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P-X Takes Manhattan (and Portland)

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  • P-X Takes Manhattan (and Portland)

    Well, it looks like we have four stores lined up in Manhattan, and one (or more) in Portland.

    Downtown (East and West Village and NYU): St. Marks Books and Forbidden Planet: St Marks will take three on consignment. 60%-40%. Forbidden P. wants to see the finished magazine before we go further but they've been v. positive all along.

    Midtown: Jim Hanley's Universe (across the street from the Empire State Bldg.). Will want 3-5 copies; however, all their titles must contain some comics. P-X has one? :?

    Upper West Side (Columbia University): Labyrinth Books. Pending further talk--I'll ring this weekend. Looks good.

    Lower Manhattan: Once I have the finished copy I'll approach the Strand outlet in Lower Manhattan; they have a comics/illustrated books section that fits the bill.

    Portland: Powell's Books. Need to send them a copy. They should be good to go--the magazine buyer advises me that he can forward P-X to the book dept as this will improve our web presence (place up on Powell's site, and Amazon). My contact's majesteria ranges over only one Powell's store in Portland. There are several more, each of which we'll need to contact separately as the autogyro takes off.

    With 9 copies I'll get the above balls rolling; probably need an additional 3 to 9+ as arrangements are finalized....

    By the end of the month we will need someone to compile a list of distribution contacts. A map on the wall (a map link at this site, Mr S?) with pins stuck in it would be grand fun, but a list of addresses, names and phone numbers will suffice in the meantime.... He he he he....

    Down Scope.

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    Well done, Sir! We shall endeavour to support your efforts as fully as possible. :D


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      CK and Berry are to be commended for all the leg work they've done trying to place the magazine at quality bookstores. CK is a virtual demon of energy in this. Bravo, gentlemen.

      I gather Doc has done comparable leg work in Austin, TX, I just haven't heard the details lately. I've got friends in Austin that would be immensely pleased to find the work on the stand or the shelf.



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        I work for an independent bookstore in LA - we have independent buyers, so it might be entirely possible to carry Prototype X. If you like I can ask one of them how we might go about submitting it for consideration.
        Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.

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          Cheers, DC, that wold be good.