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A Fifth Poem of Me

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  • RitaMaria
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Apr 2005
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    A Fifth Poem of Me

    Hey, folks!

    Firstly, I want say I like to be in this forum very much. The persons here are hospitable, their talkings are good, intelligent and good hearted. I thank the attention you have given to my poems and for this reason I post another poem.
    Opinions will be very welcome.
    Oh, please, forgive eventual mistakes because my original language is Portuguese not English.

    Rita Maria Felix da Silva.

    By Rita Maria Felix da Silva

    And I will think of you during my days
    Since the bright ones
    until the most tempetuos ones too
    And I will keep your name
    in my memory
    and my dreams
    in a little treasure box
    which I will give to a angel to protect it.