.

                        He walked along with a big smile on his face. He had grown up with Brian and Danny. They knew each other so well.

                        They always got together for drinking parties,holidays and weekly card games. When Rich met Linda,who was originally from New Jersey,

                        the friends warmly invited her into their group and they were all happy ever since. They pretty much do everything together, so now it was a sad time to be parting.

                        Danny often talked about moving to South Dakota to live with his cousins, but he never got around to it. Brian seemed happy to stay where he was while Rich always

                        wanted to experience life in a different state, but he was reluctant to leave so he could be close to his father. Linda was up for any adventure for she was a free spirit.

                        Her family used to take her to various states on vacation. She really enjoyed their trips to Florida. Their folks encouraged her to live her life so they did not expect

                        her to stay with them.

                        "Hey Brian, isn't this the spot that you burnt your hand when that 'Roman Candle' backfired?" asked Rich.

                        "Yes, it did not stop me from blowin' stuff up though with those quarter sticks of dynamite, that I get every Fourth of July." Brian laughed.

                        "Hey, that made me think of something just now!" exclaimed Danny. "Did you see on the news that there was a tanker truck that rolled off the turnpike?

                        The driver got out, but there was a huge fireball! It hit a Volvo and a Mercedes before it took a dive off the shoulder."

                        "Man! I did not see that." said Brian. "I hate the local news, they treat everyone like they are stupid."

                        "I saw it, but I agree with you Brian, the news is horrible." said Rich. "Everything has to impact on our little community,they take every national story and

                        tie it in somehow with our little town."

                        "That was a bad crash." said Linda. "I am glad that nobody was hurt. My aunt takes that same road every day."

                        "Anyway, I guess Brian and I should take off. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you squeeze in some fun along with all that work!" said Danny.

                        "We will," pledged Linda.

                        "If it turns out to be something that we didn't sign up for, we will be back in quick order." said Richard.

                        "That's good, I hope it is ok, though."said Danny.

                        "Oh, don't worry, it will be fine." Linda assured him.

                        Danny and Brian head for the Matador and Richard and Linda move off in the direction of the Jeep.

                        Rich thought that that Ben guy was pretty cool. He reminded him of his grandfather who had alot more knowlege than appears on the surface.

                        He looked like a man who had done alot in his lifetime. Rich's grandfather sever on a Destroyer in the Atlantic and Ben Yaveene looked,

                        as though he would be very comfortable on such a ship. Richard and Linda, both felt that they could trust the man.

                        Rich drove his Jeep and followed Brian's car out of the park, then they all hollered and waved and went their separate ways.

                        Linda smiled. She gave Richard a kiss on the cheek. Thoughts of adventure ran through her head.


                        (Next, Part Six.)
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                        - Michael Moorcock


                        • New Story Challenge B, "Story from Song" (for 2006-2007)

                          Welcome to the challenge!

                          (Inspired by the great interest in music.)

                          Please use these following guidelines:

                          1) Choose 3 songs. (any recorded songs)

                          2) Combine these 3 songs,title and lyrics,together.

                          3) Take the generally accepted "meaning" or "intention" of the songs,-


                          do not use the exact phrases and/or quotes.}

                          (and) -then infuse them into a new story that you will write for the challenge.

                          4) Write your story, it can be of any theme,as long as it follows the main

                          ideas that are present in the song's words.

                          5) Your story must be from 500 to 2700 words. (Title is not included in the


                          6) Write the artists' name and song titles beside the name of your creation.

                          (As Inspired By....)

                          7) Post it in the Enclave for all to read!



                          If the authors so desire, on Friday, January 19th,2007, I will establish a poll or polls (for fun) so everyone at the Miscellany can vote for the story that they love best!



                          P.S. - If, you have a different interpretation of what the song means, or what it means or how it feels to you, then (by all means), use that version of the song's meaning for your story. -Lemec

                          *The 3 songs can be from the same artist/musician/writer or 1-3 different ones. (or different writing team.)
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                          - Michael Moorcock


                          • Part Six:

                            A laboratory had been established by Andrew Walder and his extensive network of contacts. Ben Yaveene appropriated

                            Federal taxes and used the funds to build a secret bunker in the Nevada desert. The fortification was not known to the

                            government or any branch of the military. A few U.S. senators had been involved. An aide in The White House was the

                            original instigator and Ben's go-between for the illicit action. Food, water and supplies had been stored underground

                            in large quantities, two months prior. Beef,pork,smoked ham and vegetables were frozen and placed in long coolers.

