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Well, I did it

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  • Well, I did it

    I sent a short story off to Interzone and I got rejected by post within 72 hours. That's the same time it used to take Mike to write a Hawkmoon book.

    All I got was a form letter the size of a small envelope saying.

    Many thanks for sending us your story. It has been read and considered very carefully (HAH! I sent it off on Tuesday, it obviouslly arrived Wednsday and they sent the rejection off the same day.) but I'm sorry to say we won't be offering you an acceptance this time. Next time might be different, so please keep trying! Your submissions will always be welcome. Don't forget that it is always helpful to read the magazine(s) to get a feel for what we publish-this will give a huge advantage over those writers who don't.
    So, brief rejection, but mostly saying 'We thought your story sucked after possibly reading two pages, but please buy our publications regardless.'

    A friend looked at my story, pointed out some flaws. She advised to make the first few pages more snappier and maybe try a magazine such as 'Asimov's'. I've considered trying American magazines because there are actually a number of them to consider.

    This was months back...I'm better now.

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    Perhaps you should wait a few months and send it again. Just for the sake of curiosity...
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      Originally posted by devilchicken
      Perhaps you should wait a few months and send it again. Just for the sake of curiosity...

      Anyway,this has happened to me too.(And to many many others I guess)
      I don't think I am really good but what I have read in local magazines aren't that great afterall.


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        It might just be that you need to find the right niche in the market for your story. Have you thought any more about submitting your story to those American publications?


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          I've been thinking about it, but the story definatly needs some work. I'll put it up now so people can see.


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            Remember that if you still wish to submit it for magazine publication some magazines won't consider stuff that's been posted on the web. Not sure which ones or how strict they are about it though.


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              Not even a story that will be pretty well revised before re-submission?


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                I'm not sure Manmiles. Hopefully a significant revision would deal with that. Just thought I'd mention the possibility. I think web posting is considered the same as if the story has been previously published by some
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