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Zazzle makes me soooo angry!!!

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  • Zazzle makes me soooo angry!!!

    Hello. I waswondering if someone could help me. :)

    I uploaded an image to my Zazzle account, and created two products with it. They are sitting, clear as day in the "Manage your gallery" section, but do not appear in the public version of my gallery. If you click on the pictures in the "Manage your gallery" section, it goes to an error page which reads:

    Product does not exist
    The product that you have requested does not exist. It may have been removed from the database or it may have a maturity rating greater than your maturity level. If you got to this page after manually entering the URL into the Address field of your browser, please make sure that it is spelled correctly.
    I accept that the image was probably a stupid one to use (featuring, as it does, a popular celebrity endorsing cannibalism), but I can't seem to find any way to delete the products which I have supposedly created with the image. They're there on screen, but not available to the public. I can accept that, but why can't I delete them?

    It makes me very angry, and I want to hit things. :x The "help" section on that site is just a joke. Please tell me CafePress is more user-friendly...
    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild

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    Outrageous that a respected contributor like you should demean yourself in this way, Mr Crosier: I am disgusted by this blatent, open admission of your filthy addiction to sordid, exploitative pornography. 'Zazzle', ideed! I can just imagine all those naked, top shelf ladies, covered in baby oil and pouting suggestively in full-colour glossy photo series in a thoroughly....

    Er...oh, dear.


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      Hush now, I'm trying to become a respectable capitalist running-dog here!

      Hopefully they'll soon change their name to, and save any confusion with the rude magazine of a similar name.
      "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild