My name is Storn A. Cook. I'm a professional illustrator in the game industry. To put a shameless plug for myself, my website is in my sig below.

The impact that the two Mikes (Moorcock and Whelan) had on me is probably only exceeded by a strange path at an early age through Miyazaki's work.

I remember quite clearly when I first saw Moorcock's books in the the Ithaca, NY, library in 1978. They had the 3rd and 4th Elric novels and 1st,2nd and 4th books of Hawkmoon. Wow. Whelan's images smacked me right in the sweet spot. I had to page through those books. Not since Neal Adams covers on the Tarzan books was I SO captivated by the cover.

And there was the RARE joy of the words living up to the cover. I took those books out multiple times, read them and re-read them. I loved them.

About at the same time, there was this movement called Dungeons and Dragons. I was hooked for a lifetime.

But I was also immediately frustrated by the early gaming systems because I couldn't replicate MY version of Elric or Hawkmoon or Corum... who were more nuanced and interesting than simply sketched out swordsmen. Now, one can actually play RPGs wrapped around Moorcock worlds.

Yet, I kept gaming and I kept drawing all these scenes and characters. A few decades later.... I'm still doing it.

So thank you, for providing an 11 year old with such vivid worlds to tromp through for a bit, a springboard to my own bliss.