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  • Greenbriar

    I would like to invite you all to come read my webcomic, Greenbriar.

    Greenbriar is a sword and sorcery yarn about a sorcerous, named Epiphany, who keeps getting roped into various adventures by those who would exploit her power. Epiphany is motivated mostly by rational self-interest, some might call it greed, and prefers to make money off of the tavern she owns.

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    I dig Irish stuff, saucerous or not!

    Google ergo sum


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      Yeah, I like Irish stuff too...except their horrible cooking. That goes for all of British cuisine. The worst in the world, hands down. Well, maybe some German food is worse.

      I wasn't really thinking of Ireland when I made up Greenbriar. I actually wanted the art direction to have more of an Eastern European or Russian feel. As it is, Greenbriar is kind of my idea of what a sword and sorcery Old-World Europe would look like. I realize that it is my idea of what that would look like, and not necessarily the reality. I rationalize this by pointing to the Italian Spaghetti Westerns which are an outsider's vision of America and the Old West, which I prefer to the genuine article.

      For whatever reason, I haven given everyone common names and not stuff like Lord ZARGOREK!


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        Interesting site. I haven't read the whole story yet, but I checked out a couple of pages... pausing briefly to look up the word "tincture"! :)

        As was mentioned in one of the S&S threads, it's often more interesting to have a main chaarcter who isn't really that keen to go adventuring, but is forced to by circumstance or sympathy. The reluctant hero, and all that.

        How was it coloured, if you don't mind me asking a dull technical question?
        "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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          Well, yes you are right, Epiphany has a slightly Russian or Ukrainian look about her. The eyes, probably, together with the head dress. And Epiphany has a great meaning to members of the Orthodox Church, If I'm not totally mistaken.

          A well travelled White-Russian film director I know who has a US passport, lives in Holland and owns a Lama swears that food in Holland is the most awful. So much for the food thing.
          Interested to see how your online comic develops, I'll drop by from time to time.
          Google ergo sum


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            Originally posted by DeeCrowSeer

            How was it coloured, if you don't mind me asking a dull technical question?
            Not at all. It's a process very similar to cell animation. The black line art which has all non black areas knocked out, is put on its own transparent layer in Photoshop. I make another layer UNDERNEATH that one. I then go-to-town with a hard brush and start coloring. If I'm lucky and my line art is closed off without any holes in say, a characters boot or shirt, I can make a selection of empty space go to MODIFY and EXPAND the path by 1 pixel and then back to my color layer. I can dump a shit load of color at once if I'm able to do that. (This makes perfect sense to me, but it might be a process I have to show you graphically.)

            After I lay down my "flats", which are the base color. I usually mentally decide on a light source and try to have few shadows and highlights that correspond to my imaginary light source to give my cartoony people some semblance of dimension and form.

            If I have time I'll take it and put the whole Photoshop file in Corel Painter and use the air brush SPLATTER tool to give it a little texture, but sometimes I don't do this usually because I'm about to go over my self-imposed deadline.

            After all the color is done, I then worry with the speech balloons typography, which is done in Photoshop. Probably should be doing it in InDesign, but I don't own that.


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              I used to go out with a girl from Ennistymon just like her


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                Originally posted by Perdix
                I used to go out with a girl from Ennistymon just like her
                Lucky you. Epiphany is my dream girl. Could your girl shoot energy blasts out of her hands?


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                  Nice art/story/website. :)


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                    Nice art/story/website.
                    Thank you! You are all invited to visit as many times as you like. Alas, I only can update twice a week.

                    My workmates don't really understand why I'm doing this. I usually amuse them with tasteless cartoons that I draw on post-it notes, which would get me fired if anyone ever saw them. Our secretary has a notebook that she has collected with all of them. Perhaps she is going to blackmail me some day. I actually got this line one day, "You're so good at your regular cartoons, why waste your time with a comic about little fairies!?"


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                      I read your webcomic a while back, long before this was posted, and I enjoy it (and check it regularlly for updates). Nice work Bradi! :clap:

                      S. Ombre


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                        Thanks! What a nice thing to say.

                        Well, for those who are interested, my next update will be tonight, Wednesday, at 10:00 pm Central Time.


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                          Fancy submitting anything to Prototype X, Bradi?



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                            Boy Howdy, I sure am spread thin here, but it does sound like a lot of fun. Let me look into it.


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                              Thanks for the "shop talk" Bradi. It seems I'm doing pretty much the same things you are with PhotoShop... but I still like your colouring more! :)

                              Word balloons can be an absolute pain though. I'm doing them with the text tool, same as you... it can be fiddly working out where to end each line to get the right "shape", but my handwriting is abysmal, so it has to be done.

                              Aah, more comix for P-X... and so it begins...
                              "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild