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art submissions - forum & prototype x

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  • art submissions - forum & prototype x

    I, for one, would enjoy seeing some visionary landscape painting as a change of pace from character portraits.

    Dee made some interesting use of still-life in some of his illustrations for Prototype X, and those are good, and can often suggest things through indirect means.

    But a visionary (or purely imaginary) landscape is something I'd like to see because it might serve as a springboard for a story competition: have contributers try to write a story that takes place, or visits, the place depicted. The artist shouldn't tell the writers anything about what he/she thinks is going on in the landscape. The more mysterious, the better.

    So that's the challenge. Post links in this thread to any work of this sort you'd like to exhibit.

    I wonder whether we'll have any takers?


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    Here are the entries so far. As new links to work are posted in the discussion thread associated with this topic, I'll update this message with the link.

    [link expired]

    From L'Etranger:

    And from Dee, something different still:
    [link expired]
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