                            Generators provided electricity to refrigerators that were full of other icebound meals. The whole place consisted of several

                            layers of reinforced concrete,wood,rubber and other materials. There were barracks, work areas, testing rooms,store houses,

                            armories, garages, a smithy, a factory, two recreation zones, training arenas and spare quarters. Dr. Laoch and Greg worked

                            in one such room. Parts and equipment littered the polished floor. Apparatuses and wires lined the walls.

                            The fragment of metal bounced up and down the formica work bench like a jumping bean. It hummed slightly. Greg brought

                            the strange alloy to Scotty's Junction where he met up with Dr. Henry Laoch at the private entryway to his base.

                            He had previously met Richard and Linda in the morning and deposited them at the designated house to await further instructions.

                            "There it is doctor, that's the sample piece, the excess is now stored in the South tunnel." stated Greg.

                            "Most enchanting," replied Henry. He is wearing a white smock with pockets and black pants. He observed the metal while he wiped

                            his lenses with a damp towel. He put the glasses back on his face. "It is as I suspected. You found it in a cavern?"

                            "Yes, my team located it while spelunking in Brazil." said Greg.

                            "The combination of elements is truly astonishing. I must let my peers know of this compound."said Dr. Laoch.

                            "Our agents in Europe will be very happy. It is what we theorized about all this time."

                            "Can it be linked with the crystalline vessels?" asked Greg.

                            "I am positive it can be done, it is amazing how much capacity it has to store energy. A cubic inch could power an aircraft carrier

                            for a year." replied Henry.

                            "Andrew will be pleased." said Greg. "How soon can we begin the next phase?"

                            "Step this way." Henry said as he picked up the metal and placed it in a plastic beaker that had a rubber lid. He then walked over to

                            a door,slid it open and walked inside a vast chamber. A bright light shined down to the center of the room. There is a forklift against

                            the far wall and various machines used for working with metals and wood. There is also an oven,a kiln and about forty feet from that,

                            there is a forge,blower and anvil. "Phase Six will start immediately."

                            In the middle of the flat steel floor, there is an object that is seventy feet long with a circumference of eight feet. It is oblong and has

                            creases along regular intervals. It would resemble a gigantic worm except that it is totally covered in blue spiked crystals overlapping

                            black ceramic crossbars and tiles. A portal has been cut into the left and right sides revealing an electronic console and four bucket

                            chairs with high backs and arm rests. There are twenty cases filled with scientific and geological tools and another apparatus. A first

                            aid kit is attached to it's inner wall. Beside it four HAZMAT suits with helmets are suspended from pegs. Gas masks are tucked under

                            the swivel seats. A sonar unit is installed on the left interior side. Two .45 calibur Thompson machine guns are mounted on the rear panel

                            with several extra magazines and five cases of ammunition. A Mossberg 12 gauge, pump-action shotgun and a Remington Model 700,

                            SPS 30-06 bolt-action rifle are contained there in an aluminum case. Beside it is a red fire axe and fire extinguisher. A pile of "MRE's"

                            and some other canned foods are stacked in the front nose of the vehicle. Blankets are rolled up under the roof and back packs hang

                            on nearby hooks. A repair kit is stored under the floor panels. Camping and cooking equipment is also present. In the long tail, there

                            are five lockers on each side. They are empty at the moment. Mr. Walder had told Laoch to keep them free, until he could write up

                            his "last minute preparation list," and personally load the important cargo.

                            "Does it work?,that is the question." said Greg.

                            "It does work by conventional means and now we have a new power source to try on the combustor. Right now it is on battery and

                            bio-diesel fuel." stated Henry.

                            "Excellent." said Greg.

                            "Do not tell the recruits about it." instructed Henry.

                            "No, I won't, not until we assess their potential. If they are up to it, I will need to train them." stated Greg. "After three months time,

                            some of them might be ready to accompany us."

                            "How long do you think it will take, to make the Crawlers work as we want them to?" asked Greg.

                            "My experiments conclude that the new engine can be made compatible within a fortnight."stated Henry. "I will attempt something.

                            Stay where you are and watch this. If....,if I detonate, run to the surface and use your cellular phone to contact Andrew. The updated

                            notes and blueprints are in a fireproof safe in chamber 73. The combination is, 66-41-39-91-83-5-22,right,left,left,right,left,right,left."

                            "I got it. Be careful!: exclaimed Greg.

                            The doctor walked inside the circular vessel and shut the doors by pulling on a cable. Once inside Henry pushed a few buttons on

                            the control panel, flipped five orange studs to the "up" postion and turned a small wheel to the right. He typed some numbers into

                            the silver keypad, then entered some word commands. He walked towards the rear, where he opened a side hexagonal inner door

                            and dropped the piece of metal,from the beaker, in a long metallic tube and quickly shut it's hatch. The tube angled down to a device

                            consisting of plastic hoses,stainless steel cogs,gears,wheels and wooden rods. It was enchased in the same blue crystal as the craft.

                            Henry rapidly shut the inner door and walked over to the keyboard, typed in a new set of commands and pressed enter. Next,

                            the scientist walked over and sat in one of the chairs. He twisted some brass knobs and pressed an indigo button on the left arm rest.

                            A green lightbulb illuminated the boards. On the right arm rest there is a flat screen monitor that he touched with his fingers to activate

                            some strange runes, that were placed there as the password mechanism. A beep followed, with series of five beeps and then two beeps.

                            A new monitor decended from the ceiling and stopped directly before his lap. He typed in some more commands on the touch screen

                            and,afterwards, a menu of items appeared. There was one marked TEST 0001 GO X 3498. He pressed that, then made a wave motion.

                            The screen went back into the roof. He flipped open a clear plastic cube and depressed the black button contained within.

                            Greg was watching from outside the vessel,near the lab's doorway. After waiting ten minutes, the crystal worm began to hum and creak.

                            Steam rose from the blue crystals. The crystals started to merge and morph together. The blue quartz-like substance suddenly turned into

                            a dark purple, then it grew darker by the second until the whole craft was a deep black, as black as tar. The vehicle began to move forward.

                            It wiggled left and right, right then left with an up and down motion. The side creases performing like a hollow wooden toy snake, that are

                            sold at carnivals. The steel floor beneath it buckled and twisted slightly it lurched over the floor.

                            It traveled a few feet forward, then turned right to make an entire loop. It soon revearsed it's coarse and moved backwards near to where it

                            began. Water from ceiling sprinklers drenched the craft.

                            It stopped. The colour turned back to purple then blue, but now the crystals were melted together and resembled reptilian skin. The side outer

                            door opened, Henry grinned and leaped out. He ran to Greg and stood beside the man.

                            "The damn thing works!" exclaimed the doctor. "Now, we just need to make a few changes. We can program coordinates when we figure out

                            where it is we are going! What an amazing and powerful alloy!"

                            "That is quite a site Henry. Congratulations, you might be up for the Nobel Prize if we could actually tell the public about this. Now we need

                            to get that assembly gathered together quick, so they can tell us what to do with the contraption. I sure hope Andrew has some new insights

                            on what we are to do. I wonder,myself, what great purpose is in store for us! Andy will love it,I'm sure. Space exploration could be an option.

                            Maybe, he will sell it to NASA for use on Mars. Please continue to construct the new engine and we will see where that takes us." stated Greg.

                            "Yes, I will focus on it's inner workings. Now that we have achieved this wonderful ground-breaking step, we will prevail!" shouted Dr. Laoch.

                            "Don't forget to load the video recording equipment before you finish the second Crawler." reminded Greg.

                            "Very well, I shall do that without fail." stated Henry. " I must send word to Mr. Yaveene. He will be astounded."

                            Greg slapped Henry accross his back and guided him into the laboratory. The doctor shut the door and Greg broke out the champange.

                            The two colleagues drank their toast to Andrew. Greg rode an elevator to the radio room. He sent a communique to Mr. Walder and one to Ben.

                            Henry eagerly worked on the new engine for the mysterious ore and crystals.


                            Dr. Laoch and Mr. Walder sat in wood chairs inside a makeshift library at the underground complex. They drank coffee from clay cups.

                            "I checked the fingerprints from the cartridges that you gave me. The man's name is Glen Hunter, he is a small time ex-con from Illinois.

                            He had several arrests, grand theft, larceny and racketeering. The police picked him up and put him jail again for a parole violation."

                            Andrew arrived there an hour ago and Henry provided all the information about the Crawler and recent events. The library was really a

                            long tunnel made of concrete. It had walnut book cases on both sides and a handful of tables and chairs. There were also two plain six-foot

                            benches. The light was more than sufficient. There were extra lamps there that are linked to the emergency generator in the event the main

                            power fails. The complex has four main tunnels on sub- level three. Levels one and two are comprised of a five room chamber formation that

                            branch off from the elevator room. Level four is a large steel cube, housing oxygen tanks,food,water,living quarters,an escape tunnel that runs

                            directly East and radio equipment. A meeting room is set up inside of room number nine on the second level. That room has a white marble

                            table that is hexagonal in shape. It has twelve soft leather seats in all, two on each of it's six sides. On the table's surface there are twelve flat

                            screen monitors with an equal amount of state-of-the-art computers. Two colour printers and a scanner are also present. The library is in the

                            west tunnel on level three. Henry and Andrew leave the library and take the lift up to the meeting room. It is dark inside, there is only one lamp

                            above the table and two green guide lights to mark the entryway. Andrew walked in and sat down.

                            " I am enormously relieved that all is going well, much better than expected. Henry, you have done well. How many people did Ben finally

                            persuade to work for us?" asked Andrew.

                            "Here is the list, he convinced Richard and Linda from Ligonier, PA, Karen Salali of Wheeling, West Virginia, April Turillo from Detroit, Michigan,

                            Kate Wren and Pam Smythe from New York, Melinda Aalamgeer from Lexington, South Carolina, Rob Lee Baker from Sanderville, Georgia,

                            Mark Hargren from San Diego and Sal Bharani from Columbus. So that makes ten, we need two more my friend." ansered Dr. Laoch.

                            "Very good." stated Andrew.

                            "My counterparts in Europe and Asia have their respective groups as well." said Henry.

                            "We are the only ones with the Crawler,right?" inquired Andrew.

                            "Yes, the other countries don't have the material or enough crystals to build one at this time. Besides that, Greg is the only one in the

                            world to know where to get more of that unstable ore." stated Henry.

                            "Very good, we will share with the others when the right moment presents itself. Right now, I want them to concentrate on thier science,

                            we need more answers to the nature of the universe and not any more speculation. I need fact for what we are about to embark upon."

                            "There is no telling how it might upset the cosmos. I don't know....well, anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. We must first do what

                            we set out to do and that is helping our world before it is plunged into a dark abyss." stated Andrew.

                            "I am in agrrement." stated the doctor.

                            "Ok, get everyone in here as soon as you can. I'll see if I can find a couple others whom we might trust. I am going to send Ben to

                            Washington D.C. to see what he can accomplish there. I will return as soon as I can. If you need to buy any chemicals or other supplies,

                            see Greg or take the funds from my company ATM card. Thank You." said Mr. Walder.

                            Andrew spun around and left the room. He then rode on a small lift to the surface rather than taking the freight elevator that could carry a car.

                            The door opened and Walder stepped out onto the desert landscape away from the brush that concealed the hidden entrance. He started up

                            his Thunderbird. The air conditioner switched on when Andrew allowed the motor to work for a few minutes. He travelled down a single road, the car left a long trail of dust behind.

                            Mr. Walder thought of all the loose ends that he had to tie up. He hoped the new group would be helpful to him, otherwise, he will to be forced to move the operation to somewhere in Europe.

                            Andrew had encountered a few problems last year with the authorities of Spain and France. The French Police might not be willing to reason with the man, if he were to return.


                            (Next, Part Seven.)
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                            - Michael Moorcock


                            • Part Seven-

                              It took Greg Nephele a little over two weeks to get the group assembled. He introduced the team members to Dr. Laoch and to

                              each other. They also got to know all the assistants for the project. Linda and Richard found it easy to get along with everyone.

                              Andrew made sure they worked in a tight cohesion. The band had alot in common. They had similar social backgrounds.

                              Richard and Linda enjoyed sleeping in the bunker. They thought it was like going on a camping trip, it was fun for them.

