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Elric Ball-jointed-Doll ????

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  • Elric Ball-jointed-Doll ????

    Hi, It's been awhile since I've posted here. and even longer since I....

    Anyways to get to the point,
    I'm collecting Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and I would liked to have a mini-versions of my favorite characters. With the Elric movie in the works, I'm anxiously waiting for this state-side doll-maker to come up with an Elf-eared head mold.

    There are Pictures of the body in the link "doll parts" and of a White-skinned doll in the gallery.

    heh, he comes with a bunch of extras. But I'd probly get an extra pair of hands so that I can modify them to grasp a sword hilt. XD

    He currently costs about $575 US and whoa! he's a tall one. 30.5 inches/ 77.5cm tall.

    The nice thing about ABJD's is that they are very customizable. =^_^=
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    Anyone remember the thread with the pics to that home made Elric figure? It was an old post, wish I'd book mark'd it, it was pretty sweet.


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      D'you mean this chap:

      [broken link]

      Oddly, I found that by checking Elysion's past posts via the profile link... a shot in the dark, but there we go. :)
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        DocT! Yes, amazing stuff this guy did here! Almost make me wanna sell my soul for one