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Jerry Cornelius: New fiction using Jerry: Questions

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  • Jerry Cornelius: New fiction using Jerry: Questions

    Hi all,

    1st post, some questions. Mike has allowed authors to use Jerry as a vehcle for fiction before, is this still ok? If so is there a thread/part of the site we can post stories? Most of mine are one page long.

    It's taken me sometime to find the site due to whatever!!

    But someone may like my contribution to the JC story.


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    Jerry Cornelius: Story anyway -

    Hi Just looked through posts on this section of the forum and looks like you post stories here anyway ( hides in shame - should have done that first :roll: To any mod - please delete if I have broken rules etc.

    In the halls of the lists

    Jerry was in the hall where all the lists are listed. It was Frank’s fault. �It’s fucking me up, but I like it’ Jerry said to himself with a delighted sigh.

    �The hall’s ever deep and ever long. The deeds are long, ever deep. We are Hero’s of little and conquerors of all.’ Jerry was shocked at his insight and started to cry.

    �We stood, looked at them and laughed.’ Jerry’s tears turned to laughter.

    Maxwell darted in the shadows. Jerry felt odd; it was only a day or two ago since he had buried Frank again, this time for good. Doing it had cost him his best Shako.

    Jerry giggled again; with fresh tears welling he loaded the heater.

    Miss Brunner slipped out of the shadows. �Let’s be Frank’ she laughed, they both laughed. Jerry felt slightly sick but elated. Slipping on her Headphones he fell into her arms to the sound of Rising by Nanomachine.

    In the distance the Sikorsky was hovering like a distracted vampire. The shadow of the moon shook disinterested shapes over Jerry as he crept amongst the boulders. His I-pod was playing the Inner City Unit. His erection was small but that was good at this moment. He checked his chronometer, just enough time. Maxwell saw jerry and chucked a nerve bomb. Not nervous enough. Squeaking like a poisoned mouse Maxwell fell with a thin spray of needles through the eye of his cock. � Nice shot Jerry, thought you were well past that’ said Miss Brunner. She tossed him a hand rolled temple ball joint. .

    Ladbrook Grove looked odd since the craters had been filled. The skeletons of the Hitler Airships lay, sagging and wheezing with their pathetic saluting moustaches.

    The Time centre was still functioning although Miss Brunner was momentary locked into a cupboard. She was screaming about goats, Dr Dee and the bishop.

    Jerry was unconscious. He was dreaming of home.

    Alvarez turned away from the dials and slapped Jerry. They both swore that momentarily that they had seen Lord Jagged and the Iron Orchid wrapped in eternal tears. It meant little to Jerry but yet again he cried.

    With a terrifying scream Miss Brunner erupted from the cupboard.

    â€?The Bishop and the Goat’ she said. Miss Brunner looked as though she was fading. â€?Let’s be frank’ she whispered, Jerry felt the dأ©jأ  vu.

    �Or even Catherine’ Miss Brunner cried, within a flick of a sad, sick smile she was gone. A faint smell of Goat blood remained.