                              Food was brought in from the outside, during the first week. Diego Martin, a chef from one of the Las Vegas hotels, prepared

                              their meals from what they had stored up in the freezers and supply room. They stayed in the Level 1 chambers, where there

                              were plenty of beds. Andrew was away during most of that time. Ben had contacted his staff and the team via satellite phone.

                              Yaveene told them that his plans were a success. He was in position to now change some things in the government.

                              A agenda had been formed. Each state will be able to save at least two-million dollars a year. There was alot of waste on the

                              federal and state levels. Some of this money will later be channeled to Walder's association. Ben was able to get a few side

                              projects accomplished, propositions on medicine and health care. Ben thought The Pentagon could really trim down alot

                              without sacrificing national security.

                              The group wasted no time. In a few days they had some new discoveries. They stayed in communication to similar teams

                              that worked in Europe. The overseas members shared informationto help speed things along. They had been in service

                              for a year. Walder allowed the new companions to help with ideas to help their country. Later, he schemed to reveal his

                              true motives. Greg told them that they would soon turn their attention to testing some of Dr. Laoch's theories. Experiments

                              concerning effects of various substances on the physical world and outer space. Richard,Linda, Kate,Pam,Melinda,Robert,

                              Mark and Sal worked hard. They put in long hours without complaint, because they got many positive results.


                              Greg organized an exercise routine. The team ran around a track that wound through steel arches, set into the walls.

                              He made time,each day, for calisthenics. There also was a weight room so anyone could work-out when they wished.

                              The room bustled with activity as the group moved about the white table and discussed issues. Karen, a mathematician,

                              sat down and began writing calculation in a wide notebook. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Karen wore a white blouse,

                              black suit pants and dress shoes with rubber soles. Most of the team members wore rubber soles so they would not slip as they worked.

                              Robert sat beside her and typed on a computer keyboard. He had a specialty in computers, but he was mostly self-taught. Rob learned

                              that he was the youngest person in the assembly, age,twenty-two. He has a business style haircut and large brown eyes. April worked at a

                              black table with some test tubes, work that she need not perform in the main lab. She,a chemist, wore a black skirt,black hose and a red blouse.

                              She is thirty-two years-old and five feet tall. She has long auburn hair and green eyes. Richard and Linda worked near the woman and studied a clipboard.

                              Kate, the matter and energy physicist is a tall red-head who wore brown pants and a tan sleeveless blouse. She talked to her friend Pam, she is a short

                              brunette who wore a tuquoise dress. She,an expert on particle physics and astrodynamics. They poured over books from Walder's library.

                              Mark, a six foot tall black man, is a geologist. He is wore a blue shirt tucked into black suit pants. Sal is five-foot-six inches tall, has curly brown hair

                              and a moustache. He has brown eyes. He wore a blue long sleeve shirt with blue jeans. He was recruited because he has degrees in anthropology and

                              a certificate in environmental studies. Melinda is five-nine,has short brown hair and green eyes. She wore a peach coloured cotton dress. She has a degree

                              in psychology.

                              Sal turned to Rich and said,"Some believe that people live their lives in various states when dealing with their their fellow humans. An instinctive state of mind,

                              a violent state,a state of communication and a mental state that seperates one from all animal reactions."

                              "I see, so in other words, the first reaction is to run away, the next is to fight, then the next stage is to work the problem out with words and the last being above

                              all others, that where the person is not effected by worldly matters.They simply exist. In addition to that you could reach a stage, that balances those forces all together,

                              so you can choose any action without being a slave to your emotions." said Rich.

                              "That is essentially correct." said Sal.

                              "Greg says that any thoughts we have outside the mainstream will be helpful, so we need to keep ideas like that in focus." said Linda.

                              "Yes, there are alot of different concepts out there already if you look for them. I did not invent that philosophy, just passing it along." said Sal.

                              Rob walked over to them and said,"Hey, I thought of something funny, you know how people are always worried about the a meteor hitting the Earth, or talking about how

                              the sun will burn out one day, or even worry about nuclear war?"

                              "Yes, of course,sure...but," replied Rich.

                              "Well, If our solar system drifts through space a tiny fraction at a time and our galaxy also moves in some way, how do we know that the whole universe does not move?"

                              "I believe there is an outer layer to the universe. I feel we are thinking in small terms. There could even be an outer rim to the regular,outer universe and that rim,which would

                              really be another "globe" as the old universe probably is, things seem to be created in the form of a sphere. To make a simple statement, think of a cooked egg in a bowl.

                              on top of a saucer, we are all focused on preventing the yoke from breaking and watching things go on in the egg white, but what we could be missing is what is happening

                              in the bowl and beyond that, the whole saucer could be falling to the floor to break in a million shards and we in the yoke would never know it! Only when it is too late!"

                              "Well that's damned confusing." stated Richard.

                              Robert continued, "The outer universe sphere could be heading to an inferno. Maybe even a big space monster for all we know! We could become non-existant in a fraction

                              of a second. We would never have any warning."

                              "That is one way to look at it I suppose." said Linda.

                              "It has been wondered about for centuries,what is really out there? It can't all be endless space,can it? If the spheres would just stack and stack upon each other, then we are back

                              to pretty much the same theory that space is endless." said Rich.

                              "There is something else that we have been working on." said Kate. "They have new ideas concerning what could be layers of dimensions interlinked with one another. In each film

                              that overlaps, there appears to be different properties assigned to it."

                              "To add to that there could be a second "covering" over the smaller dimensions, one large coating that we don't know what is inside it. The smaller ones have a purpose, a kind of

                              adhesive to hold the present reality together." Pam explained.

                              "If it does exist, it could explain the intricate mechanisms of the universe. It could be a passageway to the other dimensions or to a separate realm, entirely.

                              Andrew sneaked up behind them and shouted ,"The Spirit Ream!"

                              They all turned and looked at the man.

                              "Huh?" asked Robert.

                              "Oh,hello!" said Mark.

                              "Hi, nice to see you, Andrew." Sal remarked.

                              "Mr. Walder, you have returned." said Kate.

                              "Yes and I like where your conversation is headed." said Andrew.

                              " The Spirit Realm?" asked Pam.

                              "The one I refer to is often spoke of in different cultures. Native Americans, sometimes call it the ghost realm of their ancestors. I think of the "Ghost Dance." I firmly believe that

                              such a place or dimension could exist." stated Mr. Walder.

                              "That may fall under religion, Andrew, it could just be thought up to provide comfort to the living or created to serve as a model for morality." said Mark.

                              "It may be, but I don't think so." stated Andrew. "There has to be more to it. There are many stories of powerful visions that were past to generation to generation by word of mouth."

                              "Could be true." said Linda.

                              "We could all be watching too many movies." offered Rich.

                              "With everything as we know it, with new discoveries all the time, there could have been matter or even beings that slipped out of another realm over the years. For all we now, in a time

                              before man, the dimensions were open free to the Earth. It could be that some great catastrophe closed the gates to these other realms and thus changed the Earth's reality to what it is

                              this present day." said Andrew.

                              "First we would need to come up with a device that could actually detect or allow us to see where these realms begin and end." said Kate.

                              Andrew motioned to them and they all gathered around the hexagonal table. They continued their conversation for several hours. They did not come up with any solid theories on how

                              to break into another dimension or examine the material that might make up another realm. Dr. Laoch had made some progress. They talked more of practical issues and continued their



                              Paul dreamed again. He felt weightless. He looked out into an endless black mass. When he focused his eyes he saw that he was in a house, but it was drifting in space and was lit up by the stars.

                              He looked below him and saw a planet that had been torn apart. Massive chunks of debris floated past him. The oceans were starting to vaporize. The continents as he knew them no longer existed.

                              Continetal plates drfited in rapid fasion and collapsed in under each other. The atmosphere broke down on a molecular level. Insects with eight pincers and ten spindly legs crawled out the windows

                              of the brick house. They shambled towards the man. The house cracked apart. The insects drew near and the man noticed that they were as big as dogs. They jumped on him and he could feel his

                              flesh lacerated and crushed. He thrashed about, but knew it was too late as there were already dozens of punctures in his skin. His mind began to struggle with the thought of what was going on and

                              why he still alive to start with, as he was suspended in the vacuum, being pulled apart by alien creatures. He had a vision of lavender clouds and bizarre landscapes. He awoke on the floor beside his

                              bed. He looked up at the sunlight, it streamed through the venetian blinds.


                              (Next, Part Eight)
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                              "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                              - Michael Moorcock


                              • Part Eight -

                                Roger Vask,the owner of Vask Enterprises, worked day and night to unravel Andrew Walder's plans. They had served in the same

                                battalion together. He walked through the dusty corridors of his warehouse. It is one of many facilities owned by the millionaire. He

                                got his start into the freight business by smuggling weapons to various 'Third World' countries. Walder felt betrayed by the man.

                                Roger sold information about Andrew to the French National Police. Mr. Walder was caught with contraband medicine at the

                                French-Spanish border. He escaped, but the incident created immeasurable problems. It interfered with his many projects. Vask

                                paid operatives to travel the world and gather intelligence. There were a few men,that he trusted,who were commissioned to directly

                                hinder the progress of one of Walder's agents.


                                Paul carried a bag of groceries towards his Chrysler in the parking lot. It was Tuesday night, one of Mr. Garand's off days.

                                He was roughly pushed from behind. He dropped his bag and immediately dove into a shoulder roll. He was up on his feet in an instant.

                                Paul brought his forearm around to block a vicious kick. The attacker, dressed in a gray jumpsuit, kicked again, this time low and the strike

                                connected. Paul dodged slightly, the blow did not hurt him. Another man, who was in a blue jumpsuit struck out with his fists. Paul

                                raised his arm and slapped both strikes away, with his palm. Mr. Garand threw a feint with his left hand,rotated and kicked out with

                                his right foot. His shoe caught the second assailant in the abdomen. The man fell hard to the pavement. Paul used his forearms to

                                block again. He deflected three incoming punches from the first man. Swiftly, Paul stomped on the second man's chest. He kicked

                                once more and struck the fallen man in the temple. Paul squared off to face the other man, he raised his arms and swayed back and


                                Paul's adversary asked,"What did the fat man tell you?" His name is William Blackthorne, a Vask employee. He is six-foot-two and

                                well-defined, with white hair.

                                "Why should I talk to you, you attacked me?" said Pail.

                                "We are desperate men. We are trying to stop Mr. Walder from making a horrible mistake." said William.

                                "You are just buying time for you friend to recover!" shouted Paul.

                                "No, you must listen to me." said Blackthorne.

                                "This is no way to go about pleading for your cause." said Paul who looked over his shoulder for more muggers.

                                "I'll let the cops deal with the likes of you." Mr. Garand was almost out of breath.

                                "I can't allow you to leave, I must have the information." said William, who withdrew a commando knife from his boot with his right hand.

                                He held up his left arm to ward off any attack from Paul.

                                William smiled and lunged low towards Paul. Paul quickly brought his arms together, so his wrists touched and he blocked the man's arm, then leaped back.

                                "Back off now!" shouted Paul. "Don't force me into this!"

                                William sliced Paul's right shoulder, blood spurted for an instant.

                                Garand retaliated. He struck twice. He hit the man in the solar plexus.

                                Blackthorne lost his wind, but recovered. He lunged and stabbed out.

                                Paul caught the man's wrist and twisted the hand that held the poniard. He smashed William's elbow with his left palm heel.

                                Mr. Garand tore the dagger free, reversed the hilt and pointed the blade down. Paul pushed the knife into the man's neck.

                                William gurgled and leaned forward. He punched Paul with his free hand, but it was futile. The blow struck harmlessly against Paul's shoulder.

                                Paul held the knife firmly and slid the tip between William's ribs and struck the man's heart. The enemy fell to the ground, dead.

                                He yanked the blade out of the man's chest and plunged the knife into the other aggressor's stomach, after the man rose to his feet and

                                withdrew a Colt 1911, from a holster inside the jumpsuit.

                                A dozen bystanders pressed the 911 quick dial on their cellular telephones. A large crowd stood in horror.

                                Paul quickly took a handkerchief and wipe his fingerprints from the blade and hilt, as best he could. He dropped the knife and ran to

                                his Chrysler. Security men cautiously walked towards the blue car, but Paul started it,put it in gear and pressed the gas pedal. He

                                almost drove over their feet as they approached. He reversed his course and sped down the side road with his headlights off. He

                                turned left and drove for three miles, then turned right and drove for five miles. He then slowed down and pulled the headlights on.

                                He merged with traffic where he obeyed the posted speed limit. Paul's body visibly shooked. He heard the police sirens in the far

                                distance. He drove on and pretended that there was nothing wrong.


                                (Next,Part Nine.)
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                                "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                                - Michael Moorcock