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    This is how I think things could shape up...

    I've started work on PX2 now...but I think 6-12m for the next issue is reasonable: HOWEVER -

    I think we could go along the lines of issuing 'Supplements to the Issue' monochrome, shorter magazines, more simply produced...maybe quarterly - along the lines of PX1.1, PX1.2, etc....then PX2.1 - Berry's suggestion on the numbering! ie, sub-publications, either of novellas or possibly featuring just one or two authors, or a particular subject - time travel, Sherlock Holmes or JC pieces, or stories limited to one region, eg, Africa...anything like that...Format A4, but possibly A3 printed, folded and stapled, like a normal mag?

    These IN ADDITION to the 'Annual' glossy.

    Also, two 'special' projects....

    (a) PX3 as a CD-ROM of spoken word, music and downloadable pictures and text, possibly even video images or a play/ cinematic visual pieces (L'Etranger! Help! :-)). Discussed this before, but folk may want to start thinking about it...see Etive's previous genius with MMAAS...

    (b) The Prototype 'Event' - I'd like to put on a 'live' event in a year or two: Again, readings, music, possibly film, plus a gallery exibition of artwork/ PX-influenced installations. PX transcendent of the paper medium! I have the local venue, a reasonably-priced riverside place in SW London, with fully-equipped auditorium, bar and gallery space. we'd flog copies too. I know this is a big organisational job, getting everyone (or a lot of folk) together for this, and some readings and art may have to be by proxy...but it's far from impossible, which means Team PX can pull it off! Perhaps a few guest appearances, too....hmmm.

    (c) I'm interested in exploring some radio, using the PX 'stable' for the production of plays and stories for Radio 4, etc. There's quite a big market, and a lot of the current output is pretty duff: I think there is untapped talent amongst us for this work...much cheaper than film, too! This would expand the PX 'Brand' as a production base...

    I'm preparing some 'corrected' copies for reviews by various agencies and publications, and some 'seeding' with industry individuals that may be influential/ interested...I appear to have got myself a freelance job as a journalist with Veterinary Times all of a sudden, so there's a start...!

    Anyway, just some things to cogitate. Pretty ambitious, some of it, but you know what they say...Further comment and ideas very welcome!

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    I'll buy that for a dollar!

    Man, I might actually get off my arse and actually do something to contribute this time.


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      I find myself nodding furiously. Where's the nodding furiously emoticon?! :)

      Very exciting plans, Perdix!


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        Where's the "I've just wet myself" smilie? 8O

        As a shortlisted entrant for the Woolwhich 'Young Radio Play Writer of the Year' award (a friend from my writing course won it, and spent the thousand pound prize money on shoes!) I'm intrigued by the idea of trying my hand at that sort of thing again... especially with a "stable" to back me up when it comes to submitting material (and join me in the whining if it gets turned down).

        With GarageBand sitting on my computer, I'm also relatively well disposed to create audio pieces of some sort, although the "music" I've come up so far has been awful.

        But it all sounds pretty tempting to me. Go Team P-X! (As long as you don't mind me tagging along with you)

        "Protoniks"? "Typeniks"? Hmmm... :?
        "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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          At least the guy had sole...

          'Protoniks'. I like that.

          You never said you were shortlisted for the famous 'Wooly' prize, Dee!


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            Cor, there are some great ideas there, Perdix. I'm still digesting the wonderful PX1. The audio stuff sounds great. I might send you some drivel at some point, Perdix. :)


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              Speaking of Jerry Cornelius stories, are we actually allowed to write those?


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                I quite like the idea of creating a shared universe for PX contributors to delve into. Any thoughts?


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                  Brilliant idea. He could be called Percy the Prototype Man :P

                  Yes, I am quite insane.


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                    Quite. :roll:


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                      The dot-releases of PX, even though B&W, will need illustration and graphical decoration.

                      If one has theme issues, things like chapter headers and borders might be constructed. Time for Dee to start channeling Aubrey Beardsley, and for TM to do his thing.

                      And don't forget the cover is in color.

                      I am all for the quarterly dot-release idea. I will support the effort in any way I can.

                      Dee needs to finish his Crash stories so we can issue them as a book, by the way. A critical introduction by L. Stearns Newburg may accompany such a volume.



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                        Originally posted by Perdixie
                        At least the guy had sole...!
                        Of course, at the time, I would have spent the money on comics, so I was in no position to mock.

                        Originally posted by Perdixie
                        You never said you were shortlisted for the famous 'Wooly' prize, Dee!
                        I didn't realise that it was famous! We were just doing a "writing for radio" module, and our tutor gave us all entry forms so that we could submit our coursework. I probably shouldn't name him, but he was actually writing for The Archers himself at the time. So nice to be taught by actual working writers. :) Somewhere I have the BBC script lay-out guidelines... must dig them out again.

                        Although I can't go along with the name "Percy" (it was the title, I believe of a rude film starring Hywel Bennet), I like the idea of a "prototype man"... reminds me of HST describing someone as "one of God's own prototypes" in Fear & Loathing... so perhaps a universe stocked entirely with God's prototypes? Or is that this one?
                        "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                          Originally posted by L_Stearns_Newburg
                          Time for Dee to start channeling Aubrey Beardsley, and for TM to do his thing.
                          Actually, I have an idea for a cover based on Beardsley's covers for "The Yellow Book". If PX-Lite is going to be a chapbook style publication, you could get a way with a black image on coloured card. Nice and inexpensive!

                          Of course I'd have to insist on drawing it myself. :twisted:


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                            Start working up the design, then.

                            A B&W cover. Very interesting.

                            You know, I was thinking about Harland & Beardsley's The Yellow Book just the other day. There are some interesting similarities between what they were trying to do and PX.

                            They also published some of the late nouvelles of Henry James, work that I admire immensely. Harland expressed indifference to the so-prevalent length limits of the magazine short story of the time.

                            I happen to think the nouvelle is the perfect fictional form. (At least for me. )



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                              Originally posted by L_Stearns_Newburg
                              Start working up the design, then.
                              I'd rather wait until Perdix gives me the go-ahead.

                              Then I can spend weeks dithering over it, and rush to finish it in the last few hours before the deadline. :)