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Old unused jottings... for now

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  • Old unused jottings... for now

    A few months back, I wrote this for Protoype X-1, or a sort of pilot for an idea of mine. Basically, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ as a sort of Heavenly Secret Agent trying to sort out the world's problems and coming across the twin threat of alien parasites and Maggie Thatcher's brain. Because of Perdix's entirely understandable fears, it was shelved.
    I'm bored, plus obsessed with the idea of an evil Maggie Thatcher I've put this down to see what people think...Maybe I'll actually write the 'New Adventures of Jesus Christ'

    It was a beautiful night as the young couple walked slowly through the park. They were in their own little world as they whispered words of love to each other. Then, a voice shouted out.
    “Jane…what the hell do you think you’re doing?
    The couple turned to face the voice, their world know smashed. A figure stepped out of the shadows; he carried a baseball bat in one hand. Behind him stepped three other men, two carrying a bat, the last with a small knife.
    “Jane…what did we tell you about going around with that nigger? Do you want Pa to find out what a dirty, nigger-lovin’ slut you are?�
    The young girl, Jane broke out of the black man’s grip and strode over to her brother.
    “Jake, Pa can go hang for all I care! I love Dylan and there is nothing you can do to stop us!�
    Jake smirked nastily and slapped Jane in the face, knocking her to the ground. Dylan screamed in rage and charged the group, aching for a fight. The three men fell on him, clubbing and kicking at him until he fell to the ground a bloody mess.
    “Boys, leave him be for now!� said Jake, “I wanna be the one who carves him up!�
    “Come on, Jake, can’t I just cut him a little?�
    “No…I think we should show him what a dirty whore my sister is. Berry, you always wanted to screw my dear Sister, wanna fulfil a dream.�

    Berry, the one carrying the knife chortled and started to fiddle with his jeans as he walked towards Jane. Jane crawled away as fast as she can, but like a flash, Berry had grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head to level with his penis.

    Suddenly, there was the sound of a gunshot and Berry fell back screaming in pain. Blood splattered on Jane’s face as she watched in shock as Berry’s penis exploded in a shower of blood. From the direction of the gunshot, a figure charged out of the darkness, leaping over a park bench and tackled the other two men to the ground. Jake grabbed the knife from where Berry had dropped it and held it out in front of him like a burning torch. The figure had easily taken down the two men kicking Dylan with a karate chop to the neck for one and an elbow to the face for the other and was now helping Dylan to his feet. He obviously was not from around here, even a hick like Jake could tell that, for one thing, he was smartly dressed in a black suit with a purple shirt, a long black imitation leather coat rustling as he moved.
    “Shouldn’t be meddling in things that don’t concern you, nigger!� shouted Jake, lunging at the man with a knife. The man dodged with the grace of a ballet dancer and from a pocket on the inside of his jacket brought out a silver, streamlined gun that looked more like a prop from a science fiction movie than a pistol and fired at Jake; hitting the knife blade and causing it to spin out of his hand and to the floor, the blade cutting the back of Jake’s hand as it spun. As Jake fell to the floor, the figure had placed the gun against his head.
    “Thou shalt not commit murder,� said the figure in a voice so soft and calm, it was frightening.
    “But…we weren’t gonna kill him!� sobbed Jake. The man looked at him and Jake could see the man’s eyes for the first time.

    Except for the pupils, the eyes were entirely white, Jake felt as if his entire body was being read like a book.
    “Liar… I can sense the rage within you; you would have killed him and not cared one inch. It is because of people like you that I have returned.�
    “Who…who are you?� whispered Jake.
    “Don’t you remember me? I’m Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Messiah.�
    “But Jesus wasn’t black!�
    “I look like how people expect me to look. To some, I’m an Englishman with long hair and a bead, to others, I’m a Jewish man, others, I look Arabic. To you, I look like the one thing you most hate. It is with this face that I send you to your grave.�

    There was a single shot and Jake slumped dead to the floor. Jesus Christ walked over to Dylan and waved his hand over the man’s forehead. As he did so, Dylan’s wounds healed and vanished.
    “But, I don’t believe,� said Dylan softly.
    “You don’t need to believe, just live a good life. Now take Jane and go and do just that.�
    As Dylan walked over to Jane and helped her to her feet. Jesus Christ knelt next to a now, unconscious Berry and waved a hand over his crotch, restoring the young man’s penis.
    “I have given you your manhood back. But as punishment, you will never be virile. Live your impotent life in penance, maybe you will receive forgiveness in the next life.�

    With that, he walked off into the darkness and vanished, leaving only Dylan and Jane fully aware of what had just happened.

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    Who shall play the part of Margaret Thatcher in the film? G.W. Bush in drag? No, type casting never works.



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      Originally posted by L_Stearns_Newburg
      Who shall play the part of Margaret Thatcher in the film? G.W. Bush in drag? No, type casting never works.

      No part needed...all you need is a brain in a jar.

      Margaret Thatcher would play the role of G.W. Bush


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        Considering Bush's penchant for playing "dress up," this seems feasible. :lol: