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Story Challenge - Crossovers

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  • Story Challenge - Crossovers

    In light of the whole LSN fiasco, I have decided to post a story challenge to get the ball rolling and return this forum back to buisness, with or without you know who. . .


    I recently read that Karl Edward Wagner's Kane was suppose to have filled the gap that seperated the hulking heroes of REH, with those of MM's brooding tragedy figures. Many say he failed at the attempt, I say it was more than that. REH's work bare close resemblance to real world histories or people, while MM are completely original and more fantastic (in the magical sense). Like a friend said, there's more magic in a level 1 D&D wizard that the whole of Conan (REH written) combined.

    Write a story where both are crossd over, a sense of REH's hulking heroes with that of MM's magic-dependant heroes and see what happens. The challenge rests in trying to combine two polar opposites - as we all know Elric is Conan's opposite and vice versa - what kind of hero would occupy the middle ground between them? Any questions or answers I'll be glad to reply toward here.

    Happy writing :D

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    elric is conan's opposite... hmm...i have to think on this for a while...


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      I'll be submitting to this (my own) challenge