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    OK, I'd like to get PX3 off the ground for next summer (2006).

    The venue will be The Riverhouse Barn, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Just south of London (well, in London, really), within the M25, literally next to the Thames at a picturesque spot. Just off the A3, close to Heathrow (and Gatwick, too).

    Exhibition: a 5-day exhibition of PX-featured artwork and photography in the gallery costs a cheap آ£500, and we can sell items (prints or originals). It's good-sized space.

    Performance: on the Friday and/ or Sat night of the exhibition week, we wil hire the (very classy) performance space for music and readings of our work! There should be enough musical endeavour amongst the PX community for a few short sets, interspersed with readings or other related performance art. Costs آ£60ph from 18:00 - 22:30 per night (weekend rate) - they have multimedia projectors, keyboards, Grand Piano (tuned) etc for extra. Plus publicity in their newsletters, etc.

    There's a decent bar, which keeps its own profits, but I think we could approach an inexpensive but high-quality event.

    Check out the site:

    I've been to several events here, and it's a good venue for this kind of thing. More 'arty' than 'clubby', but then, hell, so are we...:-)

    I think we should do this.

    Give me some proposals, folks!!!

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    It's an excellent idea. Do we have enough artists who would like to exhibit their work?

    Also, how late in the summer are you thinking?


    P. S. I'll be there in spirit, but if I'm in Europe at the time, it'll probably be in France, unless there is a compelling reason for me to present myself at the proposed venue.


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      That sounds great, it would be really cool as long as you could get a good attendance. If its possible then my band would maybe be available for a little set, and I think they would be more than up for a 'little' afterparty (just keep our drummer away from the drink!). Seriously, though, this sounds like a really cool idea, and I will try to make it if it gets off the ground. I know I kind of didnt do very much about buying a copy of PX-1 but hopefully I will be more organised for this thing!
      Great idea though, well done!


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        Obviously, I can't attend, but I am more than giddy at the prospect of having my artwork displayed for all of Surrey to see.

        BTW, Perdix, I'm trying to find a way to get that blown-up cover art sent to you via e-mail, but I may just have to send you a CD via snail-mail (which is fine, because I could include all the P-X art I did for issue 1 so you have it all in one place). Just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten.
        "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
        --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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          Hawklord: would your band fancy doing a set? I forgot to mention there will be an after-event champagne (naturellement) party chez moi, which is just down the road...

          LSN: I'm thinking September, really - the river is at its best and folk are looking for things to do of an evening. Paris is a short sub-manche train away: I will pick you up from Waterloo and you will be able to come. That goes for your folks, too. Aw, come onnnn....

          PWV: You can come, too. It's a YEAR away! Planning precedes performance. I await. I shall also seek advertising in all the London Time Out and arty-farty mags, so all artwork may just get a hefty exposure....


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            So will this show be open to the public? I only ask because I'm planning a trip to London and her environs and next september sounds as good a time as any.
            "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
            --Thomas a Kempis


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              You might talk me into it at this rate.

              I could coax my wife by suggesting she exhibit some of her paintings there.

              As for Waterloo, that station always makes me wonder why a tragic defeat would be commemorated in that fashion -- oh, wait, you guys were the other side.

              Never mind. :lol:



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                Huh, wasn't PX3 going to be a CD?

                This sounds cool, I'll be there, no plans as yet but I'll come up with something...


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                  Ooh, yeah!
                  Shit, I meant PX4, didn't I? It was the excitement of the venue-hunting that made me accelerate the live event thingy!
                  So PX3, PX4 whatever!
                  Perhaps we could do both simultaneously...
                  PS. I haven't forgotten your suggestions, I'm juggling several possibilities at the moment for PX's longevity, and your idea is amongst them. apol's, I should have replied sooner. Did you like your PX1, BTW?


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                    Boney only lost because he had a sore bottom. And les anglaises always seem to forget the result was pretty much down to the timely arrival of Blucher's Prussians...'Night or the Prussians' is an expression I frequently use to my staff during time-dependent touch-and-go surgery. I have to explain it every time. European history doesn't feature very highly on the Vet Nursing course...

                    LSN: your wife can certainly exhibit, and sell if she so wishes. I don't think we'll have a paucity of artwork; we may even have to 'cycle' stuff! Please do come (he says in his best Lord Henry Wotton voice).


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                      Originally posted by Perdix
                      PWV: You can come, too. It's a YEAR away!
                      Thanks, P! But even so there is absolutely no way I'd be able to save up the funds to take a trip to the UK. Pathetic, I know. But you can bet I'll be mailing some nice prints for you to show! :D
                      "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                        Everking (who I would like to point out has just submitted some rocking Flashfiction for PX): yes, it will be a public event: heavily-publicised, in fact (I have contacts in the local media...). The venue isn't exactly on a main road, but it's exactly right for our purposes. We'd be glad to see you! And we're looking for authors to do readings, too...


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                          I know, PWV - it ain't cheap (I've never been to the USA, either!). Perhaps we'll be able to do a live global weblink on the night - can't see why not...


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                            Originally posted by PWV
                            ...even so there is absolutely no way I'd be able to save up the funds to take a trip to the UK. Pathetic, I know.
                            Well, Monsieur Veteran, international travel is actually more afforadable than most would have you believe. Round trip from Minneapolis to London is between $500 and $750 usually with the lower end of that scale not being uncommon and I'm certain that Seattle is within that same range most of the time. I understand sleeping arrangments and travel costs can be a bit more, but even so, for a good week or two I'm certain you can get by on around $2500 total as long as you don't go crazy! Now, is it really so hard to plan for that with a year ahead of you? :D
                            "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
                            --Thomas a Kempis


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                              At first I was a little intimidated by the proposal, but I do have a year to prepare for it, so hopefully by then I'll have work that is up to "exhibition standard", whatever that may be. I can also try ot think of something that might be worth performing, assuming I'm not in Hollywood by that point. 8)

                              A little off-topic, but I used to help edit a sci-fi/fantasy fanzine, and although we did okay from subscritions, the real money was in the spoof t-shirts that our editors sold at conventions. I'm not sure how that relates to P-X, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Obviously if the audio edition comes first then there might be a tie-in there. Hmmm... what an awfully big adventure!
                              "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild