Greetings, Noble people of Multiverse,

I like to write very much, but I have not still books published, but I wish to have any day.
"Dark Reflex on the Mirror" could be the title of a future book of mine.
These are other stories of mine. Good reading and commentaries will be welcome.

So long!
Rita Maria Felix da Silva
Multiverse's section named State of Pernambuco

By Rita Maria Felix da Silva

The candles put in the correct sequence. The exact colours. The proper symbols on the wall. Magic, as her grandmother had learned to her, needs precision.

Men of that land loved hers, because she made them happy how their wives never could. The wives hated her. Those women call hers “whore” and things even worse. Of this time, however, they exceeded themselves. Broken ribs, she spitted blood. The other women had hurt her a lot. But, this was not important. She would have the just vengeance.

She concluded the ritual using terrible words; fell down on the ground of her bedroom. She used her life to complete the enchantment and died with a painful smile. It was more than ten o’clock.

When was 01:00 a.m., at the village, all wives woke up screaming. Their skin tore itself and the flesh run away from those women’s bones.

Dedicated to Giulia Moon

By Rita Maria Felix da Silva

“What about the rebellion?” asked the king Ferdinand Pumpadur XV, while he devoured a chicken stew.

“I already finished it. Your tyranny is warranted for more some years.” answered the wizard Ordonax.

“And what happened to Ivan Vostok, the rebellion leader?”

“Majesty, please, end your dinner and then I’ll tell to you. Did you like this dish? I myself have cooked it.” said malicious the sorcerer.

“I never tasted food better than this! Presto! I already am satisfied. Say me, what did you do with him?”

“Well, I have thought of something very creative. As you know, Magic is the art of transformation. This way, I have transformed him in... How can I say? Oh, look, my king, still remains a piece of him in the pot!”

The king vomited for days. That sick humour sense of the wizard was very disgusting for him.

Dedicated to Martha Argel


(Alhambradar) “You seem worried.”

(Yonbrone) “Don't be so curious!”

(Alhambradar) “I'm your best friend. I’ve this right. What’s up?”

(Yonbrone) “This new mission...”

(Alhambradar) “Can't you refuse it?”

(Yonbrone) “No! My family is the Military Force's pride of Conglomerate since twenty generations ago. If I commit such disobedience, it’d be a shame. Besides, you not even can imagine what is the punishment...”

(Alhambradar) - Desbrainization? Yes, I ever listened about this.

(Yonbrone) “Exactly! If I don't serve for them with my organic original brain, they remove it and substitute it for a robotic one. May the goddesses protect me!”

(Alhambradar) “And what they do with your original brain?”

(Yonbrone) “You're really sick! They use for fertilizing the farming of carnivorous plants in planet Acaius-Primus.”

(Alhambradar) “Oh, I'm very lucky because I don’t eat those things! Hey, isn’t it just a capture expedition?”

(Yonbrone) “This was the first talk of Conglomerate. Now the idea is real termination. It remains just twelve beings of that species. Twelve! And just I must to lead a group to extinguish those beings?”

(Alhambradar) “And why does the Conglomerate want kill’ em?”

(Yonbrone) “I don't know. Policy mixed with prejudice, economical interests and religion. Always these things… You see.”

(Alhambradar) “This mission is well important. It can make you famous, can give for you a medal and a raise in Corporation and, maybe, even a governmental pass for a fifth husband. I’d like to have so many ones!”

(Yonbrone) “I don't now... The morality of this situation disturbs me.”

(Alhambradar) “But, aren't these creatures just... Aliens?”

(Yonbrone) “Yes, if we compare them to our people... However... Half of my family always was historians and the most notable in all worlds of the Conglomerate. What you’ve called “creatures” already were very important. All we owe so much to that species. Without all what they did the civilized universe wouldn’t be one infiniteth of what is today.”

(Alhambradar) “Hey, Yon, this is just myth. And if it was true, it’d be a very ancient story, the kind of thing nobody minds no more.”

(Yonbrone) “I mind. And since I know what I know... I wouldn’t like their death haunting my conscience.”

(Alhambradar) “Friend, do you want to be desbrainized?”

(Yonbrone) “Of course not!”

(Alhambradar) “And the raise in Corporation?”

(Yonbrone) “Yes! I am worth this.”

(Alhambradar) “And a fifth husband?”

(Yonbrone) “I need. I getting close on cycle of sexual apex o our species. The four husbands I already have aren’t enough.”

(Alhambradar) “Ok... Do you know what my mother said about theses life’s dilemmas?”

(Yonbrone) “Which them? The genetic one or the one served like to incubate you?”

(Alhambradar) “The incubator. Other is a witch! Mom always said in problem times lock the conscience, flee out dangers and enjoy the advantages come. Can you see?”
(Yonbrone) “ Yes, I do.”

(Alhambradar) “These aliens you’re going to terminate...”

(Yonbrone) “Don’t remind me this!”

(Alhambradar) “... They have a name at their language, a word sounds kind of fun at our language, haven’t?”

(Yonbrone) “Yes. Our people pronounce ‘humanites’ or ‘humanics’, but the correct form is ‘humans’.

Dedicated to Yume Sama

By Rita Maria Felix da Silva

Condormor and Towerivory were nations at eternal ancient unexplainable enmity. Recently, the differences between them had evolved to an almost weaponed conflict. But, Alphonsus Nicodemus, Condormor’s king, was a prudent man and his speech was convincing. He rushed to articulate a peace treaty.

However, during the banquet for signing of that treaty, a quarrel between the princes of those two kingdoms — about an adjective of the Condormorian language which the Towerivorians considered as obscene — resulted in a head cut off. The treaty was forgotten. The war began.

“The devil is at the details” — lamented the King Alphonsus, while he counted the dead ones.

In the Hell, the Devil, counting the souls which came from that war, laughed and agreed with him.

Dedicated to Garret Gonzales


Disguised the best way he was able, he looked at his old companions — now just impaled corpses before firing UNO building.

They did not listen him (“Do you refuse to fight? You’re more afraid than a chicken! We always win all battles. Why this would be different?”) and they went — in colourer costumes and masks and using stupid codenames and absurd powers — against the “Demonic Invasion”. His conscience threatened recriminate him. Using telepathy, he silenced it.

He would escaped to turn himself at an anonymous searching any secure place. Around him, the world was in flames while persons were shredded. He ignored the shouts. “May the humankind be extinguished.” he thought. For he, the Earth’s super-hero, all what mind was he survived.

Dedicated to Lemec and Doc